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This addon adds a variety of new animals that are not yet in Minecraft.for now this is still in beta,Hopefully it will develop into an interesting addon for the concept of animal concepts in Minecraft going forward, and there will be many animals, and the behavior of animals is real. This addon can be support in versions 1.8, 1.9 and 1.10 beta

Creator: Reza112, Twitter Account

Features :


  • Spawn anywhere
  • Drop Leather, Bone & Meat upon death


  • Spawn on the beach, cold & frozen biome
  • Can be mated with salmon & cod fish
  • Drop feathers upon death


  • Become hostile when you attack them
  • Can be mated with Tallgrass and Wheat
  • Spawn on extreme hills & savanna
  • Drop raw mutton & leather upon Death


  • Small Flying Animal
  • Spawn at jungle biome


  • Enemy by chickens


  • Can Lives in Water and On Ground
  • Gary is including into rare species or you can named with text Gary


  • Spawn in Warm Ocean
  • Attack you with Slowness Effects


  • Spawn in ocean & warm ocean


  • Cute animal ever
  • Spawns anywhere


  • Spawns in deserts and rivers
  • Red mouse spawns in the Nether
  • Can breed with cheeses


  • Can be found in mesa biome
  • Flying around and singing


  • Don’t approach them, you will be attacked!

Arctic Fox

  • One of cold variant
  • Spawns at frozen biomes

Fennec Fox

  • One of desert variant
  • Spawns at desert

Red Fox

  • Spawns at jungle biomes
  • One of Upcoming tameable variant
  • Give them bone to tame
  • Becareful at night in the jungle, players!

– More Animals Coming Soon! –

Language Support:

  • English (United States)
  • Portugues
  • Français (France)
  • More Coming soon!

Note: Please Tweet Me if There’s Error or Problems with the Addons

Changelog View more

Update v1.6.3: 

  • Improved AI System
  • Support More Languages
  • Renamed Humming Bird into Colibri

Update v1.6.7!

  • Bug & Error Fixed
  • Try Name the snails with text Gary 
  • Try Name the worms with text Alaska Big Worm
  • Added Extensions Feature for Backward Compatibilty Packs
  • Finally support for version 1.10 beta!

Update v1.6.8!

- The update is to focus on support version 1.10 beta but can backward compatibility to v1.8 & v1.9

- Improved Error Fixed

- Extension Features was removed

Update v1.7.0!

[ Friendly and Danger Fox ]
  • Now you can tame only Red Fox at this moment
  • Now Red Fox will hunting at night ( becareful ) and you can't tame them when hunting



  • Download Resources .mcpack & Behaviors .mcpack
  • Apply the packs for a world
  • Enable “Experimental Gameplay” in the world settings
  • Create the world


Supported Minecraft versions


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76 Responses

4.03 / 5 (39 votes)
  1. Zapper says:

    Make the Fennec fox tameable with Beef. It’d be a cool addition and a cute one at that. Make sure they can sit. Oh, and before I forget make Flamingos tameable as well; We should be able to with Cod and Salmon. I’m sure a lot more people would agree. And if you don’t mind make the Hamster tameable with carrots please. All the animals I’ve listed should be able to sit. Please do this I love this add on and think that these would be great new features.

  2. CROCODILE says:

    HI can u make crocodiles that are only hostile in the water

  3. AquaWarrior317 says:

    I love it it just needs to be updated

  4. MathKookie129 says:

    I really love this add-on, it’s so cool and cute ‘coz these new mobs and my favorite, “ANIMALS😍”, And the new mobs doesn’t need to replace with other spawn eggs, I know this add-on can be much enjoyable and still can improve much more and fun to make and look minecraft realistic, but there are still things need to chance, remove or change. Here are my suggestions:

    1. I think you should remove already the Arctic, Fennec and Red Fox because the Spawn Egg Fox is already in the game, can you replace them already? Because these things makes the add-on in the game really confusing and the 3 Fox Spawn Eggs you made it’s not accurate to the official Fox Spawn Egg in Minecraft because they don’t attack players and they will only run away very far from you and they are Nocturnal, holds an item in there mouth, and eat any food that they will see. It just act so differently. So just stick with the Official Fox Spawn Egg we had already. 😊

    2. The Light Pink Flamingo has a bug, the Black and Red one had their feet while the Pink’s feet is missing and the legs become the feet, but the Flamingo Spawn Egg is good but still need to imrpove. But, still good job. 😉🖒

    3. Just a little improvement for the appearance of Goat, maybe you should make the body a little smaller and not too fat and have an outline/border from the hair to the face just like the face of Sheep, add small and sharp ears and make the eyes farther from each other to make it look like a Goat, add a cute and small tail and Lastly, add different variety of colors for the Goat because it has only one color which is Brown. Make it also behave like Sheep that eats on the grass block that Goats will also eat the tall grass even when it’s planted on the ground.

