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Published on September 14, 2019 (Updated on July 13, 2020)

ANTS! Addon

What could be better than ANTS? Just about anything I guess. BUT what about ants that are tameable, ridable, and adorable? Yes, different story now isn't it! Your wish (as long is it's a wish for tameable, ridable, and adorable ants) is our command.

These are the best things ever. Well, top 10 at least. Top 15...?

Soooo, what do you need to know about these cool critters....

  • Find them mainly in deserts, but plains and savanna also hold hope.
  • The smaller ants can't be tamed but can certainly kill you; the tiny ants are weaker but faster and their sting is nasty. Red and brown ants are neutral (if you're not a pillager!) unless you attack them first.
  • The tameable ants are larger and have a green marking on their back
  • You can ride the tameable ants! Sit on them until they love you and add a saddle. You can also add diamond horse armor (ants don't like the other ones).
  • They can fit through a 1x1 gap. You should see these babies tackle jungles and dense forests.
  • Heal them with sugar, apples, melons, glistening melons.
  • All ants love to eat wasps
  • All ants can sting
  • Ants won't attack ants. Not even if you ask nicely.
  • This list is getting big (this point is optional)
  • They'll never be as fast as the fastest horses, or jump as high as the jumpiest (is that even a word?)
  • Sit them by sneaking when you right-click on them / tap the 'sit' button.

Adding diamond armor to your nice little ant does these things:

  • Makes them look super cool
  • Removes all fall damage
  • Removes most (all, maybe) melee damage (skeletons, withers, witches, blazes, etc are still a very real threat)

To the merry youtubers out there, if you do a review/showcase, thank you! Please link back to *this page* on mcpedl. Cheers!

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  • Improved sit animation
  • Added some colorful (rare) variants including one dyeable variant
  • Confirmed working with 1.16


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4.82 / 5 (22 votes)
Hi, love the addon great work! Just a very quick question, as you said the ants love wasps how do you spawn them?
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The ants ? ?
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Please make a Godzilla character mod. Mod = Add-on - 4874 mobs.
Please add all the characters from Godzilla 2014/2019 and add Biolante , Destroyah , and Shinomura. Please I know it will take a while but you will not regret it. Please.
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Overall pretty good. Even the armor looks good. But there is 2 key things that make me go hmm. 1. They are pretty nasty creatures, but they don’t drop much loot. That’s the other thing why do they like to eat pillagers but not vindicators? Well the second reason is no exp orbs. Overall good if your looking to use this in creative.
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Ants look great, but could you add some more details?
1.Ants should eat food that falls to the ground, like foxes, (and also steal your diamonds and emeralds, but you would recover them by giving them food in combination with your things)
2.You should add an anthill and add ant larvae (large ants will attack you if you get too close to their long ones, similar to how a polar bear attacks you when you get too close to their young)
3.The ants should attack those who are not of their race (red ants vs. black ants)
4.Ants are very easy to tame (you should make it more complicated)
5.Ants should work as a team (like wolves, you attack one, everyone else will defend you)
6.Ants should attack other types of arthropods (spiders, cave spiders, sliverfish, endermites, bees)
With all these features, this add-on would be great (and they are things that are possible in the ai of minecraft bedrock mobs)
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AntVenom will love this addon for sure!
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Make an ant queen boss and cave ants that attack u and spiders in caves and maybe add scropions next and forest deer and camels
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Can u make a cave variant too that is mainly hostile that would be cool maybe red ants
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Unspeakable is here at MCPEDL!
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Thank you so much for 1.13. This addon is the best.
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Amazing Addon but I have one request! Please for the love of Pete make it so when your tamed ant is attacking mobs for you they are fast enough to actually get to them. A zombie can actually out run your tamed ant...
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Yeah fair comment Krabby. Definitely worth doing, this annoys me too. (Didn't realise how much though until I read your comment haha.)
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I think an ant queen boss would be neat
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Omg those ants look sooo cute like ants in Minecraft change the game so much
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Thanks Foxyrocks. Our favorite addon, for sure. Well, my favorite addon.
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Add a poisonous ant
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