Anime Paintings v1.2.2 [Realms Fix Again]

This texture pack changes ALL of the paintings in Minecraft to higher resolution anime related ones instead.

The art contained within the addon is not mine and was adapted as needed so it could be implemented into the game. This addon is not for profit.

WARNING: This resource pack IS NOT compatible with any other resource packs that make changes to paintings. Please also make sure to add this resource pack in at the TOP of the list for full functionality with other texture packs.

4×4 Block Paintings:

  1. Character Unknown. Sorry :/
  2. Ushio from Kantai Collection.
  3. A Collection of Characters from Sword Art Online.

4×3 Block Paintings:

  1. Saber from Fate Stay Night.
  2. Senko from The Helpful Fox Senko-san.

4×2 Block Painting:

  1. A Collection of Characters from Naruto.

2×2 Block Paintings:

  1. Atago from Azur Lane.
  2. A Collection of Characters from Steins;Gate.
  3. Chino Kafū from Is the order a rabbit?
  4. A Collection of Characters from Girls Und Panzer.
  5. Tamaki Kotatsu from Fire Force.
  6. A Collection of Characters from Fairy Tail.

2×1 Block Paintings:

  1. Jotaro Kujo from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.
  2. A Collection of Characters from My Hero Academia.
  3. Chika Fujiwara from Kaguya-sama: Love is War.
  4. The Swordfish II from Cowboy Bebop.
  5. A Collection of Characters from One Piece.

1×2 Block Paintings:

  1. Megumin from Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!
  2. A Collection of Characters from 7 Deadly Sins.

1×1 Block Paintings:

  1. Goku from Dragon Ball Z.
  2. Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul.
  3. A Special Secret Character. 😉
  4. Chihiro Ogino from Spirited Away.
  5. Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist.
  6. Korosensei from Assassination Classroom
  7. Rem from Re:Zero.

Feel free to follow me on various social media @sgt_sauris –> Twitter and YouTube

Also please check out my other addons here! –>

This addon should work with any version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition that supports paintings past v1.13.0.

If you discover any bugs or have any issues with the resource pack, the best way to let me know is through a private message on Twitter. However, I will try and keep up with the comments here as best I can if you do report your issue below.

If you would like to see another Anime Paintings resource/mash-up pack feel free to reach out to me on Twitter, other social media, or comment below with suggestions for anime you’d like to see in it.

Or, if you just have a suggestion for another addon/resource pack entirely, feel free to let me know through any or all of the previously mentioned methods as well!

Hope you enjoy!

– Sgt


If you want to help support me, feel free to donate here:

Any amount is greatly appreciated 🙂

Changelog View more
  • Removed content from MCPEDL post that is no longer relevant.
  • Removed old download files. Only the latest are now available. I apologize if this inconveniences anyone. Feel free to contact me if you would like one of the older files.
  • Added READ ME.txt to the pack with important information in it for other content creators/tinkerers who'd like to learn from my work.
  • Added new download files.
  • Updated file versions.
  • Changed UUIDs, again. Please CHANGE BOTH UUIDs in the manifest.json file if you make your own addon/resource pack by using someone else's work as a template!

I had to shell out $3.99 in order to test out the reported issue with a different texture pack being imported to Realms. It turns out my pack had the same UUID as that other pack Guest-5964757231 mentioned in the comments below. After changing the UUID and updating the files everything seemed to work on my end.

Please let me know below, or preferably on my Twitter ( if you have any further issues.

Also, not that I am desperate, but if 5 kind strangers could spare $1.00 to cover my costs for testing by donating at the link above that would be great. :) Or 499 people donating $0.01. That would work too.

Oh, and by the way, thank you all for over 30,000 total downloads. That's a crazy number. I have something special coming out soon to celebrate, so stay tuned on my Twitter, and also, subscribe to my profile for notifications at 

Thank you again!

- Sgt

[5/19/2020 Patch Notes]

  • Updated Texture Pack UUID for latest version.
  • Updated Version Number.
  • Updated Title of both MCPEDL Post and file names/titles.
  • Updated Download Links.
  • Updated MCPEDL Mobile App Files.
  • All of the default paintings are now changed! Hooray!
  • Complete redesign of the description. Now you can easily refer to which paintings you are most offended by in the comments ?
  • New featured image.
  • Added .zip download link.

This is likely going to be the last major content update to this resource pack for a while. However, If any bugs/issues arise I will of course do what I can to fix them.

  • All of the default paintings are now changed! Hooray!
  • Complete redesign of the description. Now you can easily refer to which paintings you are most offended by in the comments ?
  • New featured image.

This is likely going to be the last major content update to this resource pack for a while. However, If any bugs/issues arise I will of course do what I can to fix them.

