Aquatic++ Add-on

Have you ever thought that Minecraft Oceans have been boring even with the aquatic update? You see an ocean monument very rarely, but the guardians aren’t that much of a challenge. BUT with this addon you can have a more dangerous ocean.

With this addon, you can find sharks, whales, and 2 new bosses. Also, they spawn naturaly so you can find them in survival without cheats.


Great White

The Great White Shark, is pretty big and strong. It has 100 health. It spawns in oceans near dolphins and are hostile against players. The best part about all these sharks is that you no longer need to fish. The sharks eat all the fish in the ocean! 🙂 And Whales 🙁

Predators: Orca

Prey: Fish, Whales, Salmon, Cod, Players

Side View

Top View

Realistic Edition Texture

Side View

Top View

Hammer Head

The Hammer Head Shark, is a bit smaller and has less health than the Great White. It has 60 health. They live along side the bigger Great White.

Predators: Orca

Prey: Fish, Whales, Salmon, Cod, Players

Side View

Top view

Realistic Edition Texture

Side View

Top View


The Tiger Shark is a lot smaller than the other sharks. It has less health (50 health) They live near puffer fish. 

Predators: Orca

Prey: Fish, Whales, Salmon, Cod, Players

Side View

Top View

Blue Whales

The Blue Whale is huge! And spawns in warm oceans. It has 100 health. It’s pretty cute too. 🙂

Predator: All types of sharks and Aquatitan, Seaserpent

Prey: None

Side View

Top View

Realistic Edition Texture

Side View

Top View



The Seaserpent is a huge monster that will try to destroy you at all costs. It has loads of health and is nearly impossible to KILL! It spawns occasionally near tiger sharks

Health: 250

Predator: None

Prey: Players, and All kinds of fish.

Side View (Currently there’s a glitch with texture)

Top View


The Aquatitan is a humongous monster that lives alongside the Great Seaserpent. BUT this titan has a lot more health and is much much MUCH bigger.

Health: 500

Predator: NONE (What do you expect)

Prey: Players (DUH) Every single types of fish (DUHHH)

Side View

Top View


The Orca is a hostile mob that will try to eat you. Sadly there is currently a glitch that it kills all mobs in one hit. (SO IT CAN KILL AQUATITAN EASILY… NOT GOOD) BUT… you can tame it with raw fish. Upon taming you will be able to ride it!!! (Not Controllable

Health 100

Predator: None

Prey: Player, All sharks, All fish.

Side View

Top View


The narwhal is a cute creature… but don’t be fooled this mob will eat you at all costs. (Sadly has same glitch as Orca)

Health 100

Predator: None

Prey: Player, all sharks, all fish

Side View (Looks pretty cute right… WRONG)


New Mobs

Ice Shark

The Ice Shark is a much more powerful version of the great white shark. AND when it attacks you receive the effect Slowness.

Health: 250

Predator: Orca

Prey: Player, Fish, Whale

Realistic Texture:

Side View

Top View


Side View

Top View

New Mobs

Magma Head
The Magma Head is a much more powerful version of the Hammer Head shark. AND when it attacks you instantly die.
Health: 250
Predator: Orca
Prey: Player, Fish, Whale
Realistic Texture:
Side View
Top View
Side View
Top View


All those youtubers that want to review this addon, just copy and paste the credits:

By LegitDragonb0y



Changelog View more

Changed UUID for those saying it doesn't work. Added new arctic mobs!!

Added the new realistic edition, I recommend using that version with a shader pack. Also added credit to copy and paste for those youtubers wanting to showcase/review my addon. Currently the ice sharks don't spawn naturaly

Added tameable orcas!!!!!! (It was already added before this update but i kept forgetting to mention it.)

