Ant-Man Add-on

This add-on adds a few new items to the game which are needed to turn into Ant-Man who is a well known superhero in the Marvel Universe. By using these new items you will be able to access several new abilities which otherwise would have been impossible. For example, by holding one of the items you will be able to shrink to ant size and while shrunk you will have access to several new powers such as immunity to fire.

Creator: Kiritocris55Twitter Account
Updated: 26 September, 2017 (read changelog)

How does it work?

Minitature Power (Arrow): The most essential features of them all is the Miniature Power. This is an item which when held in your hand (or off-hand) will turn your into a superhero ant (also known as Ant-Man).

  • Can be added to off-hand
  • Character shrinks
  • 3 damage per hit
  • Increased speed
  • Immune to fire
  • Ableto pass through 1 block height

As a shrunk person you will have some new abilities, and some of them bad, such less health but also good abilities like more agility.

Turn into Ant-Man simply by equipping the Miniature Power item. There’s no cooldown so you will be able to swiftly change between normal, giant and miniature mode within seconds.

Giant Power (Totem of Undying): As a giant Ant-Man you will have more strength related powers. For example, you will have an increasedattack damage and also immune to knockback resistance.

  • Can be added to the off-hand
  • Character becomes a giant
  • Attack damage: 35
  • Player walks slower
  • Immune to fire
  • Knockback resistance


There are two different ant pets and both of them will act in your defense if you ever get attacked. However, none of them will follow you or can be tamed. But you can use them for riding. You can equip the different arrows (totems) in order to shrink or become big while riding them.

You can control the pets by adding an item frame to the saddle slot.

Red Ant (Replaces Spider)

  • Normal
    • Hearts: 7.5
    • Attack damage: 5
    • Mountable
    • Chest inventory
    • Controlled by equipping the ant with a frame (in the saddle slot)
  • Giant
    • Health: 15
    • Attack damage: 20
    • Causes wither effect
    • Immune to fire and fall damage

Black Ant (Replaces Cave Spider)

  • Normal
    • Health: 7.5 hearts
    • Attack damage: 5
    • Mountable
    • Chest inventory
  • Small
    • Health: 2.5 hearts
    • Attack damage: 10
    • Causes with effect
    • Immune to fire and fall damage



Sword of Ant-Man (Bow):

  • 5 damage per arrow
  • 15 damage per hit
  • Immune to fire

Ant-Man’s Armor

  • All golden armors

Video Preview


  • Added two pet ants
  • Bug fixes


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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121 Responses

4.31 / 5 (60 votes)
  1. WIGGLY2008 says:

    how do u get the suit???

  2. MasterCZ Doge says:

    Behavior is undownloable

  3. Guy says:

    Go to MCPE Monster to get the resource pack if it doesn’t work here.

  4. HSNSN says:

    The resource pack says it has been claimed by google

  5. Keoth says:

    Hello,guys I just wanted to say that does this add-on work for mcpe plz. I really like this add-on

  6. Youtuber says:

    My friend multiplayer with all the time crash plss fixed it

  7. Autobotcj2006 says:

    Can you make the camera move along with shrinking and growing please

  8. Autothelorean says:

    Can you please add something to this godly add-on, for when you shrink and grow it should move the camera too

  9. soheil says:

    this addon is very cool but please add the wasp armor to it too!

  10. zackattack1009 says:

    how do you get the armer

  11. CalenderPuppy ( MC NAME ) says:

    Stupid dump google claimed it so I can’t get it

  12. Anonymous says:

    can you make the shrink and grow things work on mobs

  13. Autobotcj2006 says:

    For anyone who wants it but it says it is banned on google. You can download behaviour but not resource

  14. Crystan The Gamer says:

    i cant doanload the mod,its been blocked by google

  15. Zyldjan austria says:


  16. Hi says:

    I can’t get the recourse because google says it is restricted!

  17. Anonymous says:

    I can’t get the Recourse pack because google says it is restricted!

  18. Anonymous says:

    I can’t shrink!

