AnimaCraft Addon

This add-on adds various new animals which are not yet in Minecraft. At this moment there are just three new animals added but hopefully in the future this will expand into a greater variety of animals. It’s really useful in case you want some more animals in your world, or just like adding new entities to your world, as it is indeed for version 1.9 and above.

Creator: Reza112, Twitter Account
Updated: 20 January, 2019 (read changelog)



  • Spawn anywhere
  • Drop Leather, Bone & Meat when death


  • Spawn on the beach & Frozen biome
  • Can be mated with salmon & fish


  • Become hostile when you attack them
  • Spawn on Extreme Hills & Savanna
  • Drop Raw Mutton when Death


  • Small Flying Animal
  • Spawn in Savanna & Jungle


  • Enemy by Chickens
  • Spawn Anywhere


  • Can lives in the Water
  • Spawn in Ocean & on Lands


  • Enemy by Cats but not Ocelots
  • Has three types (black, grey, and white)


  • Spawn in Warm Ocean
  • Attack you with Slowness Effects


  • Can back to water with gliding on surface
  • Spawn in Ocean & Frozen Biome


  • Replaces music discs


  • Spawns anywhere


  • Spawns in deserts and rivers
  • Red mouse spawns in the Nether
  • Can breed with Cheeses

Humming Birds

  • Can be found in mesa biomes


  • Don’t approach them, you will be attacked!

Snowy Fox

  • Spawns in frozen biomes and snow biomes

Desert Fox

  • Spawns in deserts

General Fox

  • Spawns in jungle biomes

More animals coming soon!


Changelog 1.6.1Update

  • Added Cheese
  • Added Foxes (Three Variants of Fox)
  • Added Hamster
  • Added Second Snail Variant
  • Snail Model has Changed
  • Added Black Flamingo
  • Fixed Mantaray Spawn Rules


  1. Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
  2. Apply the packs for a world
  3. Enable “Experimental Gameplay” in the world settings
  4. Create the world

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164 Responses

4.02 / 5 (84 votes)
  1. Tiana Bethea says:

    I dunno what to sayyyyyy ooooo deer

  2. GamingWithYassin says:

    Sorry but there’s an add-on called Expansion + Add-on It’s way WAY BETTER IT HAS LEOPARDS TIGERS LIONS GIRAFFES, so sorry for abandoning ur add-on!

  3. Alex says:

    Pls fix the mouse when you spawn him the game crashes

  4. Nobody says:

    Can someone tell me why the same person copied another version of this addon and just abandonded this one?

  5. Filipino Gachatube says:

    Please fix a bug where all the mob eggs are black and you cannot spawn it in 1.11 plus the only thing that are not black and can be spawned is a humming bird an please can you add hornet,ant,ox,bull,rhino,shark species,different jellyfish,npc’s,more custom biomes and etc

  6. Logan says:

    Can you add
    Spawns in jungle edges and lukewarm oceans

    Spawns in savanna

    Spawns in jungle hills

    Spawns in any biome with trees

    Spawns in savanna and plains

    Spawns in savanas and jungles

    Spawns in rivers and forests

    Spawn in jungle edges

    Spawn in deserts and mesas

    Spawns in jungle hills

  7. Paola says:

    Please fix it, I can’t see the animals because there invisible

    • NotNotNotNotch says:

      I can’t see them either. Windows 10, latest hotfix – the items don’t exist and mobs are invisible. The mobs render as ‘Unknown’.

  8. Harrythemagician13 says:

    Nice Addon! i have an idea for aquatic mobs why not add the sea snake aka Black-banded sea krait it spawns on Coral reef biome it can both live in land and Water and its netural and it has posion effect if attack an player and it hunts fish

  9. Ashley says:

    Some suggestions:
    -better textures on the animals (example: goats are flatly colored and their tail is off centered.)
    -Add more coloration to existing mods (example: more hamster varieties; black and white, brown etc)
    -Maybe even add new textures for original mobs such as cows (black and white cow, long horn cattle)
    -Make more animals leashable (hamsters aren’t able to be led)
    -make more animals breedable
    Really enjoying this mod keep up the good work!!

  10. Myles says:

    Maybe you could add a seal

  11. Theelfpupandcatdino says:

    Lol way too long

  12. FA. Secret name says:

    Can and how do you tame the hamsters?