Re Wrote everything. Also added new magmahead shark super dangerous



Also, Either Use the Realistic Edition Texture or just the normal one.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 (beta) 1.9

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118 Responses

4.41 / 5 (54 votes)
  1. Abesatya47 says:

    After you make magmahead in december add cristmas shark very cool an in january now the boss add the mosasaurus

  2. Kevin says:

    No me aparece ningun tiburon u_u

  3. Mohammad gaming says:

    Please add the sperm whale

  4. LACHLYN270 says:

    yo can you please make a megalodon please

  5. Anonymous says:

    Works perfectly

  6. billeyzambie says:

    yo why did you steal my code?

  7. awsemfam says:

    make the seaserpent animation more realistic (i mean like sea snake when swimming), it would be cool!

  8. Anonymous says:

    muy buen addon. x fin tiburones realistas. eres el mejor

  9. Anonymous says:

    muy buen addon no tuve ningún error y es muy bueno x fin hay tiburones con buena textura y sin q reemplace ningún otro animal. Eres muy bueno haciendo addon eres el mejor

  10. TheDiamondFalYT says:

    Btw you the narwals preys are incorrect because sharks kills narwals and they dont kill humans they can only eat small fishes and shrimps

  11. TheDiamondFalYT says:

    Can you create megalodon
    Prey:Orcas Whales Players Other fishes

  12. CreeperPGN says:

    Can you pls add Greenfins and Redspines
    Greenfins : Moderate health and damage, Attack with spears, can throw nets
    Redspines : Throw spears and have high health and damage

  13. davi says:

    baby Shark doo doo doo

  14. Thejambastionlord says:

    The ice shark literally does not exist in my Addons for some reason help me

  15. Anonymous says:

    Please add more mobs

  16. Ken says:

    Please add. Nurse Sharks! It is a much smaller shark. Also this mod is amazing!

  17. Balrogiqjbds says:

    hey could you add the kraken would be amazing

  18. SharkDart says:

    Hey I Think This Mod Is Awesome.I Love How There’s Realistic And Non Realistic!
    Also Just Wondering Is My Version Bugged As The Orca Goes Straight To The Bottom And Swims Along The Floor.It Only Goes Up If It Hits A Wall Then Goes Back Down.Could You Please Fix It’s behaviours.But Other Than that its awesome! 9/10

  19. DATURTLE343 says:

    Hey I’m trying to make a subnautica add on using bridge and blockbench but I have had trouble making behaviors and applying it to minecraft, I was wondering if someone could help me or if I could split the project.

  20. TooCoolForSchool says:

    It is broken… I got the old version… But I deleted it in files… but I still can’t get it I might try one more thing…

  21. PangolinproYT says:

    Está bueno el complemento pero le faltan belugas🐋 y cochinillas de mar🦐
    Pero es el mejor complemento que agrega animales acuáticos.

  22. Roccet says:

    In Next Update Make The Ice Shark spawn in Ice Biome, This addon Super Cool but add more Fish like Manta or Octopus

  23. Star Dream says:

    Why are there no ice sharks.

    • PangolinproYT says:

      Me encanto pero le faltan belugas🐋 y cochinillas de mar🦞
      Pero es el mejor complemento que agrega animales acuáticos.

  24. MISAEL says:

    Amei desenvolvedor está parecendo o ungry shark kkkk você poderia adicionar o megalodonte o tubarão de fogo

  25. TheFlameViper says:

    The textures are a bit too simple, the models are alright for the addon but the textures just sort of make it meh compared to everything else in the game. Overall my only critique is clean up the textures and add some more detail to them to break up the solidness

  26. Elgenuinochapu23 says:

    the bosses must appear with less (that it is difficult to find frequency and in oceans ondos

    Could you help them with the textures?

  27. Mikail Afridi says:

    I like this a bit but I have some suggestions and changes.

    1. I know tiger sharks are bigger and more powerful than hammerhead sharks in real life, so make the tiger shark bigger than the hammerhead and reduce the hammerhead’s size to the same size as the original tiger shark, also the tiger shark should have 60 health and the hammerhead shark should have 50 health.