What's this? An update to the Anime Paintings Addon? Now... With MORE PIXELS?!

  • 4 new paintings from various popular anime.
  • All images are now higher resolution.
  • Minor bug fixes with images clipping into each other.
  • Updated descriptions.
  • New download files.
  • Added .zip file download option. I love console users too!
  • Resubmitted the addon under the texture pack category, and not the addon category.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16



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193 Responses

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  1. Cozmo172009 says:

    Disgusting and inappropriate I am disgusted at the community.

  2. Shy Hacker says:

    Im i the only one simping, if yes that will 𝙃𝙪𝙧𝙩 so much

  3. Blue deadly boy says:

    Its so bad

  4. Ieatfart says:

    this is cursed

  5. Minercraft pe only says:

    Pls make the beds look like anime body pillows plsssssssss

  6. Metta-Neo says:

    I try uploading a Legend of Zelda sound pack and they deny it but they let you post some fresh meat.

  7. XxCloudy2xX says:

    That thing is… absolute b e a u t i fu l
    ♡~♡ Thank you so much!

  8. Nightblade0723 says:

    may i ask how did you get permission/give credits to the owners of the artworks? since im making a similar pack and i have no idea who’s the artists (im still new at this) and the rules requires me to either own the images or get permission by the owners. Thanks in advance!!

    • Sgt_Sauris says:

      Most artists have a watermark of some sort on their image already, however, to best credit an artist is to ask each artist individually how they would like to be credited.

      Some artists may prefer their social media handle, others may prefer their real name or stage name.

      The biggest thing is not so much crediting the artists (although you really should credit them where/when you can) but more so not taking credit for other people’s work.

      As long as you are not making direct profit/income off of the artist’s work without their permission, you are generally fine. At least that is the way it works here in the U.S. where I am based. Please check your creative and copyright laws for your country for the most accurate information.

      Overall, generally wherever you find pictures on the internet, the proper credit to the artist is not far off.

      Of course, permission from the artist themselves to include their work is always best.

  9. MrAgentBlaze's Second Account says:

    If only i can report this post for sexual content, some of those paintings depict sexual acts

  10. Kaito San says:

    What app you use to make this ?

  11. My favorite Anime……….Nisekoi and The God Only Knows!!!!!And……Manga(Pokémon)….

  12. QuantumP0Alt says:


  13. Lancelotdagreat12 says:

    Hi this is a nice texture pack for paintings but its almost perfect just add borders or frames around to be a more like a painting or pictures 🙂

  14. EncryptedJC says:

    How’d you make the pictures look so good and not so pixelated? (It’s a genuine question I have no idea how)

  15. Guest-3484917609 says:

    Plz add zero two from darling in the franx

  16. Guest-5259512674 says:

    does it work on relms

  17. Guest-8149288842 says:

    Woah cool! I love hentai!

  18. ryxtell says:

    how to install this on windows 10 1.16?

  19. Guest-8557105035 says:

    I love hentai!

  20. WalkerPlayz123 says:

    Can you please add mysterious girlfriend x and happy sugar life and high school dxd plsssssss I beg u

  21. Guest-6588180210 says:

    Hey bro i’m not able to download this pls help me out_ i realy love anime

  22. Guest-5384758231 says:

    cast this world into the sun and let it burn BRUH ARE YOU BLIND

  23. EddyAftermath says:

    Add more plz! :3

  24. joe847802 says:

    we need a sfw version

  25. Guest-2461548726 says:

    Absolutely magnificent I appreciate your work

  26. Arachnology_Bruh says:

    ok so here me out. Im trying to make femboy hooters in minecraft and need traps paintings for this to be possible so that is my only request other than that its perfect.

  27. Guest-8909165890 says:


  28. Guest-6108306224 says:

    yes Iwwowo he need to Delete them my nick is Nekokittycat

  29. Guest-2698091347 says:

    That is not fine i love Anime and i do not like in porbet imag i like clean Anime so re move them to clean one

  30. Guest-7327022222 says:

    hay you you are gross yes you Sgt Sauris you put in poreit imag that is not good for kids too see im 18 year old and i do not like it so make it PG

  31. Guest-8150117331 says:

    That one with Megumin……


  32. Guest-9798324201 says:

    can you add shaders or xray

  33. Guest-4539884289 says:

    Why bro, imagine you playing minecraft with your friend and when u go to his home; open the door; he says no, you go back at night and in his bedroom you see that…

    • Guest-8986664208 says:

      I think I got a friend that have painting in his house I wonder what happens when turn it on and his GF visit my friend in Minecraft go to his house and I think my friend might say UUUUUMMMMM I CAN EXPLAIN

  34. Guest-5964757231 says:


    super good and fun pack that worked good at first but after I downloaded the new version and applied it to my realm it instead forces a pack called flashcraft meme pack by redthunderguyyt and its just random photos of kids.