  13. Madtester_Gaming99 says:

    Hey, Rezza112 Can i Use your addon for the Map i am Doing? I will credit you as the creator of the Addon
    Please Give me Permission. I dont want to get copyrighted

  14. Theelfpupandcatdino says:

    Plz add more birds, im making a zoo and my aviary needs more birds. Also some really tiny ants would be cool! And can you make the fox tamable but its really hard? And can you add camels and other desert animals? Maybe a grizzly bear for the forests? Of and penguins for the tundra/snow biome? I can go on forever. Like, maybe ponys, since horses are already in minecraft, and some eagles or hawks or any birds of prey will do!

  15. Infernis11 says:

    Can somebody make a weapons addon pls

  16. UnknowN says:

    Please fix the flamingo it becomes black after a while 🙁

  17. Enchilada says:

    Ok so I like the new update but here’s suggestions for the next update
    -baby giraffe
    -fox cub
    -desert fox cub
    -ice fox cub
    -baby mouse
    -hatcheling(baby turtle)
    -baby t-Rex
    -baby triceratops
    – baby brontosaurus

  18. Demetrius Rodriguez says:

    I’m learning how to make addons in mine craft and ilI was wondering if I can look at the code to get a general idea of the code layout

  19. Anonymous says:

    Plz add a domable animal ;-; like a ferret or a chinchilla

  20. Alexandra says:

    Could you please replace something else for cheese? It’s a great add on, but I’d like to keep my music discs. 😡 maybe replace a mob head if possible

  21. Parrot Lover says:

    Please Add New Parrots Please and İ give five stars

  22. O i n k says:

    Ehhhhhh……….change bees pleez

  23. PLZ HELP says:

    When I went to my world and added the pack, I tried to spawn the animals but they were invisible! Plz reply I need help. I use apple phone

  24. AwayGamer666 says:

    can i get the photos off all the animals just like in the icon of the addon?
    Its for my youtube thumbnail…

  25. ThememesRlief says:

    Add a giraffe

  26. Damarrakha25 says:

    Add Bear,Penguin, And Bird
    This is the best Addon!

  27. Ahmad hasan says:

    Wow cool plz u can add ant and bear

  28. MinecraftMan says:

    Deer and Rudolph are invisible

  29. cami says:

    plz someone help ME i cant spon them and the eggs are black? plz help me

  30. Burnt Chicken Nugget says:

    I agree with these people. You should add giraffes.

  31. baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    textures will not load in please fix that

  32. Chicoleta says:

    One problem i have flying mantarays everywhere

  33. Horselover88 says:

    Dude you should add a giraffe

  34. AbsdefYEEhijklmnYEEqrstuYEEwxyYEe says:

    Hi can you add a giraffe

  35. Anonymous says:

    An update idea for the mod-the mystery update
    -added hyena(spawn in deserts, savannahs, and Savannah caves,spawn at night,hostile)
    -added Anaconda(spawn in swamps and jungles,spawns anytime,hostile)
    -added giraffe(spawn in Savannahs,jungles and deserts,spawn anytime,peaceful)
    -added dog(spawn in villages, spawn anytime,neutral)(tamed with bone)(poodle,beagle, German Shepherd, bulldog, Siberian Husky)
    -added giant tortoise(spawn on islands, spawn anytime,peaceful)(tamed with beetroot)
    -added shark(spawn in oceans, spawn anytime,hostile)(attack squid,dolphin and Tropicfish)
    -added beach crabs(spawn on beaches, spawn at night,neutral)(pinch back making them neutral)(die in water, unlike ocean crabs)
    -added ocean crabs(spawn in oceans, spawn during day, peaceful) (die on land)
    -added squirrel(spawn in forests, taiga, and extreme hills,spawn anytime,peaceful)
    -added cheetah(spawn in deserts and Savannahs, spawn anytime,neutral)
    -added monkey(spawn in jungles, spawn anytime,peaceful)

  36. Anonymous says:

    Hey here’s some animals to add. It would really make my day if these animals were added!
    -dog breeds
    -longhair cats

  37. Animal lover says:

    Please! Add more wild animals especially carnivorous animals please! Add crocodiles alligators grizzlybear lion tiger leopard jaguar cheetah and more carnivorous animals and please change some animal behaviour tobe realistic like real life for example polar bears should be very hostile and add babies that you can tame please!!!!!!!!!