    2. Improve all models, textures and animations of all mobs.

    3. Orcas and narwhals aren’t known to kill humans without provocation in real life, so I would recommend them being neutral.

    4. Maybe add deep-sea creatures like anglerfish, gulper-eels and giant squids.

    5. Add sounds to the mobs.

    6. Now time for something fun… Make the orcas tameable!

  28. 👌 says:

    BRUH make the narwhal or orca or something tameable plz

  29. Random user says:

    I cant find the ice shark spawn egg, and I cant summon it. Can you fix that.

  30. LegitDragonb0y says:

    All those people that want tameable orcas, they already are. You can tame them with salmon.

  31. xHaZx says:

    I’m quite disappointed on how the sharks don’t have predators, they (in real life) get eaten by Orca’s.

    • LegitDragonb0y says:

      I’m sorry I forgot to mention, the orcas do eat sharks.

    • IDRAGON04 says:

      I’m disappointed on the lack of animations plus I turned on experimental gameplay and there is no spawn egg for ice shark plus please slow down the sea serpents tail speed WAY TO FAST also whale swims backwards huh??? Plz fix and PLEASE make a realistic model for sea serpent and give it cool abilities if done I won’t get any addon but yours and pursuade more people to get yourz I thx for listening 🙂

    • alfie palmer says:

      just saying tigers are often killed, but great whites would terminate a lone orca with any chance.

  32. Harrythemagician13 says:

    Narwhals are not man eaters

  33. I love the models and animations for all the mobs other than the blue whale and narwhal.
    The blue whale is way too small, weak, and common, it should be slightly larger than the aquatitan and be more realistic, also it should be rare bc blue whales are endangered

    Also the narwhal is not detailed enough and it can move on land

    Also sharks should be able to move in one block deep waters

    Anyways, overall nice addon :p
    Could you try to make a dragon addon?

    • Harrythemagician13 says:

      Well if you ask him FirewingAndSans and Oh Gona the PixelHeadsTeam
      founder from twitter is actually making a dragon addon but is still not out yet

  34. Anonymous says:

    Ok this addon is cool, but it seems it does not collide with Billeys mobs perfectly. I’m not going to jump to any conclusions, but the orcas from both addon are mixed, which is a bit disappointing since I can’t enjoy both. The whale from mine world also messes up this addon’s whale. But honestly this addon has great potential and I honestly LOVE this addon since they aren’t coming to Minecraft and they are rarely good or even present in a addons. With some work, this addon could be much greater!

    • Hero-brain says:

      go to com.mojang and change one of the orca files to orca1 so if both are named orca they will conflict, but if you change the beh pack and make one of the orca mods into orca1 also remember to edit the json file or txt or whatever it is and replace all “orca” to “orca1”

  35. Thomas says:

    Hello! Im just starting out on yt, and i was asking if i could do a mod review for this addon? I wont if you don’t want me to, and, credits will be stated in the video itself, and the description.

    If you want me to put a link to the addon, just say so, im alright with it! Again, i wont do it if you dont want me to.

    (PS.. When you spawn the blue whales on land, and punch them, they float up to the sky! Its very funny, but i doubt thats supposed to happen, so i thought it would be best to tell you.)

  36. What did you use to make this?

    • LegitDragonb0y says:

      Hi , I used blockbench to make the models if that’s what you’re asking. Blockbench can only be used on Pc though

    • Jacklinks lol says:

      Rip addon for creators lazyness

    • Alexgaming says:

      Hello legitdragonb0y i need to taik you remember in 25 december add the megalodon yeah im promise so yeah my country is indonesia but in january 23 now this is danger creature this is mosasaurs now now making now or not IM GONNA ERASE BlockBench please

  37. Biomies says:

    yeah dude the number are funny, but that’s makes error in your code XD (sorry for my bad english), nice addons btw 🙂

  38. Peter says:

    Can you release a .mcpack version?