    4. Major Problems for the Jellyfish: It walks, Jellyfish don’t walk on water right? And it floats on the shadows and not on the ground , Why it doesn’t sink in the water?the Jellyfish really move and swim so fast, the sound effects on it needs to be changed, and its tentacles doesn’t move, but no offense… it literally looks like a TABLE.. 😂

    4. I felt weird on the Manta Ray, why does it glides on land? And sometimes it flews away higher… They’re underwater animals right? They should stay only in the ground and move very slowly just like when a Dolphin just spawn in the land or is not on the water but swims faster when on the water. Please kindly fix. 😌

    5. I know you’re still working to improve this add-on but please don’t forget to put a nose and a mouth on a hamster, make the ears cuter, add a tiny tail the body should be a bit rounder and bigger than the head, still needs better sfx and different Hamster colors.

    6. Can you replace Worms from Snakes, They spawn and appears so differently because they are too small for that.

    7. Bees – still need buzzing “bzzz” sound fx and a sound of flapping wings, still need to improve their appearances, why can’t we have Beehives if we have Spawn Bees

    8. Improve the Colibri’s appearance, make it colorful and accurate.

    9. Please change the Deers’ spawn point, Deers shouldn’t be spawning anywhere because it will make the world untidy and loaded with other entities, Dear can usually found in Tree Biomes or Forest, especially in Cold Snow Biomes or even Snow Mountains but, not on Ice Biomes. 😊

    10. And lastly, Please improve all of their appearances and add some good sound effects, Can you add more of them like Ducks, Dodo Birds, Dogs, Monkey etc.? 😍 One of my favorite are birds and butterflies, they’re bit tiny like Spawn Bees but looks good and cute, continue making your add-on fun and make it more enjoyable for the whole Minecraft Gamers and Animal Lovers! 🐵🐒🐶🐩🐆🐎🐽🐎🐈🐂🐈🐺🐐🐿🐻🐥🦃🐣🐭🐫🐧🐸🐟🐍🐋🐛🐝

    Hope you will also come to my suggestions and expect a lot more updates from your Add-On, Thanks! 😁

  5. Person says:

    This is adorable! The only thing is that I spawned a manta ray and it suddenly just floated up into the sky O.o

  6. Susie says:

    Amazing addon but are you supposed to be able to tame foxes cause I can but I can’t tame artic foxes.

  7. Susie says:

    Amazing addon but are you supposed to be able to tame foxes cause I can

  8. TheMinecraftWhale says:

    You should improve the snail, jellyfish, and bee models to make them look better.

  9. Human says:

    Hey I love this addon but I just wish that there was more animals like tigers, lions, bears and snakes.

  10. Potatoe says:

    There are some animals missing like the hamster and other animals.

  11. Gamershy says:

    All entities are invisible… broken addon.

  12. UwU says:

    Can you make it so foxes arent hostile? Foxes are afraid of humans not confident of them. if you do that I will appreciate it thanks <3

  13. Rex says:

    Campfire error

  14. Anonymous says:

    This is super bad everytime i place one they’re invisble
    I can hear them and punch them but they’re invisble FIX THAT

  15. CocoWater9105 says:

    Hey! I just wanted to say that this Addon is amazing. I really want to make a zoo for my city, which I need exotic animals inside. I currently need monkeys, lemurs, and gazelles. Sadly, I couldn’t find any Addon son mcpedl that have those. It would be so cool if you could add those! Anyway, this Addon is great and I am very grateful it exists.

  16. Grace says:

    Hello, thank you for the cool mod! Could you please somehow make it possible to pick which mods I want in my game, perhaps upon installation. Also could you make some of the mods from the pocket creatures mods, since the creator has stopped answering. gorilla, chimps, boars, giraffe, zebra, and Squirrel

  17. Soap says:

    Can you add more birds. I would also like it you added armadilo. P.S great addon.

  18. Kenshimaru says:

    Whenever i spawn them, they’re invisible! I can hear them and hit them, but I’m unable to see them! I have experimental mode on. Can you please help me? I just want to test the mod!

