Apocalyptic Rain (Survival Friendly Challenge Pack) Addon

Fire rains from the sky as the world corrupts around you. This function pack/addon challenges you to survive in a world where it rains fire and as the world becomes more apocalyptic as you play. There is a lot of customisation in the settings – for example, you can make it only rain fire.

(Note: The custom shaders used in these images are not included in the pack download and are not made by me. You can find it on MCPEDL here:

This short showcase video sums up all the features of the pack. Recommend you give it a watch:

Here are some screenshots of what it looks like in-game after installing this addon. Take note of the fire particles from the sky and the changes to the environment:

Forests burn down: (Global warming ‘n that)

Deserts get turned to endstone:

Flame particle rain from the sky and when they land they place the fire and corrupt the surrounding hit area.:

Looks pretty in the sky!

Stone gets turned to cobblestone and mossy cobblestone.

Villages get destroyed very quickly and the grass becomes court dirt and path blocks.

To prevent lag in Jungles when the fire hits leaves it only remove the leaves. As jungles as so dense, it can cause lag quite quickly. Logs still burn.

This addon can be added to any world as world generation isn’t changed. All the changes happen as fire rains from the sky. The longer you are in one area the worse the apocalyptic terrain will get.

There are 2 downloadable packs: A Night Mode and the Default Pack

Night mode makes it so the world is always night. This adds a darker atmosphere and a bigger challenge to the game!

There is also the default pack which does not make it always night.

Both of these packs also have settings to determine how often fire falls and if the world should get “corrupted” when it lands. Click the gear icon on the behaviour pack.

The following options are given ranging from low (5 raindrops per second) to intense (20 raindrops per second). Intense with all changes is the default. Mobile devices may choose the lower options for the sake of performance.

I’d recommend a Medium mode as a good choice if you are unsure what your device can handle.

A note on credits/redistribution:

Please do not redistribute this addon without permission from me! Feel free to use all of my addons in whatever but do not claim them as your own and please give appropriate credit ideally linking to my YouTube or MCPDL profile. Thank you! (the number of sites which steal your creations is mental!)

Support me and stay updated by checking out my social media?

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Feel free to join my Discord where you will be able to see the development process of my projects and have access to all download links directly to MediaFire:

Discord Link (Recommended)

Feedback is really appreciated and I will do my best to engage in such conversations on my discord or in the comments of this addon.

Changelog View more
  • Updated the MCPDL thumbnail to say 1.16+ instead of 1.14+
  • Ensured all is working in 1.16!
  • Changed pack icon
  • Changed MCPDL thumbnail
  • Added description to behaviour packs in the game
  • Fixed the mobile download not being available
  • Moved video to the top as it best 
  • Fixed order of description on MCPDL page
  • Fixed some grammatical typos
  • Added showcase video to MCPDL page
  • Fixed typo in description
  • Updated downloads to fix an issue with one of the packs not working

Version 1.0.3

  • Rain falls closer to the ground to reduce the number of entities present in a world at one time
  • Instead of rain happening for "every player" - which can cause a lot of entities in multiplayer - a random player is selected each time. This does mean if 2 people are on each will experience half as much TNT if they are in different areas  - but it's an optimisation which is very worthwhile for performance
  • Minor tweaks to make function files slightly more efficient

This version should run significantly better than the previous version.

  • Updated downloads (no more Adfly) and moved to MediaFire
  • Updated supported versions
  • Updated documentation of MCPEDL page to explain downloading better as well as fixing minor grammatical errors


  • Click on the link
  • Download
  • Import into Minecraft (there are many tutorials online, so have a google if unsure :D)

Alternatively, you can join my discord and you will have access to all the downloads for all my creations! Discord Link


Supported Minecraft versions


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36 Responses

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  1. Guest-6903082386 says:

    For some reason it’s not working for me, I followed your instructions but it’s just doing nothing. I used both packs as well. I am on console I used every function. I know it’s probably my fault but I’ve used some different addons you made such as arrows destroying terrain and that one worked fine. Also I love that addon I know it’s simple but it adds a whole new mechanic into the game.