  38. GOLDFISHFACE3 says:

    Awesome addon but I found one glitch if the mantaray goes out of the water it will fly in the air like the phantom is this because you used the phantom to make it?And please could yo add
    . Otter
    .leafy sea dragon
    And could you add the dodo back in please🥺thank you👍

  39. GOLDFISHFACE3 says:

    Awesome addon but there is a glitch and that is that if the manta Ray comes out of the water it will start flying in the air like the phantom.And please could you add the dodo again and add otter,eagle,whale,croc,grasshopper,mole , sea lion and a leafy sea dragon🥺🦅🐋

  40. GOLDFISHFACE3 says:

    Really good but there’s a glitch with the mantaray what happens is that if it comes out of the water it will start flying in the air like a phantom and please add otters, eagles and a humpback whale🥺🐋🦅

  41. The ideal Man says:

    Hello, and I would like to say that you did a good job implementing animals into minecraft… however, will there be a Addon Pack with multiple addons to use so we can use multiple addons at once? (If you get what I mean)…

    Good job… can’t wait to see what you do next.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Make the deer and goat rideable

  43. Tri says:

    Why a deers in invicible in mcpe ? Please

  44. Dragonrider says:

    Rudolph and deer have a bug,they are invisible

  45. Ahmedwolfy says:

    I Got The Same Problem in 1.4v Update

  46. End Crafter 16 says:

    Update to support minecraft pleeeease

  47. PavelDobCZ23 says:

    Version 1.4 has bad file, please fix it.

  48. Harrythemagician13 says:

    What! i have version 1.9! And why the import is not working! It said the zip file is not comptible! Oh man fix this!!!

  49. Anonymous says:


  50. Choller says:

    Bad zip archive

  51. Josender98 says:

    It does not work for me, says that “the ZIP file is not compatible” answers this comment pls

  52. Anonymous says:

    Please update? It says that zip file isn’t working

  53. Draghar says:

    It will be more fantastic if you add more animation

  54. Indomitable008 says:

    I would think sugar gliders, cassowaries, and any reptile would be cool. You should also think about animals for the air because currently Minecraft is lacking that. Even if it’s like woodpeckers or Cardinals or Robin’s stuff like that would be cool. If you add reptiles don’t be like “snake” be more specific even if its just cobra instead of king cobra. It doesn’t like to be species-specific but more specific then snake like I was saying with the cobra. Also if you add Sugar Gliders or any animal that can be a pet in real like even exotic pet like Sugar-Gliders make it tamable in game.

  55. Indomitable008 says:

    Is anyone else having the problem with this add-on in regards to the deer and raindeer being invisible? In the 1.4 Version of this add-on. I was in in the 1.3 version.

  56. You says:

    Add Seastar, crab, and little clams wich spawn at beach. And when you kill clams, it drop clams shell. And you can cook crab in furnace.

    Yea.. That is my idea.. Hope you add it soon.. Thx 😀

  57. nobody says:

    for some reason I try to download it again because of new update and it doesn’t work. I want the new update though. Is their a way to fix this (btw I’m a iOS player lol) but other than that I love this

  58. Time says:

    It says it’s a unsupported zip file, and my version’s the recent updated one. Please help on installation.

  59. zillaGAME says:

    Podrías agregar un traductor en español para los spawners algo asi como generador de flamenco o generador de cabra y podrías agregar pirañas en los pantanos y pez angler en las profundidades del mar por favor

  60. Anonymous says:

    A giraffe would be a really cool animal to add!

  61. Boi Mc smartalot says:

    How about, like, axolotls? I’m not talking about the axolotl music in-game, I’m talking about the cute, mostly pink, adorable little fellas that swim around in water. Maybe you know ’em from the KIRB meme? Well, how about you make some underwater bug thingy or a REAAAAALLLY small fish they attack and directly eat the dropped meat of. The dropped meat of the small fish or bug could be given to an axolotl to tame it. Maybe you could put an axolotl in a bucket of water like with fish to take it with you? Two tamed axolotl could breed on seegrass! How about a land dragon? (AKA Drake) They can breathe fire or ice (depending on lifestyle) and could be tamed with any kind of meat. You could saddle them and equip them with horse armor! If you’re going for realistic, then don’t add the dragon.

  62. Burak says:

    My idea : Minecraft
    -added fox
    -added bear
    -added deer
    -added bee
    -added bird
    -added butterfly
    my idea addon is adventure

  63. Anonymous says:

    Please add Orcas

  64. Anonymous says:

    Anytime i spawn an creature its invisibble and its put on EX

  65. Earvan says:

    It doesn’t work for me,i put the resource and other on,but when i create the world minecraft crashes… am i doing somthing wrong?

