Animated+ Mod

The Animated+ mod adds a bunch of new animations to make the movements of the player appear more realistic. Currently it works only in creative mode. Some of the included animations are a better jumping animation, crawling when swimming and a flying animation similar to Superman.

Creator: RedStudios


Here you can see the jumping animation in action. During the jump his knees are slightly bent as well as his arms.


The swimming animation looks similar to crawling in real life.


The sneak animation looks more realistic because his entire body is bent and not just the back.


I couldn’t get this to fully work but supposedly it should be possible to use another animation when climbing ladders.


If you double-tap/sprint in creative mode then this animation will appear. It basically makes you look like Superman!


Download (MediaFire)
Download (Dropbox)

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109 Responses

4 / 5 (31 vote)
  1. UndeadBandit says:

    That looks deeply unsettling. Why would you cut him into chunks? Why would you jou just move the arms around on the joints, like almost every minecraft animator does?

  2. XxJadenPlayzxX says:

    Pls tell how to download

  3. SmartMCKid2012 says:

    Can you please update for 1.12.0 please?

  4. Minecraft lover says:

    How to install it plz I don’t understand in the how to install mods page. editor plz tell me how to install this mod using zarchiver app

  5. Jesús says:

    Es bueno tal vez me sirva

  6. Jorge Maldonado says:


  7. J.Davino_Chineza says:

    I cant use block launcher, idk why but at the main time, i hope you could make the addon or texture packs to make this work for me, cuz that both are the only things that will work for my mcpe. Good work 😇👍

  8. fathan says:

    Yoo mod yg hebat


    Ink means I don’t know bruhhh (¬_¬)

  10. Dũng says:

    Ô mai gót

  11. Anhuy4a6 says:

    Rat la hay

  12. Raging_RobotMC says:

    Why do always adf.ly enter in my phone hate it 🙁

  13. Dũng says:

    Game hay

  14. Dũng says:


  15. Galarza Alejos says:

    Me gusta

  16. olala says:

    this is so hard

  17. FlameGamer4567 says:

    Ok creator, i use MediaFire link but then it says “open in voice dream”. I tried this with another mod but it then tells me “error, unable to load file” and if i try Dropbox, it is also unable to be opened. Can u make one that says “open in Minecraft” pls?

  18. Faster says:

    This is good

  19. EnderGleb says:

    Please make it resource pack for iOS!!!!

  20. Saber says:


  21. Noor says:

    Oohh there is not for iOS 😭 why this always happening with iOS why no any one love iOS. It is phone 📱 too. Please make another mod for iOS because me and every one use iOS are sad now

  22. like says:

    Plz add this mod for mcpe 1.2 plz…

  23. Range Monster says:

    Where do we extract this zip file??

  24. Daniah Dogillo says:

    I can’t download it. I’m at Viber, I paused the link, and I waited for so long. Why doesn’t it work? Creator, Editor, fix it please!

  25. Andrew says:

    This version for mcpe what version ?????

  26. Ziddang says:

    Use blocklauncher?

  27. Bruh🐸🔫 says:

    lol…. It does not mean I don’t kare where you playing???

  28. Max says:

    Really a great addon 👍🤙👌✌️🤘🤜🤛🤝

  29. Herobrine says:

    Herobrine can hack everyone make one for ios or get hacked 18 Dec
    Ha ha enjoy you month with your device or do it for ios

  30. Luke says:

    Please editor Update this to the latest minecraft version my block launcher always quits the game when i press the app

  31. jerry says:

    One problem , i want bow and other tools and items animated , pleaaase

  32. Plin Plan Gaming says:

    Doesn’t work for MCPE v1.2.1.. :”(
    Pleasee, Remake this Mod for MCPE v1.2.1… :”)

  33. Vertx says:

    How do i install this thing on Windows 10??

  34. Avery says:

    I what that addon

  35. VirtualGaming says:

    Yeah We Need .mcpack Or Something

  36. VirtualGaming says:

    Plz Add And Mcpack link I Can’t Install It I NEED mcaddon/mcpack I really like this addon/mod but i can’t install it plz help me bro

  37. Anonymous says:

    Can you make it for iOS

  38. Carlee says:

    Could you make smart moving .mcpack? Because I really want to make a mermaid PE Roleplay please and thank you 😊

  39. Kevin Phillips says:

    I can’t download it keeps giving me adds and fake stuff

  40. Mia Mcguinness says:

    I cant download it? Its says ad.fly when I try can someone help I really wanna download it

  41. Sun_flower says:

    Can you also make this a Add-on

  42. the gamer says:

    Woooooow, awesome!

  43. D3ATHZ says:

    It wont work on the latest version of mcpe

  44. Christian says:

    I wish there was a animation only for survival mod

  45. TheFuzionAssasin says:

    This is so cool if I download a few more Addams and stuff I could maybe make something with this and it works on iOS I’m on iOS and it works watch a vid on how to download the zip file its easy

  46. Fahad says:

    Can you make this mod an .mcpack because I do not know how to download it so plz make it .mcpack

  47. Lisa says:

    Will it work on IPad?

  48. Destroyer says:

    But you can’t open it in Minecraft.

  49. Minecraft lord15 says:

    Can u add a .mcpack file editor

  50. Da Swag Lord says:

    Could you make this a resource pack or something that allows it to be directly copied to MCPE on iOS? This looks very cool, and I would like to have it 🙂

  51. Sydney says:

    Editor can you help this bug its that whenever I use mediafire it does the download page and it’s always a blank screen!!

  52. DanSMCraft says:


  53. @RedStudios_ says:

    Waiting for addons to support animation editing ;D

  54. Fahri says:

    What you update this mod

  55. Joshua says:

    Could you update this to so everyone can download it for 0.16.0

  56. Pink DKAT says:

    Hi guys it’s me Pink I love this mod and I love it’s for the bottom of my heart

  57. Lex says:

    Holy shcmosers! This is f-Ing cool!

  58. SLOTHFACE says:

    Ugly too many squares

  59. Lee Modugno says:

    Can you fix it so you can use it in first person? Whenever I go into first person, it crashes!

  60. Nathan says:

    I love this mod

  61. Hyperprime says:

    Realy cool i like it my favorite mod

  62. Diego30007 says:

    Update The Mod To Use Custom Skin and to 0.14.2

  63. Sensenmann says:

    The Mod doesn’t work in 0.14.2 . Please update it!

  64. Kino says:

    awesome.. The Best thing for real life. I installed it and its cool. Well, I’m not using block launcher. I’m using mcpe master. Cool

  65. Anonymous says:

    it so cool but what these body dont look normal

  66. Elec says:

    Unreachable :c

    • Editor says:

      Tested both links. Works fine for me. When you get to the adf.ly page wait 5 seconds and then click the top right “Skip Ad” button to be redirected to the download page.

  67. Kilink says:

    Awesome, need some fixes how the armor and would be good more animations for the sword. It’s cool!

  68. Master TNT says:


  69. Leonarda says:

    How do i install this HOW!!!

  70. Zomboid says:

    Editor tell me why my skin turns black when I swim and fly

  71. MinecraftGamer273YT says:


  72. xlil101x says:

    Can this be a js file

  73. Zomboid says:

    It’s not letting me
    It says to much h trfic

  74. Kurt says:

    THIS IS SO COOL….. I Loved It!!!, Ive been waiting this for ALL TIME
    Gladly You make this mod…l

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