Arabic Language Texture Pack

This Resource Pack adds (NOT REPLACE) Arabic Language for Minecraft Bedrock Edition (For All Platforms) Because Arabic Language In Java Edition But Not In Bedrock Edition, And you can change the languages mid-game, Because Xbox users can’t activate resource packs from Global Resources.

Some texts were taken from Minecraft Java Edition and some texts from me

(If You See Any Missing Texts Or Bugs, Tell Me In Comments).

Here are some photos:


New Sound Sliders:

Language Change Mid-Game:

But there’s a bug from the game, not from Resource Pack:

If You Want To Make YouTube Video, please leave credits to (_Diamond Craft)

If You Want To Use This Resource Pack Tell Me In the comments (Don’t Steal My Work).

Changelog View more



Added "Dripstone" (حجر تنقيط)

Added Stalactites Death Message "مات <اسم اللاعب> بسبب الهوابط"

Added Stalagmites Death Message "مات <اسم اللاعب> بسبب الصواعد"


Changed "pack_icon.png"

Changed The Featured Image once again.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Changed The Featured Image.

Added a notice for a game bug (See it, because it's important).


Added 19 new texts

Added Jigsaw Block "كتلة البانوراما"

Added Position (When gamerule showcoordinates is on) (موقعك: )

Added invite options

Added Structure Block UI texts


Fixed "الأن" to "الآن"

Fixed The "/give" command text


Changed 33 texts

Changed my name to "_Diamond Craft"


Added "Glow Item Frames" (إطار العناصر المضيﺀ)

Added "Glow Ink Sac" (كيس الحبر المضيﺀ)

Added "Spawn Glow Squid" (بيضة الحبار المضيﺀ)

Added "Glow Squid" (الحبار المضيﺀ)


Changed Item Frame from "لوحة الأدوات" to "إطار العناصر"

Changed Ink Sac from "حبر أسود" to "كيس الحبر"

Changed Painting from "الصور" to "لوحة"

Changed Guardian from "القاردن" to "الحارس البحري"

Changed Elder Guardian from "القاردن العملاف" to "الحارس البحري العملاق"

Changed Prismarine Shard from "ذيل القاردن" to "شظية من حجر البحر"

Changed Prismarine Crystall from "بلورات القاردن" to "بلورات حجر البحر"

Fixed Zoglin spawn egg

Fixed Wither Rose

Fixed Wither Skeleton Skull

Added Piglin Brute (Entity, not Spawn Egg)

Changed "Spawn Zombified Piglin" from "بيضة الزومبي الخنزير" to "بيضة الزومبي البيجلن"

Changed "Zombified Piglin" from "الزومبي الخنزير" to "الزومبي البيجلن"


Added all copper blocks

Added all copper slabs

Added all copper stairs

Added experimental gameplay options

Changed all game tips

Changed Redstone from (الردستون) to (مسحوق الردستون)

Changed Phantom Membrane from (غشاﺀ الوهمية) to (غشاﺀ الأطياف)

Changed several texts

Added "Sculk Sensor"

Added "Pointed Dripstone"

Added Powder Snow Death Message

Changed Some Death Messages

Fixed 1 issue

Changed My Name In Details.

Added text-to-speech setting (Sound Slider).

Fixed Some Bugs.

Added More Details.

Added "Spawn Goat"

Added "Goat Horn"

Added "Powder Snow Bucket"

Added "Powder Snow"


1. Download File, And Open It

2. After Import It go to Settings>Global Resources>My Packs And press on the pack and activate it

3. After you activate it go to Settings>Language And Select "العربية (العالم العربي)"


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.201 1.16.210 (beta)

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  1. KIRITO SAMA says:

    Can you make the font in high resolution and not pixels?

  2. I’m not Arabian but this is cool, you deserve to have 5 star mate.

  3. iAliBey says:

    This is cool and all, but could you make the LOLCAT language from Java Edition?

  4. MrLenZo says:

    finally I have been waiting for 2 years for anyone to make this
    I Will do a video about it right now 👍

  5. Zeyad981 says:

    We needed this.

  6. maximo77 says:

    Thanks you the ressorce pack works well

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