The addons were created with the intention of adding new things to the world of Minecraft. They being the possibility to find the mobs but now with human form and “marry” them.



Used to “marry” human animals

Dragon Wings

It can be caught in the creative, and it’s just a decorative for now …



Has 20 health

 5 damage. 

Attack monsters

Possible to marry

spaw In the taiga biome


Has 20 life

Possible to marry

Spawn around the world

More features coming soon


Has 20 life

Possible to marry

Spawn in the taiga biome

More features coming soon


Has 20 life

Possible to merry

Spawn around the world

More features coming soon


Has 20 life

Possible to merry

Spawn around the world


Has 20 life

Possible to merry

Spawningduring the night all over the world

After “getting married”, she is peaceful and attacks other monsters


Has 30 life

Possible to merry

Attack monsters

Spawning in frozen biomes


Has 50 life

Possible to merry

After you get married she helps you kill monsters

Spawna in the nether


Has 20 life

Possible to merry

she spawna in the mushroom biome


Has 20 life

Possible to merry

There’s a small chance of spawning in villages


Has 20 life

Possible to merry

She can ride on the shoulder after “getting married”


Has 50 life

Possible to merry

She attacks monsters


Has 20 life

Possible to merry


Has 40 life

Possible to merry

After getting married she attacks monsters


Has 200 life

Possible to merry

she attacks with fireballs

After getting married she attacks monsters


Has 20 life

Possible to merry


Has 20 life

Possible to marry

Spawn in the cold taiga biome

More features coming soon

More coming soon, wait for updates …

Changelog View more

Bug fixes

Added the Arctic fox

Correction of the file for the app

add new skin to the pagio girl, and the rabbit girl,

Bug fixes and texture changes

in version 1.6.5 some bugs were fixed and support for Portuguese-BR was added

In this update some bugs were fixed, new entities and a new equipable item

.add 3 new entities to the addon

.Compatible with version 1.16.200

  • Adds 3 new mobs
  • Now compatible with version 1.16.100 (beta)
  • new entitie
  • Update on egg spawn texture
  • Bug fixes
  • Update on wolf girl
  • update download link
  • new entitie
  • Update on egg spawn texture
  • Bug fixes
  • Update on wolf girl
  • new entitie
  • Update on egg spawn texture
  • Bug fixes
  • Update on wolf girl
  • Bug fix
  • New featured image
  • Download link fix
  • And new information


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

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65 Responses

3.75 / 5 (20 votes)
  1. BoyMoonTiger says:

    will this Addon Work for the non Beta Version of minecraft bc evertime i go in the minecraft beta i get stuck and i cant leave

  2. MegaTrevor says:

    so i just downloaded the addon and i got in the world and fox girl, artic fox girl, wolf girl, mushroom girl, zombie girl, piglin girl, bee girl, sheep girl, polar girl and human girl r not there it’s just cow girl, bunny girl, dragon girl, all parrot girls, ender girl and villager girl r there but villager girl and cow girl r invisible. can u fix that pls. thx :3

  3. MegaTrevor says:

    hey creator can u make a boy version of this mod cause i have some female friends that might like that

  4. FluffyPuffBall says:

    The addon is cool but… It doesnt let me import it into mcpe. It says “failed to import Animal Girls”. I wanna rate it 4 tho but i tried to turn the behavior pack into zip file and export it but it exports only the one file, one folder, the rest are not being exported. Same as the resource pack. So i kindly want you to check it whats wrong. I was hoping that in the next update is fixed. And also, i recommend that you can use linkvertise, it much safer link to the download of the addon than other sites.

    PS: it will be useful waifus if you can either add a feature that can ride them or can breed them. XD

  5. poyraz says:

    takeing milk from cow girl qweqweqweqweqweqweqwe

  6. Pocotheclown says:

    Everytime i extract both files it gets stuck at 18% :/

  7. The Animator says:

    Also,5 stars.

  8. The Animator says:

    Ignore the haters who hate just because of the content of your addon, it’s a good addon and I look forward to seeing more work from you in the future.

  9. FOXYTEEN13 says:

    why tf girls why not boys?

  10. tabula says:

    Doesn’t work as of october 27th 2020, missing dependencies error on both behavior and resources, merging with zip and renaming doesn’t work either

  11. Rlukman45 says:

    me: hmm… nice model

    Also me: oh i hate my brainnee …

    btw nice job broo…

  12. Ailhart Taiga says:

    Go to hell…. You made me go to countless website because you double Adly.

    • HenryPlays123 says:

      very good! add their function to work for you! like for example: give him an ax and he will give you wood, give him a sword and he will give you food (the sword was to kill animals), give him a pickaxe and he will give you minerals. and the other function would be to defend you, so when a monster attacks you it attacks the monster too

  13. Ailhart Taiga says:

    Please make a addon/Mod that changes the model of the Iron Golem i want them to look more terrifying please don’t make them girl/furry or something

  14. Ailhart Taiga says:


  15. Hmm….

    Well, this is an interesting concept…. in that new mobs are cool… but that’s about it. Why anyone would want or need animal/human crossbred creatures is beyond me. However, the skin itself looks pretty good (apart from the very visible… female… anatomical features…), and the color schemes are nice on the eye.

    I do suggest spelling “marry” correctly, however.

    All in all, this pack looks nice, and is an interesting concept, but in all practicality is pretty darn useless. And the way they are made (hinting at the “features” spoken about above), I feel like this is just an excuse to bring non-child-friendly content to MCPEDL.

    I’ll rate 1 stars, only for your nice colors. Not for anything else, sorry.

  16. LouisV says:

    what in the world…. why?

    why did you make this?


  17. MrAgentBlaze's Second Account says:

  18. HeryYang says:


  19. XAndresXGG says:

    Okay, I would like them to put that they could do something and one thing, the mushroom girl does not appear on the mushroom island.

  20. OVERLORD says:

    Can you make a more 3D tail and ears so that they move when they stand and move in different ways and sizes in 2 blocks just below and above +different types of girls for example several types of wolf girls like skins and sizes for them could you make children in 1 block please.

  21. Mid23 says:

    how did you do it ?

  22. Piggy99 says:

    Why? Why does this exist I’m in pain looking at this add on

  23. GreenVoid 29k says:

    Is Anyone Simping? lol

  24. ChunkWiggleson says:


  25. 1949: I bet the future will be much better
    2020: I can marry block girls

  26. Trashpanda1389 says:

    What dowload link is the newist

  27. Guacamole says:

    I just wanna know where y’all get these uh… girl breast texture packs

  28. Wahrmensxch says:

    Does it work on Windows 10 (Not beta)?

  29. SpotTheWolf1 says:

    Would you be able to make this multiplayer compatible, right now, only the host can see the mobs.

  30. Klains says:

    Can you please change the texture kind of cringe

  31. Ace Gaming says:

    If it possible, can you turn them to their animal form if they being attacked in the next feature? Its perfect addon. Thx

  32. Maybe add some custom animations for the mobs?

  33. FloppyDolphin57 says:

    Agreed very cringe why cant they put their ability to make addons to some nice

  34. ManoMurga says:

    Finnaly my Weeb side can be happy about a mod made for him, thanks bro! Btw, nice addon! i hope it gets updated soon.

  35. NoobliviousYT says:

    Great Komonomimi Addon, You should make more addons with nekos and kitsune

  36. DevoNl says:

    Good work , ignore the rat kid who comment

  37. Microbot cuenta 2 says:


  38. Microbot cuenta 2 says:

    FURRYS NOOOOOO ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽

  39. fuchink says:

    this is cancer

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