Animal Trade Add-on (Only 1.0.4)

This is an addon which is useful for anyone who is desperate for food, but for some reason doesn’t want to kill other life forms. It’s also good for anyone who wants a more social and at the same time beneficial interaction between animals and humans, and not just use them as farm animals. In short, it adds trading for animals.

Creator: Wartave, Twitter Account

How does it work?

You can trade with any of the following animals and it works much similar to trading with villagers. Just make sure that you’ve got something to exchange with them. Emeralds are no good here as they will want things such as wheat, carrots or similar.

  • Cow
    • Accepts: wheat
    • Trades: raw beef
  • Chicken
    • Accepts: any seeds
    • Trades: raw chicken
  • Pig
    • Accepts: carrots
    • Trades: raw porkchop
  • Sheep
    • Accepts: wheat
    • Trades: wool, colored included

The traded items which in this case was some raw beef will be added to your inventory.


Important: This addon requires the 1.0.4 beta (or above). Android users can sign up for the beta here!

  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Activate the pack for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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51 Responses

5 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. Cow says:

    “For this wheat, i shall provide thee with the flesh of my brethren.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Picture this,
    You: hey cow, I’ll give you some wheat If you cut off a bit of yourself
    Cow: Heck yeah, pass it over

  3. Erick says:

    Not working here. The animal looks at me, the trade button appears but, when I press it, nothing happens and the poor animal keeps looking at me waiting for some goods.

  4. DarkGlade03 says:

    Pretty great idea and concept
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from me 🐱

  5. Pothead Hippy says:

    Could you make a Drug Addon? I have good Ideas for the drugs. You could do things like cocaine replaces sugar and gives you speed, marijuana replaces wheat and gives you nausea and slowness, and you could maybe have alcohol that gives nausea and strength (drunk guys pack an extra punch)

  6. superspider3500 says:

    This means we have more purpose in making a new invention: Animal Villages! They’re basically villages for cows, pigs, and all animals which are tradable. And maybe even small houses for them to live in!

  7. Jake Thorson says:

    This addon doesn’t work on Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition. I tried trading a carrot with a pig, but instead of accessing the pig’s trading interface so that I could get porkchops, the pig ate the carrot and went into love mode.

  8. HaiImJustDatGamer says:

    Yay! I’m tired of killing harmless animals! 😊👍🏻👌🏼

  9. EnderDasher says:

    Can you add more like Bunnies, horse, or mule? 🙂

  10. biancamethyst says:

    Hey, editor 😂
    Some typos to correct

    First sentence
    Original > This is an addon which is useful for anyone who is desperate for food but for some reason don’t want to kill other life forms.
    There should be a comma before “but”, because if you say it out loud, there is a needed pause there.
    Also, it shouldn’t be “don’t”, but “doesn’t”.
    Should be > This is an addon which is useful for anyone who is desperate for food, but for some reason doesn’t want to kill other life forms.

    Second Sentence
    Original > It’s also good for anyone who want a more social and at the same time beneficial interaction between animals and humans and not just use them as farm animals.
    You said “want”, which should be “wants”, because “anyone” is considered singular, or in other words, used in the singular context.
    There needs to be a comma at the last clause, before the word “and.”
    Should be > It’s also good for anyone who wants a more social and at the same time beneficial interaction between animals and humans, and not just use them as farm animals.

    Thank you! 😀


    To the others, well, I’m sorry my nerdy side’s on, but this bugs me so much… 😂😂😂

  11. Jan says:

    Lol i still need to kill the cow because i need leather

  12. Hi says:

    A Very interesting addon

  13. magicalice19293 says:

    This is way better than killing the mobs

  14. Roan says:

    This is looking like a awesome mod

  15. Tanzil Zubair B. Zaman says:

    Hey wont u show my nuclear weapons addon

    • Editor says:

      It was rejected because it didn’t meet my quality guidelines. Feel free to use MCPE Hub or MCPE Universe to post it.

      • Tanzil Zubaid B. Zaman says:

        What kind of quality guideline do you mean. Which one did it not meet. How can I make it meet the guideline

        • Editor says:

          There are no written guidelines. It’s based on what I have come across after posting more than 2500 different things. Create something awesome and it will be posted.

      • NFGamerMC says:

        Tell me if this is correct but would this be suitable for guidelines:

        Why MCPEDL will Reject Add-ons:
        * Copyright Issues
        * Stolen Code
        * Boringness
        * Too Simple
        * Looks similar to other Add-Ons
        * Illegal Content
        * Inappropriate Content
        * Ilegal Download Links (shows nasty things or sells drugs)
        * Too Generic
        * Files Unreadable
        * No Effort
        * Error in submission details
        * Too Simple
        * Not much interaction

        • NFGamerMC says:

          Those are just my ideas NOT THE OFFICIAL GUIDELINES

        • Editor says:

          – Copyright issues > If someone reports something then we have to look into it.
          – Stolen code > Same as above, not something which I actively check since it would be impossible to manage.
          – Boringness > Sometimes, yes. I try to post things which I think the visitors of the website would enjoy. This doesn’t mean I only post things I enjoy.
          – Too Simple > Not necessarily. The simplest things can be cool too. Here’s a recent example for that: http://mcpedl.com/milkable-squids-addon/
          – Too similar > Nope, as long it’s not copied that never an issue.
          – Illegal content > Yes, obviously 😛
          – Inappropriate content > Same as above.
          – Illegal download links > Yes.

  16. PM3.0 says:

    That’s so cool 😎

  17. IrfanGraal says:

    This add-on is insane!

  18. Sinner Drbr says:

    Lol so cool, so much fun! You did a great job

  19. Anonymous says:

    this is cool

  20. ayooob says:

    why meat? why not milk?

  21. PandaBro says:

    😍 love it, but what map is it in the background?

  22. Lemon Grape Fruit Avacado Fre Sh a Voca da Fresh Avacado says:

    What is the map used?

  23. BuggyPig says:

    Beta sucks because it is for bad android and I wish there was no beta

  24. Dionyolo2008 says:

    Why its only for 1.0.4

  25. TheRedDiamond08 says:


  26. (VIP+) Xv_BladeSlice_vX says:

    And why would you use this?

  27. MINECRAFTPRO says:

    I wanna trade with villagers would that work

  28. Minecraft Master says:

    And Editor there’s a bug with this addon and that makes it so my game crashes when I try to open the trade screen when trading with a chicken

  29. Papodragon05 says:

    BTW Can u tell me what map that is?

  30. Hamstergirl says:

    This sound really cool can’t wait till the new update so I can use

  31. Endernbrine says:

    You typed them twice in your 2nd sentence.

  32. Brendan says:

    What is that map

  33. Gago Ulol says:

    Lol Haha it soso funny

  34. XKevinPlayzMC says:

    umm editor i REALLY do love your addon!! i was just suggesting if you can make a new addon where you can switch your first person to third person front/back without having to go to the settings and changing it plss i would really love that too!!!

  35. Jan says:

    I dont like this addon

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