Apocalypse Addon (+More Realistic Minecraft)

This Addon adds a few new thinks to your world, which make it harder to survive, but also a bit more realistic.
The idea is it, that there was a nuclear catastophe a now the most of all other people are zombies and you are one of the last survivors.

(You can play this addon in multiplayer)

How to install

First of all add the function to your world.
Then type in your ingame chat /function install

You will get a structure block and the same short following instruction (and it makes some other settings for the functions, so it`s necessary to run it one time at the beginning):
1. place the structure block
2. turn it into Load
3. type in engine
4. click on Load

This will load a little structure and the Addon will automatically start and run (don`t place light sources near the structure, so that the light sensor can work right).

If you installed the addon already in a world with one of the previous versions, please also destroy the old structure and place the new one again, because I had to improve it too (the new structure is also named “engine”). To do this, disable command blocks, go to gamemode creative, destroy the old structure, place the new one with a structure block and enable command blocks again.

What is added

  • at the beginning you get some start equipment

  • temperature and thirst
    (used from these creators, but improved: Temperature    Thirst)

    > if thirst is too low you get negative effects (and no positive effects anymore when filled), so it has to be refilled from time to time by standing in any water block or a cauldron with water

    in a desert or in the nether  you have to quench your thirst more often
    if you are infected with the virus, the thirst goes low very fast

    > if temperature is too high or too low you also get negative effects

    temperature goes high:
    lit furnace
    lit blast furnace
    lit smoker
    sand/red sand
    magma stone
    lava/flowing lava
    blocks in the nether (netherrack, soul sand, soul soil, blackstone, …)
    soul campfire
    soul lantern
    soul torch
    soul fire
    if you are infected with the virus

    temperature goes low:
    snow/snow layer
    ice/packed ice/ blue ice
    at night
    in caves
    while a blizzard (blizzard see below)

    temperature goes to optimum:
    water/flowing water
    cauldron with water
    in a registered house (registered houses see below)

  • radioactive rain
    Sometimes there is radioactive rain which gives you some positive and some negative effects, but you are safe in caves, in the nether, in the end, in deserts and in a registered house.
  • blizzard
    They only appear if you are in a snowy terrain for a longer time, but then they can spread out in every other biome.
    They lower your temperature drastically and you are only safe in caves, under water, in the nether, in the end and in a registered house.
  • fog
    Every morning there is a possibility that fog appears (can`t appear in the end, in the nether, in deserts, in caves, under water and in registered houses).
    Fog isn`t as dangerous as blizzards, because it has no effect on your temperature or anything else, but it restricts your view.
  • hunger
    every morning you get hunger for a few seconds
  • pigs and piglins
    all pigs and piglins are transformed into zombiefied piglins
  • hoglins
    all hoglins are transformed into zoglins
  • horses
    all horses are transformed into zombie horses
  • zombies
    all villager are now zombie villager
    > all zombies, zombie villager, husks and drowned are faster, more powerfull and can`t burn
    > If you sleep too late at night, at the same night or at the next day there appears a zombie villager/husk/drowned (depends on the biome you are) horde near you with at least on leader. After you killed the leader you get some positive effects.
  • pillager
    Pillager represent survivor, which attack other survivor (the player) when they meet them. Because of this there sometimes appears a pillager horde near you (they also have a leader).
  • virus
    Because of the nuclear catastrophe there is a new virus, which spreads out from time to time. It is transferable through the air in a specific radius from zombies, zombie villagers, husks, drowneds, chickens, cows and sheeps to the player and can kill the player (only if you can`t heal enough). To avoid the virus, keep enough distance to the transmitters or kill them.
    > causes some effects, temperature goes high, thirst goes low
  • houses
    There are a few buildings registered as houses. In this houses you are safe from temperature, (fog, blizzards,) radioactive rain and mobs.
    For this houses I partly used my own Travel Base Function Pack.
    I used Version 3 and added the normal simple tent, the caravan, the desert tent, the garden hut, the igloo, the jungle tent and the modern tent to this function.
    Attention: don`t run both functions (travel base and apocalypse) in one world at the same time. This could crash one of them. The reference to the travel base function pack is only in this text, to show you how to activate/spawn these houses.
  • ghost lights
    > Ghost Lights are new mobs. which have no real significance, they were just an idea and i think they are really cool. They look a bit like vexes, but have no sword, some particles, a bit other texture, can`t fly through blocks and make some mysterious noises (they sound like ghasts, blazes, vexes, phantoms, soul particles or a nether portal).
    > can spawn in forests, mushroom biomes, savannas, swamps, plains and in the nether (except in basalt deltas).
    > attack damage: 1, health: 10
    > in a radius of 5 blocks they cause a player slowness, weakness, mining fatigue and lower the temperature; in a radius of 2 blocks they cause wither
  • fireflies
    Here you need an extra addon called Firefly Addon.
    It isn´t really necessary but you can add this addon also to your world.
    So you would have a completely new mob and I also added some effects you get when you are near to such a firefly.
  • death counter + death coordinates
    You can turn it on/off at the structure you have to load at the beginning
    or type in your chat /scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar death_counter   (on)
    or /scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar   (off).
    The coordinates will only be shown 3 times after a death (and if the scoreboard is turned on at the structure).
    If you only turn the scoreboard on/off at the structure everything works and everything will be shown/not shown.
    But if you turn the scoreboard on at the structure and turn it off with the chat it will be shown after the next death again (deaths + coordinates) and if you turn it off at the structure and turn it on with the chat only the deaths will be shown (and not the coordinates).