  66. known gamer says:

    It looks like a good addon but for some reason when I spawn the mobs in they are invisible. Idk if I’m doing something wrong.

  67. CrozzyPlayGames says:

    Can I use it for my map plz?

  68. Anonymous says:

    ADD GIRAFFES PLEASE! 🥺🥺🥺🥺🦒🦒🦒🦒🦒🦒🦒🦒

  69. TOP says:

    Good, Good, I really like it but the bee doesn’t seem to work also the Flamingos feather has a weird name but i still love it alot

  70. ZerocraftGtX says:

    Please add Tiger and elephant

    • Nobody says:

      You can already get those. Theirs a elephants and mammoths add_on and a tiger add_on. so what’s the point in them adding them if you can just get em from different add_ons??

  71. Mia435 says:

    Nice 👍🏻

  72. Lucy says:

    this crashed my game

  73. Paulo Joshua Tan says:

    Please add the following for me pls 😐

  74. Reza112 says:

    if there are problems or want to suggest animals, I immediately tweet or message me on my twitter, OK 🙂

  75. Anonymous says:


  76. tuongminhquoc says:

    I really waiting for it’s update

  77. Anonymous says:

    I cant get 1.8 addons for some reason – I am on 1.8 but the addons simply dont work

    • Reza112 says:

      u can have them but, you tweet me, i will give u this addons for version 1.8

    • Nobody says:

      no hate or offense but I’ve seen better Englishers 😛 well ik you can’t do anything about it because it wasn’t your first language, but. Idk but this add_on is good exept I can’t update it and I think I said this before

  78. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know how and where to enable experimental gameplay…..
    Also, could you please add giraffes, snakes, and dog breeds next? I’m really despaerate for them in minecraft. Anyway, I think the add on/mod looks really cool! You guys are doing well on the textures & models it seems.

  79. Tarsus says:

    pease can you add humans to make life for our Minecraft worlds, they can talk also and a secret name tag for humans and name is Ven The human/person will be gold clothes

  80. Jucaderr says:

    I love this deer!! More

  81. Juca says:

    More !! Is so cool i love deer

  82. Kornillios says:

    /r English :/

  83. JaketheFreak079 says:

    Wow This addon so be great.Add more animals!!!

    Idea:You can create a map with tycoon map

  84. Aaddwqqww says:

    I hate this it crashed my game until a removed it

  85. TimoTastic12PE says:

    Nice but I want to tell you if you could please make a Disney Pixar Cars one like this like make some neutral cars the could spawn in different colors and all the cars could be tamed by coal

  86. Jonatangamers23 says:


  87. JERI says:

    Will there be sound to them

  88. Noice says:

    Thx tho, try add more types of npc

  89. Umbreon2020 says:

    Shouldn’t deer have skinnier legs?

  90. Sin says:

    How many shrimps do you have to eat?

  91. Parrot Lover says:

    Helllo İ Love Animals Please Add Parrots Please Please Add Cockatoo

  92. Player007 says:

    How do you add custom items (specifically, items) in Minecraft BE (Without data-driven aka redesigning textures, for those who don’t know.) Thanks in advance.

    Great addon btw.

  93. Retzahyo1233 says:

    Why just 3 animal? I need more for making zoo!

  94. Greend Black says:

    Sorry, i’m bad speak english

  95. Greend Black says:

    Cool! Create ostrich and fox

  96. Minejack says:

    Add more animals like sea animals ,desert animals ,jungle animals,zoo animals,insects.with custom animation

  97. BlueSource says:

    First! and best addon ever!

  98. Danial says:

    Please add tortoises

  99. Nanmaster says:

    What will come next after these mobs?

  100. TheMouth says:

    Even if this Addon isn’t good, it has a flamingo so it makes it a 5 stars. (P.S Flamingoes are the greatest animals on earth don’t @ me)

  101. Juan camacho says:

    Add items and weapons that help you ore and crafting recipe.

  102. Juan camacho says:

    Add weapons and items that help you also lucky blocks

  103. Laalalalalala says:

    The addon is nice but you got the dodo’s food wrong it was supposed to be fruits
    Dodo does not eat fish so please modify it (sorry for bad grammar)

  104. Anonymous says:

    Can English

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