  35. Guest-9934293368 says:

    Hi great looking pack im having a problem whenever i place a painting it puts it on the wall but it is invisible. anyone know whats going on and how to fix it.

  36. Guest-1795897358 says:

    Hai and thank you for making this! i have this one problem unfortunately this doesn’t work on realms.. but other addon paintings works well except this..

  37. Guest-3606280195 says:

    Hahaha what day hek u pervert ?

  38. Guest-2326051958 says:

    You can make hentai paintings?

  39. Guest-5646325561 says:


  40. Guest-1803579687 says:

    more picture pls , this is the greatest addon i ever saw

  41. Guest-2637293657 says:

    omg i luv this pls add more picsss

  42. Guest-3249327901 says:

    I really really really like this ♥

  43. Guest-6484668944 says:

    The texture pack doesn’t work on realms. It when I load into the realm, it downloads another texture pack.

  44. CrocBoss says:

    It works fine on 1.16 beta

  45. Guest-6171104583 says:

    Make a hentai one

  46. Guest-3071438598 says:

    Is says “Failed to import, not a valid zip archive

  47. Guest-8508896922 says:

    Does it work for Mac? I’ve been looking for days and days to try and find the right texture pack, and I finally found this one! But I don’t think it works for MacBook. When you have time, could you please alter it so it could be used for a Mac? Thanks! 🙂

    • Sgt_Sauris says:

      If you are unable to use/download other texture packs and add-ons using either .zip files or .mcaddon files… I am afraid you will not be able to use this one either. As far as my knowlege goes there is no 3rd party add-on support available for Mac users.

      Sorry! :/

  48. Yuebee says:

    The anime paintings are good but on v1.0.2 it say that code or something is in valid. But v1.0.1 works fine!

  49. User-9577443291 says:

    I really like this! can you make other version of this but more on loli??

  50. iCanSeeU says:

    the new one dosnt work but the old one does

    • Sgt_Sauris says:

      I just tested the latest version ( Anime Paintings v1.0.2.mcaddon [LATEST VERSION} (Mediafire Download) ) in the v. beta on Windows 10 and it worked fine.

      What device and version of the game did you try it on? And which file specifically?

      If you would like, you can direct message me on Twitter if it would be easier to communicate there (

  51. Anonymous says:

    How do you add the addon

  52. Scp says:

    A special secret carather is that even from anime or what please tell me where that from it really good for profile picture

  53. FlammuleF says:

    I really like this texture. The new one has one problem though. When trying to get it into Minecraft, it says something about an unnamed pack. Do you think you can fix it? Thanks!

  54. Anonymous says:

    Less memes more anime paintings
    (If u can add sao pls)

  55. Anti Virus #2 says:

    this gave me stroke but ok(Btw i won the NNN)

  56. ThatRandomDuck says:

    i want to use this texture pack on my realm but when i put it on, it installs this other texture pack which changes stuff such as the beds and zombies when i just want the paintings changed

  57. Rexminer says:

    Okay okay do body pillows now lol

  58. weebo says:

    add some ahegao faces painting

  59. lol kid says:

    Um….! Hey! Where’s the version of ONLY Jojo paintings?!

  60. STD says:

    the secret character is lesion from rainbow

  61. akbarIndo47 says:

    Thanks for some lewd painting ?

  62. TehJamFish says:

    I Like How Everyone Is Complaining About The 11th Painting And Not The 18th, Like, The Girl In The 18th Is About 14Yr Old XD. Love It Tho

  63. Thundermcpedl says:

    more jojo please
    try making a painting with transparent background and the stone mask
    if you can’t its fine

  64. Septic Vessel says:

    can you add nezuko from demon slayer to the painting

    • Sgt_Sauris says:

      I’m afraid I’ve already replaced all the default paintings in Minecraft in the latest update of this resource pack. However, if I find a way to add even more, or if I make another pack altogether, I’ll definitely consider.


    NO… Just no…

  66. How did John accept this HAHAHAHAHA

  67. Gublub says:

    Definitely not hentai

  68. Yes says:

    Nice choice for secret character.
    I’ve been poisoned.

  69. DiamondDice says:

    Cool dude did attack on titan pictures though.

    • Sgt_Sauris says:

      I’m afraid I’ve already replaced all the default paintings in Minecraft in the latest update of this resource pack. However, if I find a way to add even more, or if I make another pack altogether, I’ll definitely consider. 🙂

  70. TheLucky0ne says:

    Why is this addon on mcpedl? It has inappropriate content and other banned photos!

