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Many people asked for a separate pack from our map to have only the animals, so here it is!

All of our animals have special animations and geometry. Their breeding method is unique because they got pregnancy or lay eggs, but NEVER simply spawn a baby immediately. Most of them have special behaviors like a sleep routine based on the time of the day. Some also have gender specifications. 

NOTE: We will eventually release additional packs that can be added to this one to update it and get more animals


You may have heard about a map called “Asian Roofs”. We checked a lot the comments left by the people who downloaded it. Some people asked to have access to the animals without having to play in the map.

So here it is! A pack with all of our animals. And you will even have access to more animals in future additional packs. This way, you will not have to redownload this pack everytimes. You just need to add the other packs that interest you and it’s done! 

Every animals have special animations and behaviors. They also all have special breeding method: No babies are spawned immediately, animals become pregnant or lay some eggs. The duration of the gestation/incubation follows a logic too: 20 minutes in real life = 1 year in the game. It is also possible to stop the predation behaviors by turning off the game rule “Natural Regeneration” if you don’t want predators to attack their respective preys. And you might want to know that many animals have gender distinctions.

There is so much more to tell you but it would be very long so try it by yourself. We will also provide more info about each animal very soon on our WEBSITE.

Finally, we offer you a MAP that already contains all of these animals and that also has some exclusive content. 

Hope you enjoy!

Changelog View more

This changlog is only because we had not shared the links to the PRESENTATION VIDEO  and to our WEBSITE. We also have an asian-looking map called ASIAN ROOFS that already has the animals of this pack.

We are still working on many packs to release at least one every month


Download the Behavior pack AND Resource pack (mcpack OR zip)

Activate both packs in the addons section of your world settings.

Enable the Experimental Gameplay in your world settings


Supported Minecraft versions


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43 Responses

4.83 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. ScalyQuill says:

    how do i tame the elephant? can i? and what other animals are tamable?

    • Hi, for the moment, you cannot tame the elephants, but you can mount on males and you can also decorate them with carpets 🙂

      In this very precise pack, the only animal that can be pet is the otter, HOWEVER, we released our Reptiles pack a wee ago and you can add it to this pack. It adds many reptiles and many are tameable.

      We are also releasing the Northern pack tomorrow or the next day and it will have a bunch of tameable animals

  2. Looks more like a great white than a bull shark

  3. Howulikethat says:

    Love this pack…Also the reptiles pack.Can’t wait for the northern pack

  4. Gabriel1234 says:

    Hello mate! Very good addon I use it for my adventure worlds I just wanted to say how you make your addons is that I have always wanted to make an addon I do not want to replace the mobs like a cow becomes a lion I have wanted to add new mobs to make an addon and I wanted to ask me if you made a video of how you make addons please would you do me a great favor if you can’t or don’t want to understand I’ll let you know when you upload the video (if you can or want) thank you very much if you see this comment

    • Hi! Thank you a lot for your great comment 😃 We would sure love to make a tutorial on how to make the addons but the fact is that we are very busy preparing the tons of additional packs (which you can give suggestions) and don’t always have time to prepare a video on how to make them.

      However, we are almost done with the Reptiles Pack so maybe we could start a tutorial in many sequences that we would upload from time to time next.

      We suggest you subscribe to our youtube channel if you want to stay update

  5. SmartX_Official says:

    THIS IS AWESOME!!! The addon itself is great, the installation is very simple, and it all works perfectly. I’d recommend this to a friend if he needs an animal addon. Very good!

  6. Guest-7748741059 says:

    for some reason the spawn eggs are black and i cant see the animals for some reason can u help?

  7. Hi there! The “Natural Spawning Pack” is submitted but MCPEDL still needs to approve it before it can be released. If you can’t wait, you can always download it from the “Additional packs” section of our website 🙂

  8. Guest-2923177994 says:

    do they spawn naturally or do you need the spawn eggs

    • Guest-5211264968 says:

      (Asian Roofs Team)
      For now you need the spawn egg BUT today or tomorrow we will release an additional pack that you can add to make them spawn naturally

  9. Guest-4476424112 says:

    This is such an amazing mod. I’ve been looking for a mod like this for months. Could not rate this mod highly enough. Cant wait for the a new version. I would love to suggest more farm animals (i.e goats ) and more tameable animals for pets (i.e different dog breeds). Thank you so much once again.

    • Guest-1432629350 says:

      (Asian Roofs Team)
      Hi thank you very much! We are glad you like it. In fact, our pack does not work with versions 😃 You will just have to add some of our future additional packs to add animals or fixes. And for your suggestion, we take it in consideration but the next upcoming packs are Reptiles Pack, Natural Spawn, and maybe Northern Pack! You can take a look at our website for more information

  10. Hello amazing when is the natural spawning pack out also I have an animal suggestion Chinese alligators they are a rare kind of alligator they are dark colours like grey and back

    • Guest-9341990975 says:

      (Asian Roofs Team)
      Hi thank you 😃
      The natural spawning pack should be out this month maybe in a week or 2!
      And super suggestion because our next animal pack is the Reptiles Pack. You can check our website! There will be a list of the reptiles soon

  11. Guest-7073924893 says:

    Can u make 2 version??normal and noth have snail (because im phobia with snail in real life or game 😅)

  12. Guest-5978197382 says:

    Great mod! I love that you guys have red pandas and otters in this mod because I rarely see them in mods. Keep up the work because it is greatly appreciated and it’s cool that you guys make stuff like this. I hope this comment made one of you guys smile and I hope this was motivating.

    • Guest-4632531921 says:

      (Asian Roofs Team)
      Thanks a lot! 😃 yeah it was motivating and we are glad that you like it! If you have some suggestions of other animals, don’t hesitate to tell us

  13. Blue Raptorex 16 YT says:

    Finally Another Animal Pack As Good As Expansion Plus YCreatures And New Zealand Natives

  14. Guest-5558693740 says:

    When i spawn the cricket two times
    My game crashes

    • Guest-6882310354 says:

      (Hey it’s Asian Roofs Team)
      Oh that’s weird but keep in mind that you should not spawn crickets too close to each others but we will check this and give you a feedback! Sorry for the inconveniant. Tell us if you see any other bugs

    • Guest-1766021565 says:

      (Asian Roofs Team)
      Hi again! We found the potential reason of your bug! 😃 Just don’t place 2 crickets on the same block because they have no collision box

  15. Guest-3829275599 says:

    I loved your map I played it a long time ago

  16. Guest-9398385790 says:

    Amazing do all the animals spawn naturally???

  17. Guest-3570493718 says:

    I have this already

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