  19. Anonymous says:


  20. Yug says:

    Please add peacock, snake,, elephants, and ostriches plz.

  21. Anna says:

    It is not working for me I can only hear the sounds but I can not see anything the eggs are black

  22. Eva says:

    I cant hatch any eggs they’re all black and don’t work what do I do

  23. Theelfpupandcatdino says:

    Since most addons don’t work anymore, ADD IN SOME LIONS & TIGERS AND ELEPHANTS!!! Anything thats an animal not already in the addon or the game must be added in! Also, more types of wolves please! And more deer! And birds, insects, etc. EVERYTHING.

  24. Edbindo says:

    Hello Creator Please Add this
    -Tiger & Tiger white
    And please Work`it to Version

  25. Anonymous says:

    In this case you can use the addons for 1.11 beta too

  26. Reza112 says:

    sorry the players, for the inconvenience with this add-on, because I myself am trying hard to be perfectly compatible in version 1.10

  27. Reza112 says:

    sorry the players, for the inconvenience with this add-on, because I myself am trying to be perfectly compatible in version 1.10

  28. LellowyellowLEGO says:

    I hope they add giraffes and snakes

  29. Carlos Favre says:

    It’s very realistic

  30. Hhh says:

    For me, the animals don’t no appear. The sound is there and all but the animals aren’t. I can also hit them still.

  31. Anonymous says:

    cant see animals

  32. Nobody says:

    Ik i already have a million comments on this addon, but reza, (the creator) you replied on a reply on a comment “you cant add custom items yet”. You can by replacing un_used things of yellow flower and giving it behavior. Though it sounds hard to do so if you never make that happen i TRULY (truely idk how to spell it idk so i did both XD) understand. Though if they ever make it possible by just normal coding, then i bet ya can do it.

  33. Bryan says:

    I am just trying mads on windows 10 and I don’t know what I am doing wrong, but the new mobs are all invisible. I put the behavior and the resource packs on. I don’t know if I have to activate something or what, but could I get any help.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I every time i scroll down to spwan eggs it crash my game plz FIK IT

  35. Ignacio says:

    can you add the dodos?

  36. Reza112 says:

    Note: If you cannot install it, try removing Resource & Behavior first in World settings and replacing it with a new one, because I changed the ID of the packs

  37. Anonymous says:

    Note: If you cannot install it, try removing Resource & Behavior first in World settings and replacing it with a new one, because I changed the ID of the second Pack

  38. Saniel says:

    O Addon não está funcionando no meu Minecraft de Android

  39. Nobody says:

    FINALLY! We can get the updated versions!! 😀

  40. Ahlixemus says:

    Agreed, but he’s got a point, not a very well executed add-on…then again this is all experimental

  41. Harrythemagician13 says:

    i have an idea why not add the sea snake

  42. Rio says:

    even though I have activated use experimental gameplay but I still glitch

  43. screee says:

    Flamingos are kinda glitched lol, but keep up the good work!

  44. screee says:

    I would like to eat cheese please.

  45. MouthGod says:

    Where’s my praying m a n t i s you sick and wonderful hunk of a man

  46. Myles says:

    Could you see if you could add
    Sea lions

  47. No says:

    Hey guy, I was checking the resource pack in my mcpe and I came across this:

    Unable to parse package manifest with stack: * Line 16, Column 9
    Missing ‘}’ or object member name

  48. misskitty58 says:

    It’s Arctic Fox, Fennec Fox, and Red Fox, NOT Snowy Fox, Desert Fox, and General Fox. get it right! Also how do I download?

  49. RedKnight says:

    This addon sucks. It won’t let me import the file into Minecraft after pressing open. This addon was NOT worth installing 3-4 times.

    1: Because some of the animations are glitched
    2: Animal sounds don’t fit
    3: Goats look weird
    4: The AI is messed up

    Fix this right now! I never want to deal with this again!

  50. 3toisyou says:

    This is a great addon!!! One question though, what do the pink feathers do?

  51. Kyutie says:

    When i try to spawn the animal with the spawn egg, it doesnt spawn anything…?

  52. Craftme says:

    For 1.8 version what?

  53. Oaktree7 says:

    Can you please add giraffes

  54. Nobody says:

    i know i already said this before, but… i cant update it. can you fix that??

  55. Theelfpupandcatdino says:

    Waiting for the day this has giraffes, some big cats, some different types of wolves, or other animals.

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