  19. Anonymous says:

    I can’t change size dudes! 🙁

  20. ahmad says:

    how do u get big

  21. Salutations! Lol says:

    Nice addon and all, but every time I see those ants I just see the cooties from the cooties game XD

  22. GalaxyGalaxiaat says:

    Great addon! Its great! My device did not crash when i used it and it works perfectly! (Probably because i’m in 1.2)

    BTW why on the pet ants is there a small version of the ant? I see no way to make them small.

  23. Arthur says:

    How to buy this thing

  24. ociN says:

    Yellow jacket suit/boss maybe?

  25. Anonymous says:

    I never realized how similar English is to Spanish.

  26. Zaenuri says:

    I love this

  27. TeamShifted says:

    Fun fact: passive mobs like pigs will actually run away from you when you are big!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Add the wasp addon.

  29. Autobotcj2006 says:

    Somewhere in the top you said ableto instead of able to…good mod

  30. Roger Zhao says:

    How to activate the behavior mod? I just put all the file correctly, it shown in the game. But when i use miniature and giant power, nothing happen. Any suggest?

  31. Nolan says:

    You need to update the armor to civil war armor.

  32. Lewis says:

    you have the armor of the villain of ant man and also the weapons

  33. blackcat says:

    you only need to fix the view point

  34. Me says:

    Make it so you can jump higher and fit through fences and slabs.

  35. Ben 10 says:

    Add yellow jacket please. Make it so you can grow and shrink mobs like the Ant Man Mod For The PC edition.

  36. Azam says:

    I add that straight up I can’t shrink I can’t GROW

  37. Jaden says:

    I downloaded this add-on but for some reason I can’t transform but everything else is great!

  38. Fill says:

    This is the best day of my life

  39. Sam says:

    Great!!!! But please could you add custom names, If so 5/5!!!!!!

  40. 5tr4 says:

    Sort of works for the adventure map I’m working on , but at the same time doesn’t. The one block gap thing is crucial for it. However , for it , I need instead of immunity to fire , more vulnerable to fire. And I need slime blocks to not be bouncy when small. And cobwebs not slow down when small. And obsidian not able to be walked on (acts like there is blocks above the obsidian when there isnt). And I don’t want to be able to freely go from small to normal. Is there any way for somebody to make a variant of this addon that would work with the adventure map I’m making?

  41. WinsMaster2225 says:

    Hey i love this addon it’s amazing!

    Can you make a green arrow addon?

  42. Javier nicholas says:

    Can you make ben 10 addon ☺☺☺

  43. DeaTEM says:

    Can you add Yellow Jacket

  44. $tryker says:

    If this addon doesen’t work, then you eighter have a horrible device that doesen’t work well, or you aren’t playing on versions 1.2 and up. (Addon works good for IPad/IPhone versions 4 and up)

  45. Jasonbui 181822 says:

    Can u change the view of it plz so like if your little u see everything big and if your big u see everything small

  46. theawesomedude says:

    The game exits me when I try to load pack like I can put pa k in but when I try to play world it exits me from the game and is it because I’m on iOS 11 or is it just bad pack

  47. maisong says:

    Ableto pass through 1 block height. Able to*

  48. Hao wen says:

    Is this 1.2 beta only editor?

  49. AnonyBen says:

    Besides this add on doesn’t crash even on 1.2 it will just say ( Cannot Detect Change ) or something besides that
    Altogether this is an awesome add on as it changes a lot of game mechanics while maintaining it as an add on
    For those people who crashed, u probably need to upgrade ur 32 bit to 64 bit device 😜

  50. Cool_Rainbow001 says:

    Typo here increasedattack powers

  51. Jamal Cedric Jamon says:

    Cool addon but every time I go to my world crashes can you fix that pls☹️

  52. Gareth Koh says:

    Your file says it was catogarised in porn, how could I download the ant man mod?

  53. Anonymous says:

    Everyone is saying that it keeps on crashing. It is happening to me too, which is sad because I have always wanted to change my size without mods, so either make this work for 1.1.7 or put (1.2 only) in the title.

  54. Anonymous says:

    It crashes for me

  55. MigsPlayz says:

    It kept crashing on my device, pls fix!!