  39. Boiman4269 says:

    It’s not working for me! What did you replace the spawn eggs with? I can’t find anything even tho I turned on experimental gameplay. I play pocket edition btw

  40. EeEE says:

    Bruh I can only spawn the narwal and the orca and the whales.and one and to spawn the represent and it a cool help

  41. LACHLYN270 says:

    please add a boss megalodon

  42. Mikail Afridi says:

    Can you add orcas that can be tameable and rideable? Also I would want to see anglerfish and giant squid.

  43. Yahah says:

    4 stars I turned on the experimental gameplay But I only see a whale please fix it thank you.

  44. Anonymous says:

    I’d like if you added squids or octopuses

  45. A Minecraft Player says:

    Waiting for lantern fish, octopus, etc xD
    Nice addon!!

  46. Art says:

    Remodel everything because they look like something 5 year old would make in tinker

  47. Yodie595 says:

    Awesome addon. Also how do you make addons?

  48. Maxil89 says:

    This incredible addon !, you could add other species like toxic swamp crocodile or ice shark, more mobs in different biomes would be great

  49. ManHands says:

    How do you make mobs? What do you use and what do you use to import them into the game and how do you make them custom entities? It would be appreciated if you shared :). Besides that great mod.

  50. Could you add a tameable water creature?

  51. Balrog says:

    every time I try to put the complement in my minecraft it tells me that I already have it (duplicate pack detected) and I cannot get this complement in my minecraft help me solve it please I am at 1.12

  52. DreamCraft says:

    I can see Billy’s mobs addon’s mobs files

  53. BlocksOverBroadway says:

    Well really only the blue whale worked for me I don’t know why it ways the only one but yeah but overall I still enjoyed it with is the most important thing so I’m giving this a 4 because it only had the blue whale but it was fun.

  54. AquaticJacob says:

    Sharks yay

  55. Theunknown9984 says:

    Can you make it for a medafire download it wont let me download it

  56. Monkee1963 says:

    It says duplicate pack detected 😡

  57. Noah says:

    Cool addon

  58. Loop says:

    However u need better models and way better animations plz otherwise this would be the best addon ever

  59. IDRAGON04 says:

    You are the most amazing person in the world

  60. Jim says:

    The bosses are a bit too overpowered, especially when this add-on doesn’t add any op custom armour or anything…

  61. GoodMod says:

    Good mod.Very well

  62. Nickthebrick says:

    When ever I Get the file and load it onto Minecraft it’s states that there’s a duplicate pack detected I want to use this for a map I will credit you for your addon can you fix this glitch?

  63. Anonymous says:

    i only have the blue whale spawn egg

  64. Jsjsj says:

    Dude theres only a whale

  65. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Not to be rude or anything but I will say some things that made me upset: ONLY THE BLUE WHALE WAS IN THIS. I even checked /summon command and it didn’t work. The animations, sounds, textures, and models need a large improvement. And lastly 1 found 1 bug to were the whales have no animation on land and when hit fly up into the sky and die!!!!

    • LegitDragonb0y says:

      I said it once and I will say it again turn EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY ON!

      • HaxTheCharizard says:

        I have worked with Cthulhu Warrior before, he knows what he is talking about. You might want to check and see if your mod works properly on both Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Edition.

        I have seen this kind of thing before, certain types of code lines in custom mob behavior files can corrupt the mob on some platforms, but not for others. Using code from other addons can also cause issues, especially if someone downloaded the addon you used in the past.

        You shouldn’t get mad at someone for expressing their concerns, and explaining issues they found.

        • LegitDragonb0y says:

          Well… I already checked twice before I uploaded this add-on to mcpedl u must turn on experimental gameplay for the add-on to work

  66. Art says:

    Also make the shark neutral of else you just made jeb’s fear of adding sharks worse

  67. Harrythemagician13 says:

    i have idea why not add Wobbegong Shark and the Oarfish

  68. Art says:

    Change the models of the hammer head and tiger sharks

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