You will enter the true story of annabelle the doll of 1970, one day a lady gives you a doll called annabelle from that day very strange things begin to happen at home, you live with a roommate named Angie, together they will experience paranormal things, one day you will have nightmares and you will have to defend yourself and kill the universe of the spell together with annabelle.

When you enter a nightmare you will fight against the universe of the spell and Annabelle will have to go there one by one, to go with one you will require a key in total there are 3 keys.


Youtube: @Wiskyslow- MCPE

Instagram: @kikediaz01


You will perform missions, and at the same time you are developing a story, there are secondary missions that you can perform such as the mission of the puzzle of the barrels.


Delve into history

do missions and complete the story

Fight enemies from the Conjuring Universe

Complete side missions

and finally face Annabelle.

Changelog View more
  • New frontpage
  • More descriptive
  • Brighter images
  • More simplified
  • New images



How do I install the map?

  • Select the language you will play the map
  • Click on download (Mediafire)
  • Download and install Mcworld
  • Open it with minecraft

    And done.


Supported Minecraft versions


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    Amazing map, Good job.

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    Your map is awesome! Keep it up!! ^^)/ <3

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    so cool

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