Answer Correct Or You DEAD [Minigame]

Welcome, this map is a Minigame called: Answer Correct Or You DEAD!, created by MCM Tuber. In the pictures there’re 9 screenshoots of all levels and 2 screenshoots for the start lobby, final lobby and special prices. All players will be start with 10 lives; if one player lose; all players will be lost a life. When all players get in 0 lifes, all players will have to be to start again. Good luck and enjoy it.


How to inport the world to Minecraft PE?


1. Download the ZIP file

2. Extract the file in the Download folder

3. Move the folder "Answer Correct Or You DEAD - MCM Tuber" from the Download folder to: "storarge/emulated/0/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds"

4. Open Minecraft PE, search the world, play and enjoy it!


1. Download the MCWorld file

2. Search the file "Answer Correct Or You Dead - MCM Tuber.mcworld" in the Download folder and click on (When you press the mcworld file, Minecraft PE will be open automatically).

3. Search the world, play and enjoy it!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 Discontinued / Outdated

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Installation Guides

AndroidiOSWindows 10

5 Responses

4.67 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. SpicyPatote2 says:

    Cool map, but last level was incorrect

  2. Minecraft player says:

    I love playing this map

  3. CaptainSparklezFan says:

    You mean Demonetized?

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