Arabic Translation Resource Pack

This resource pack adds an Arabic translation for most texts in Minecraft Pocket Edition. Keep in mind that I cannot confirm the accuracy of the translation since I don’t speak/write Arabic. It would therefore be nice to get some feedback from users who know the language.

Creators: Space_canvas (Twitter) (small text), SKAR_Gamer (big text)
Updated: 5 June, 2017 (small text compatible with 1.1)

How to activate the Arabic translation?

First off you need to download the translation and install it (instructions can be found further down on this page). But you’re not done yet. Go to the Language Settings and scroll down to the bottom of the list to find the Arabic language (as seen in the image down below).

As soon as you’ve enabled the translation you will notice most of the text is using the Arabic translation.

The translation appears to work for everything and that includes items and blocks in a world.


  1. Download one of the following packs:
    1. Small Text Resource .McPack (1.1.x)
    2. Big Text Resource .McPack (1.0.x)
  2. Open Minecraft PE
  3. Settings > Global Resources > Activate pack
  4. Open the Language Settings and select the Arabic language

You can get a .ZIP file for this pack here.

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48 Responses

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  1. SamanthaStrange says:

    Same Gurl!

  2. Painite says:

    The texture pack isn’t working for me at all the issue is that when I scroll down I don’t see it and I’m using 1.2.9 and the device is iOS pls tell me if I can fix it or maybe it is for older updates?? Pls let me know and thank you!

  3. Mustfa,ninjademon says:


  4. Mustfa,ninjademon says:

    Best resorepack ever

  5. rypaBoatz says:

    can you tell my what kind of website or appkication do you use for this addon?

  6. Lolol says:

    Lol such good addon

  7. Slemany says:

    Hey mcpedl im from iraq – kurdistan i want make addon for kurdish translate if you can make the addon i will tell you what to add im not good at making packs tell me your discord name or any social media

  8. Herobrine says:

    Cool good ad-don, 😊

  9. HASSAN جسن says:

    Verry thank for your good fob شكرا جزيلا لعملك المعروف

  10. Sellum says:

    Yes, it is really useful.
    But it needs some fixes.

  11. SafiHasYoutube says:

    I live in Egypt and this is one of my favs Minecraft addon and I am actually afghan but I lived in America and now I live in Egypt. DO NOT LIVE IN EGYPT IT IS THE MOST WORST PLACE TO BE

    • Captain Jo//CJ says:

      Egypt sucks at some stuff but the only thing I like about it is that the people are nice. I live in there for now and it’s going pretty well so far!

  12. Space_canvas says:

    Oh god i just realized that i wrote the title for the “elytra” :does this thing work ? 😂 Don’t worry i will fix this with the new update

  13. AsrielTW says:

    Cool! I don’t speak this language,but I can make a “Play Minecraft with Another Language Challenge” ^ω^

  14. Space_canvas says:

    The big text resource can’t be opend in mcpe…

  15. Anonymous says:

    Big fonts resource pack cannot be opend this is a big fail for skar_gamer

  16. PowerMinerYT says:

    Make Hindi and Punjabi also

  17. Cool boy says:

    This really weird why not um oo mabe awesome mod like space mod that would be awesome!

  18. Moussa Diabate says:

    omg thaaaaaaaaaank you you don’t even know how much I needed this . thanks !

  19. Technoman says:

    Minecraft Pocket Edition is the best Minecraft Edition because ay player can do any thing with addons

    • TheRealYaser says:

      Minecraft Pe is not the best edition in the whole mc, mcpc is better and way more cooler cuz it has amazing features and more commands and it has better texture packs and more p.s it has add ons

      • PolygonForLife says:

        Well,it still the same, except one more thing,addons can support 1.5.9 and up version,the one mods dont have.

        P:S:Edition war just started.

  20. Vassilis Glezakos says:

    Greek please?

    It would a pleasure!

  21. PolygonForLife says:

    Can’t they just add this to the official update so no more “This must be added to make mcpe more popular”.(I know most people did not really understand english,but developers ignore the people who suggest a new language or they didn’t plan to add it)

  22. naifxmc says:

    شكراً من زمان انتظر اللغة العربية في ماين كرافت بس ما حطوها 💕

    Google Translate: Thank you for the time I waited for the Arabic language in Maine Craft, but what they put 💕

  23. MrCreeper says:

    I can speak Arabic because I’m Arabian (Egyptian)

  24. Muhammad Abu Baker says:

    Nice bro even if I don’t need it to understand what is written
    My friends always use me as Google translation
    So That should solve the issue

  25. Anonymous says:

    Nice bro even if I don’t need it to understand what is written
    My friends always use me as Google translation
    So That should solve the issue

  26. magicalice19293 says:

    finally we have the language that we talk

  27. ThunderCorp. says:

    seriously, I can read and understand Persian, not arabic but both have the same writing style so I can say that the font size can be a bit bigger

  28. StarkTMA says:

    I’ll confirm everything, cuz i speak Arabic

  29. Faisal Gaming says:

    coool i speak arabic and i like this website im an old supporter of this website

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