  56. OPOLO says:

    Make baby Addons too

  57. ChrisWj15 says:

    Great addon but sometimes the totem of undying and the arrow cannot be removed from the off hand

  58. Guy says:

    Please updated Ant – Man addon

  59. Jasonbui 181822 says:

    I keep glitching out

  60. Anonymous says:

    Yeah it always crashes my game when I use the behavior pack plz fix it! I really wanted this addon! 🙁

  61. Mia says:

    This is Rilly cool can you Fix it ITS CRASHING

  62. Examplator says:

    In this Addon, you said Minitature then you said Miniature. Fix the typo of ia and it.

  63. Më żęor says:

    It won’t work

  64. SizzleDude_YT says:

    Didn’t work for iOS =(

  65. Ryan says:

    Crashes upon making a world with it enabled,cool concept though.

  66. Lachlan says:

    Great add-on!

  67. EightPuma800181 says:

    it looks cool but pls update it so its useable in the 1.2 beta also! and pls make ant man shrink to the same size as the tiny player addon not the baby player addon

  68. Candygirl says:

    Love it but can you make a backpack addon not zip that replaces the chest plate

  69. Jake says:

    Im just starting to download it so if i have any bugs or glitches ill tell you

  70. Anonymous says:

    it crashed my game

  71. Nursik says:

    Good idea!

  72. Elxiir says:

    It keeps crashing for mine when I open my world with the resources for the add on I somehow crash

  73. Micheal says:

    Its really cool,but when i try to entrr a world i put it on,it just crashes

  74. Anonymous says:

    It glitches of minecraft every time I go on the world with the behavior on

  75. Noname says:

    Geez why u not say (1.2 only) i have 1.1

  76. Programmergirl 484 says:

    It does not work when I open a world on mcpe it shuts down 😢 how can I fix it

  77. TK-6606 says:

    Really cool

  78. ??????? says:

    It crashes all da time

  79. Anonymous says:

    Hey I really wanted this addon but the behavior pack made me crash every time i open my world plz fix that 🙁

  80. Anonymous says:

    Hey I really wanted this addon but the behavior pack made me crash plz fix that 🙁

  81. ItzYaBoyShadow says:

    why doesn’t it work on iOS:(

  82. Ender says:

    Crashes game for iOS its not on android again…right?

  83. Kylorenn2000 says:

    Every time I try to load the addon In a world it crashes. Any suggestions on how to fix it?

  84. Anonymous says:

    For some reason I keep crashing when I try to load the addon in a world. Any suggestions on how to fix it?

  85. butt says:

    it works grate its pretty much just like the shrink mod

  86. Anonymous says:

    Yeah though, I tied to use this addon in 1.1.7 and it continuously caused my game to crash and deleted the worlds I applied these packs to. It even started to cause my game to crash even when I was just on the title screen though the crashes stopped once I deleted the packs from my storage folder thankfully. please update the title or let us know that it doesint work for 1.1.7!!! Still an awesome looking addon though nice job

  87. Therix says:

    I always wanted this but i didnt expect this to happen! So thank god, for this addon creator!!!

  88. Anonymous says:

    This looks like a really cool addon, though I tested it and it doesint seem to work on version 1.1.7 of mcpe I think that this addon was created to work with 1.2 wich IOS users dont have yet so could you please put (1.2 only) in the title? Because of the way apple releases updates to apps they don’t allow us to participate in beta’s so I’d be nice to know wich addons I can download and wich ones I can’t. Thanks!

  89. Størm says:

    Bless this creator XD
    I’ve been waiting for this…

  90. PickPlzCreeper84 says:


  91. August says:

    This is stupid. I like the idea, and sooooooo badly wanted it. Then, it crashed on all my devices. Make it possible to use!!!!!!!!!👿👿👿👿👿👿

  92. DinoDude says:

    First. Amazing addon

  93. Ng Jia Sun says:

    Wow, can you make drones add-on i want it. 🙂

  94. maisong says:

    The Addon seems very cool but it exits my game when I add the behavior pack. Uggh

  95. FireBoy123 says:

    Oh yeah and it’s a really cool addon too 👍🏻

  96. FireBoy123 says:

    Hey In the picture where he was in the wheat he used the seed -1 I know that seed like the back of my hand

  97. Anonymous says:

    Spectator mode?

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