Please write a comment if you think something doesn`t work or if you have an idea what I could add to this function (for example some nice extensions to other mobs).

I hope you enjoy playing this function. 🙂

Changelog View more
  • added linkvertise-link because it was much work to get the addon to this point

  • added new structure
  • added death coordinates
  • fixed bug with the fog
  • adjusted the temperature speed
  • fog and blizzard should now work
  • ghost light effects r=5/r=2 instead of r=10
  • virus: temperature goes high and thirst goes low
  • updated structure
  • removed fog and blizzard in version 2 because of too many bugs (try to fix them and make a complete version)

  • fixed bug that you can`t use cauldron in the nether
  • adjusted thirst and temperature (time for decreasing/increasing)
  • added vindicator in pillager raids
  • added death counter
  • added ghost light
  • pigs > zombiefied piglins
    piglins > zombiefied piglins
    hoglin > zoglin
    horses > zombie horses


If you installed the addon already in a world with one of the previous versions, please also destroy the old structure and place the new one again, because I had to improve it too (the new structure is also named "engine"). To do this, disable command blocks, go to gamemode creative, destroy the old structure, place the new one with a structure block and enable command blocks again.


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20 Responses

4 / 5 (1 vote)
  1. Rando Human says:

    Really fun addon but how long is the virus supposed to last? I got infected and I’ve been stuck with it for two irl days. Is there a way to get rid of it?

  2. Keenokyrene says:

    Great addon it works love it thanks I did everything and it work

  3. Leo312 says:

    I am using apple iPhone and every time I load the structure, it lags my device very badly, pls fix this

  4. KMTrager says:

    Btw I would create a better add-on soon with more catastrophic disasters 😎 than this which means it adds more volcanic disasters, tsunamis, earthquakes, pandemics or epidemics, man made disasters, asteroids, comets, meteorites, etc the add-on would be called the Global Catastrophic risk. Btw this add-on is good do you have discord server

  5. actually I still wanted to update the function untill today. unfortunately i did not have enough time and for personal reasons i will only have time in a few weeks to fix other errors .
    if anyone finds any other bugs in the meantime, feel free to write a comment, but please be patient. thank you

  6. Guest-6240933330 says:

    I am so CONFUSED about how to use the tents

  7. Guest-9639193513 says:

    Its a cool mod, but something doesn’t seem right. Its been foggy for five days straight, so I can barely leave my house. Not only that, but there’s nothing around me with a virus and I keep getting debuffs. I just died in my hardcore playthrough because I can’t go anywhere and random wither debuff 🙁

  8. Guest-2520118984 says:

    Very cool addon! My friends and I are having some fun with this.
    But one question, is it intentional that I can’t quench my thirst with a cauldron filled with water in the nether? Being unable to rehydrate + being thirsty in like 2 minutes makes it very hard to stay in the nether.

  9. Guest-1216028726 says:

    Not working when I press load it does nothing

  10. Guest-6799365052 says:

    hay un prolema ya que tiene un rango minimo de activacion

  11. TBNFrags2008 says:


  12. Guest-1841276416 says:

    Looks legit. Sound legit. Is legit.

  13. Guest-7091651386 says:

    Good addon
    I have an Idea. What if you add a survivors? Make them Tameable with Iron ingot and make them can using weapon like Sword and Bow for protect itself and the player (Only if the Survivor is Tamed). And make them spawn in group with one Leader.And if the leader is tamed,all group is tamed.
    Please update

  14. Guest-7642128640 says:

    This is actually really cool bro 👌
    Waiting for this to be a big modpack based on zombie apocalypse

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