Arabian Desert City [Creation]

This map features an Arabic city constructed in a desert biome. The city is quite big and there is lots of beautiful terrain surrounding the city. But maybe most impressing is old temple found in the main center of the city. It was originally created on PC by Jeracraft who is a popular YouTuber. It’s really a great map well worth exploring!

Creator: Jeracraft, YouTube Channel, Twitter (Original PC Map)
Ported by: Fouladgar (Twitter), IrfanEzad (Twitter)

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33 Responses

4.3 / 5 (23 votes)
  1. Whatever says:

    and ehhh why are there just ONE Jerscraft project in the whole MCPEDL? I’m a very big fan of the Jeracraft, I did try every key word to search but there are just one is this one. well this one works pretty good bud just a little empty in all these room, maybe this is just a little project I think form Jeracraft.

  2. Whatever says:

    well but all these things are all empty……so is it really form Jeracraft? because I kind of know that Jeracraft likes to decorate houses with his fancy things…….(and I haven’t see any video about these, maybe there are but I’m not sure, I’m a Chinese and I can’t go to the YOUTUBE)

  3. Francesca Chamberlin says:

    It’s really beautiful but when ever you leave any thing you’ve built resets and gets rid of it but over all really good😀

  4. CBGamez says:

    A Whole New World!

  5. Thalessi says:

    Rlly awesome map, I just wish it wouldn’t reset back to the original everytime I try to build the interior. Is there any possible fix?

  6. Hei Hikaru says:


  7. Ben K says:

    Anyone have a fix for this issue. Happening for me too! everything resets once you leave the world and come back.

  8. magda050 says:

    i love’d the map untill i came back on the server and EVERYTHING was like when i started
    domt download this map if u r on survival u will lose evry single thing
    can u please fix it?

  9. Jerracraft says:

    Put this addon in the world to make it better

  10. Toni says:

    To add on, I’ve found that it completely resets the map to the origional way it was when I downloaded it every time I go off the world.

    • Ben K says:

      Me too Toni. Does anyone have a fix for this exact issue. The world resets to original after each save and return. 🙁

  11. Toni says:

    Hallo I am getting spooked because I downloaded this and I love it so much, buuut whenever I try to take away the fences in the palace gate they come back a few minutes later. I am really confused if it is a glitch or if there’s command blocks to close the gate or something.

  12. Maria Gozo says:

    Was this based off of Aladdin cause it sure looks like it

  13. Steve says:

    I loved this map. If youd like to see more images and others with shaders vist my twitter account @TheWorldOfMineC.
    If theres anything youd like me to review and post DM me.

  14. Duh_itz_GabexX says:

    This map makes me miss Dubai

  15. Ashley says:


  16. DanTDM says:

    Good,But Why The Castle/Place whatever u say theres no interior but still cooll map

  17. Irfan Ezad says:

    Thanks for the feedback guys we will try to port more map will coming

  18. Mike says:

    Great Map!!!

  19. FoxInABox says:

    Awesome! Looks like it could be a cool PvP map.

  20. Alex the superboy says:

    I’m becoming a YouTuber can u make a fortress of solitude map from dc comics superman pretty pls

  21. Rakibul Bari says:

    I cant install on ios after when i get in my ipad i cant use minecraft . My minecraft have been carshing all the time please make it renew

    • Hipstergirl123 says:

      Ikr . Ever since 0.14.0 I’ve been crashing on minecraft! I wish they would fix it 🙄.
      Also the zip file doesn’t work for me and the downloading takes forever.

  22. JohanDM says:

    This map is the best
    Just like Jeracraft

  23. Polar Whale says:

    Woo, I downloaded this map, and its awesome!

  24. Blablyman123 says:

    Cool map I like it

  25. Ariel Duran says:

    What texture pack is he using? Btw thank you for posting it!

  26. Got That KooLKIdz? says:

    WHOA! FREAKING 39MB! JUST PUT IN THE PALACE AS A SEPARATE download so it won’t be that much, but still, 39MB, just- Bro…..

  27. OPOLO says:

    Finnaly someone care about this 🙂 🙂 🙂 5 stars

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