    • Sgt_Sauris says:

      None of these photos exceed the age rating of PG (Parental Guidance Suggested). So banned photos, no. Inappropriate content, slightly. As for why it’s on MCPEDL? I’ll let the over 8000 total downloads answer that question for you 🙂

    • ImTheScottishResistance says:

      This lad is trying to be a smart one eh? Everyone knows you like it, stop complaining lad, because why the heck are you here if Literally the first picture you’ll see is what you said

  71. Brexit Box says:

    Thank you for blessing us with this Devine art

  72. #Endpewdiepie says:

    Thank you my mom threw me out of the house I’m homeless now lol

  73. Steve says:

    Add more ecchi picture please,I’ll make a minecraft otaku room.

  74. Weeb says:

    make more sexy painting of anime girls

  75. Oysterwolf says:

    How did u add high pixel photos to the paintings? I’m using photoshop and i can’t figure it out lol

  76. ItzToroXD says:

    For me just works 3 images, how i can fix it?

  77. Dragon19Guy97 says:

    I would like this for my Xbox One……if anyone could help me I would like to know the method because either I might be doing it incorrectly, be missing a step, or just straight screwed up somewhere. Either way the art looks GLORIOUS!!!


    Absolutely beautiful. I don’t see why some dumbasses are rating low just because of the 11th picture.

  79. ClownOfTheWeek says:

    thank you so much, you have increased my minecraft bedrock experience. Please make more anime add-ons

  80. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, you have improved my experience and im so thankful. your parents wouldd be proud, i am crying tears of pure joy. thank you for improving my life.

  81. DASHEDM says:

    i like how you added JoJo in there, makes this packs even better

  82. Random guy says:

    Umm? What’s wrong with you guys?! Nasty!

  83. :8 says:

    Hey! Could do more of these like with other animes? Bnha, tokyo ghoul, fairy tail, one piece,death note y’know 😀 Great texture pack tho dude!!!

  84. Idk man says:

    Can you add sexier pictures????

  85. Help says:

    Where should I add this file?

  86. dan says:

    I came for the megumin one

  87. Sped says:

    What do I set is as to make it appear, I can’t see it but my friends can. It worked on my creative world but not on my survival, any ideas?

    • Sgt_Sauris says:

      Huh. Strange issue. Did you try adding the pack to your global resources? That might fix it. Also check to make sure the pack is added above the vanilla resources in the world settings. Otherwise I have no idea. You should not need experimental gameplay enabled or anything since it just overwrites the original Minecraft Paintings. What platform are you playing on by the way? As the addon is rather high resolution. So if you are mobile that may be an issue, but I would imagine that would probably not affect it.

  88. Swagapino says:

    i’m here just for jojo’s bizarre paintings

  89. Xander says:

    Quick question, how do you input the zip into Minecraft

    • Sgt_Sauris says:

      It depends what platform you are on. If you are on Windows 10 or Mobile, you should be able to download the .mcpack file and just launch that. It should automatically launch and import the addon into Minecraft. If you are on Xbox, you will need the zip file, and to follow the instructions in this video to import it:

  90. Ãbøød Ahmad Morad says:

    Give me the image in HD (kz.png) or the file is ready pls

    • Sgt_Sauris says:

      Thank you for your comment. I was not aware that changing the resolution of the kz.png file would work and that everything would scale correctly. A higher resolution version of the pack with some more paintings is on the way 🙂 Thank you for your feedback!

  91. Yeat says:

    U should add a my hero academia poster

  92. Animelover691 says:

    Thank you, my lord.
    Quality isn’t below 100% though.

  93. Aku Ganteng Pro says:


  94. Anonymous says:


  95. Bloo says:

    Could you add another character? If so may i request one?

    • Sgt_Sauris says:

      “If you would like more pictures added in the future, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or other social media with suggestions of either more things to add to this pack, ideas/suggestions for other paintings packs, or ideas/suggestions for other addons.”

  96. KD_Kawaii says:


  97. Guy says:

    Nice pack. Can you tell me the character in the bottom left?

  98. Zynda says:


  99. amani batman says:

    aHahahH ThE FirSt oNe oN thE tOp LeFt AHhaHhhahaha

  100. ZulqarnainCraft says:

    is this even legal mcpedl? , anyway great work mate!

  101. Kaza says:

    Nevermind actually I found a way to download, alls good

  102. Weeb review says:

    It’s beautiful

  103. Cyanide says:

    No. This is cursed I don’t want a anime ass

  104. Kaza says:

    weird but kinda funny. Could you make it a mediafire download so xbox users can download it too? Or maybe just have a zip file download? Either works.

  105. Shaw says:

    Uh, I don’t see the use of this at all.. I mean what’s this for?..

  106. Jotarded says:

    Honestly epic B)

  107. I suck says:

    The first one is….. just don’t show me your bu_ it’s complicated…

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