    • Scommander says:

      Glad to hear that the other ones are working. I’ve had a few people report that nothing happens with this one, but I’ve also had many who have said it has worked fine. You shouldn’t need to use every function, it should just start working as soon as you join a world. I’ve tried to identify the problem but I simply cannot work out what is going wrong. My only guess is that maybe console has a mob cap which is stopping more rain from being summoned? Really sorry but I’m not sure what I can do to fix this especially as I don’t have a console to test it on. Think you might need to give this add-on a miss, but *cough* check out my other recent addons *cough* 🙂

  2. Guest-7067832477 says:

    I can’t understand where to put files

  3. Guest-4581533270 says:

    Bruh i can’t understand how to download it(i tried to search the internet)

  4. Guest-6058066220 says:

    How do I get this thing to work does it hat to be night I used all 5 commands and it’s not working do I hat to put it in a command block

  5. Guest-5594798256 says:

    Just so you know, I couldn’t go into the Nether. Is there a reason for that, or is it just lag?

  6. Guest-9035141062 says:

    how did you get the cats to fall from the sky, and what about cats in villages?

    • Scommander says:

      A named cat is spawned at each player, a spread players command is run, then they teleport 30 blocks up and when they land the function detects it. Cats in villages shouldn’t be affected as the cats which fall are named and it checks for the name “spread_fire_stand” I think. So unless you name a cat that everything will work as intended. Even if you do name a cat that, all that will happen is “rain” will fall at that position. Does this make sense? 😀

  7. Guest-9850257769 says:

    do you need experimental gameplay to use it

  8. Guest-9073036414 says:

    Could you make a infinite apocalypse mod like a world with dead trees and dart everywhere and and sand and other stuff not good whater.

  9. Guest-4306152007 says:

    its not letting me download due to anti virus could you make another link please?

    • Scommander says:

      I’ve decided I’m going to move away from Adfly for many reasons. As stated at the bottom of the description you can join my discord for all the download links to all my creation 🙂
      Adfly probably wasn’t the best idea to begin with as the payrate is terrible and it has some sketchy ads… But yeah Discord for links until I update this post (should hopefully be within the next 3 days as I have a documentation update waiting right now, but after that, I’ll be able to edit it). Thanks for your feedback!

  10. Anonymous says:

    This is going to be insane. Im gonna speedrun minecraft with this function.

  11. Guest-2726023402 says:

    bro your complement can serve me a lot for my series, the apocalypse would come and everything would be destroyed, you are good but a recommendation I recommend that you take one that snow all over the map and that it is infinite at night it would be like the sun is exhausted and the cold is so strong that animals disappear and ladians die would be very good since we would use my series to go back in time

  12. Guest-6874798182 says:

    bro tu complemento me puede servir mucho para mi serie, el apocalipsis llegaria y todo serio destruido, eres bueno pero una recomendación te recomiendo agas uno que nieve portodo el mapa y que sea de noche infinita seria como el sol sea extiguido y el frio es tan fuerte que desaparecen animales y mueren ladianos seria muy bueno ya mi serie la usariamos para regresar en el tiempo

  13. Guest-4818836843 says:

    This is probably because of my trash iPad, but I had all my setting down, and it was still so laggy it was impossible to play

    • Scommander says:

      Really sorry to hear that. The way it works is invisible cats which are summoned and teleported into the sky and they fall and place fire and change blocks when they die. I could look at a “minimal” setting where it’s like 2 per second. The issue with that is it would take ages for anything noticeable to happen. Each bit of fire which is falling is an entity. It can build lag quite fast I guess if your system isn’t the strongest.

      Possible idea: I could make an option where you won’t get to see the particle froms the sky but fire still appears. As there are quite a few entities falling at any moment. Maybe this made sense maybe not, but I’ll look to improve the efficiency 🙂

  14. Guest-6474588884 says:

    Pls do a Acid rain where it gives you poison just like in eystreems scary survival series season 2 pls

  15. Guest-7302843407 says:

    a.k.a. Meteor Showers

  16. Scommander says:

    Hello there! I have moved to using Adfly links for my downloads. If Adfly refuses to work all downloads are available on my Discord – which you should totally join anyway *cough*. I will be uploading a video demonstrating how to get past Adfly if you have issues. I have also had issues in the past with it but I recently found a fix which seems to work.

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