Anti X-Ray Addon (Realms)

This addon is useful for Realms owners who want it better protected against players who are using X-Ray cheats or coordinates. The server protection is considered highly reliable since it has been tested with some of the most common X-Ray and coordinates addons. Hopefully some more protections (e.g. grief protection) could be added in the future.

Creator: URNR, Twitter Account

How does it work?

By setting the resource pack as required players who join will be required to download and use the server protection resource pack in order to play on your Realms server. This basically prevents the functionality of any X-Ray or coordinates addons.

You can find a detailed install guide further down on this page.

If you find any bugs please make sure to report it in the comments so that the developer can provide a fix.


This guide is assuming you want to install the pack for a Realms server.

  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Open Minecraft PE
  3. Select the option to create a new world (or download the existing Realms world and edit it)
  4. Activate the resource pack for the world
    1. Select the checkbox for “Require players to accept resource packs to join”
  5. Create the world (‘Play’)
  6. Exit the world
  7. Edit the Realms server (in Minecraft PE)
  8. Click “Replace World” and select the world which you previously created
  9. Done!

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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42 Responses

4.11 / 5 (19 votes)
  1. ArchninjaMcpe says:

    Its good for like ios players that uses texture packs For xray but it cant stop people from just using real hack client this can only prevent xray texture packs

  2. RomanMender says:

    Delete the text folder in the zip then change the .zip to a .mcpack file to turn show coowardinets on this is preventing hackers that have show coowardentates on when not wanted

    Sorry for grammer

  3. Anonymous says:

    Are there more pics

  4. DaBrookePlayz says:

    I wish it wouldn’t mess up my coordinates

  5. AlastoroidTNC says:

    Please update this texture pack to latest version.

  6. E says:

    since this resource pack exists, i would rather not do realms than have someone that uses it or use it myself.

  7. EndLord says:

    Cool! No more cheating on my realm!

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. Alex_08232 says:

    Can you still use other texture packs without putting them on the realm?

  10. Poricraft says:

    I want to use this add-on on a certain server, is it OK

  11. XxBenj27xX says:

    Hang on, does this give you a free realm???

  12. xXOmeaga99Xx says:

    Does this work for vpn or lan hosting?
    I host a mcpe world using omlet arcade.

  13. MCPEDistrict says:

    Hmm…It should work.

  14. Cole Taylor says:

    Coordinates aren’t cheating.

  15. URNR says:

    Hi, this is author of this pack.
    For people who don’t want to block coordinate, I separeted x-ray blocking function and coordinate block function.
    Sorry for inconvinience.

  16. TotallyNotLamentOffLine says:

    I’m sure one of these resource packs is already in existance but eh, i’ll let it pass. Probabky better to habe a recent one if the other is forgotten and left in the dust.

  17. pom6universe says:

    no but you are. at least I don’t watch whatever your profile pic is (amime but the perverted kind)

  18. Zero_h says:


  19. LuckyLachie says:

    Editors can you add a speed addon for apple iPads please it would be really helpful for getting around my survival world

  20. Hellooo says:

    I get it I like that it takes away X-ray but why coords? The coords are helpful if someone is lost and does not want to lose anything then they can say the coords to spawn. Can you update it and take away it removing the coords pack please. Or make a separate one.

  21. pom6universe says:

    can you not make an anti x-ray or cords. like I said x-ray has saved me and others from our friends being taken away or our reputation being destroyed. I know people use it in a bad way but people (me) will always use it for good. plz don’t take away my proof and the only way to get that proof

  22. IoIZambie says:

    anti coords pack
    coords is the one thing that keeps me sane in minecraft…
    can u make a version with just anti x-ray but keep the coords?
    it would save me the time looking through plug pe servers that don’t have anti coordinates

  23. pom6universe says:

    I use this texture packs to spot hackers and raiders!!! that means the wrong person will get banned or life ruined if they don’t have proof, If I don’t have proof. plz take this down, there are a lot of people who get blamed and friends taken away and x-ray has saved me and others. I would make it worth while if you do take it down

    • Editor says:

      As long you don’t use this pack for your Realms you won’t have any problems.

      • pom6universe says:

        yea but others can still use this and people troll the most on realms

        plz I beg of you to take this down. you have no idea how much of an advantage your giving hackers

        • Editor says:

          But this is meant to prevent people from hacking (using cheats like the x-ray). Can you please explain how that is bad?

          • pom6universe says:

            but now no one can spot them and x-ray will spot particles (invisibility) and to see them thru walls and floors. if x-ray is removed then you are giving them a advantage as no one will be able to spot them. I use this for good and your taking this good away. who cares if people use it to find ores or dougeons that just means they are noobs. I help and report with proof and iv lost a lot of friends without x-ray when hackers just said I was one and I never had proof. you have to understand it hard to stop them and x-ray makes it easyer. please help us and don’t remove the x-ray. there and more people that use it for good than for bad

          • ALinuxLover says:

            From my understanding, he uses x-ray hacks/packs to see hackers… Realms aren’t like servers, you can kick hackers off!

          • n00bz says:

            Well,people who download this resource pack and set it in global resources,then override it with the resource pack will be able to bypass it.

          • NBT says:

            Pom3universe you don’t have to use the pack…

  24. Enderman PE Official says:

    You know what, I found another solution. This solution can prevent from user to use any resource pack. Extract the vanilla resource pack from MCPE using APK Editor app then paste those folder into resource pack folder. Open Minecraft and choose the world you wanted to protect and tap edit world (pen/pencil button) then there should be Resource Pack button under ‘Add-Ons’ text. Tap that and tap the arrow button on ‘vanilla’ and make sure to check Require Player to join

  25. Enderman PE Official says:

    Finally, a disable pack for xray resource pack

  26. KingJeff314 says:

    Does it prevent people from using their own textures?

  27. Cryptixz says:

    Hey Editor can you please find a texture pack that reduces lag, I’ve been experiencing a lot of problems in the new update (e.x: when I open my settings in-game it crashes) I really need it.

    • Brian38 says:

      I don’t think that’s possible but still possible. (The solution is: Lower your Render Distance, Turn off Fancy Grapics, or Delete Worlds or Addons that causes you lag. I hope this helped)

    • SuperMine says:

      With the new update so have I I’ve also being experiencing some lag and crashes in the new update it’s not the addon/modpes it’s just the update and there is probably no addon or modpes to change the lag unless there is ways of forcing it like it was in previous updates. 1 of the ways I got the constant crashes to stop was to close the app and reopen it

  28. bonin888 says:

    Ah yes.. but this won’t work for hackers. They can force the game to show entities through walls without resource packs. There must be a way to stop the hackers.

    • NBT says:

      Nothing can consistently work against hackers except a full disconnect from any and all Internet connections, and that only works for guarding a computer or information.

  29. MCPELizzy says:

    Wow! Thanks now i can keep my realm safe!!!!

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