Ants Add-on

The Ants Add-on changes the spiders to turn into much weaker insects. In that sense it’s a great option for anyone who want some realism added to their game. But it also works nicely for anyone who want to more easily survive the nights as you won’t have to fight off any giant spiders anymore.

Creator: Malachismash, Twitter Account

These little guys look similar to red ants but it’s in fact cave spiders. If it wasn’t for their eight legs it would be hard to tell the difference. This mod makes cave spiders smaller, more slow and weaker. You only need to hit them two times (using no weapons) to kill them.


The normal spider is slightly larger than the red ants (or cave spiders). Due to its size it’s also a little bit stronger. For example, it can be hit three times before being killed.


iOS / Android / Windows 10?
1. Click here to download resource pack .mcpack
2. Click to download behavior pack .mcpack
3. Don’t forget to apply the packs for a world in-game

Download .ZIP:


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15 Responses

4.33 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. Hm says:

    Stop complaining atleast you now have right sized spiders

  2. Nobody says:

    Everyones complaining about a problem that you cant see very well. Come on guys! Its hard to tell they have 8 legs!

  3. Amxn says:

    That’s not Ants they have 8 legs and not 6 rename this “Spiders” no ?

  4. Subhasis says:

    What the hell it have 8 legs and ants have 6?!!!??

  5. Dan says:

    Um I try to spawn a bunch of red ants
    1 they don’t move
    2 sometimes skeletons spawn

  6. MCPEDLlover says:

    Guys, does anyone notice that the red ants don’t move AT ALL!!!!! PLEASE FIX.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is stupid like 8 legs…

  8. fishyboopkins says:

    does poison effect is removed from the cave spider (bad)

  9. memelord sean says:

    ‘little more realistic’
    Ants have 6 legs not 8
    C’mon guys rly?

  10. MINECRAFTPRO says:

    Well I got to say it’s quite awesome wait what am I saying it’s Fantastic

  11. Mr1604 says:

    THIS WORKS 4 IOS and is amazing!!!

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