Batman: Arkham Knight Batcave [Creation]

This is a creation which is based on the design of the Batcave in the Batman: Arkham Knight video game. This is the best version of the Batcave which I’ve come across for Minecraft Pocket Edition. It really looks like a cave but with a lot of high-technology stuff which you would expect to find in Batman’s headquarters. Even if you haven’t played the game (like me) it’s still really fun to explore!

Creator: awayne99
Updated: 5 January, 2017

The spawn is in front of the Batcave entrance. Press the button on the right side of the entrance to close it and vice versa.

I really recommend that you download a Batman skin if you intend to play this map. Also, make sure to get the Black Ice elytra wings from Paradiscal’s Elytra Wings Pack. Combine the player skin and the new elytra wings and you will look just like Batman, but in Minecraft.

The Batcave couldn’t be complete without the Batmobile. You will find it parked inside the Batcave along with several other vehicles.

Here is the famous Batsuit. It is non-textued and looks like a diamond armor.

Sleepy? No problems. In one of the hallways you will find an entrance to a sleeping chamber with beds for two people.

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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71 Responses

4.2 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. HybridEnder says:

    Can i use this as my mod test lab for youtube?

  2. DoctorJosephWho says:

    Did you know that Adam West died Rest In Peace Bright Knight 1928-2017

  3. KyleParsons says:

    So Who cares? I Love Batman

  4. DoctorJosephWho says:

    Can you do a batcave from 1966-2021 wish is do it until the Batman moviegoers out in 2021 airs

  5. Anonymous says:

    there wasn’t even a batcave in arkham knight

  6. ElectricRex_ says:

    The map is great, but just to let you know there is not a batcave in Batman Arkham Knight. I know this because I have the game.

  7. SlimEnder says:

    Awesome map!

  8. Incredibat says:

    The world always crashes when I try to go in it.

  9. Tijvteygvgdshj says:

    When is the next update I can’t wait any longer

  10. Brandon says:

    Please add a texture pack to make a bat suit like the one from the dark knight or Batman v Superman and make a enderplearl a grappling hook a snow ball a baterang that takes damage and add the cape to the chestplate with a mask where you can’t see the persons face and add the joker or bane or the riddler or catwomen or ra sa gul orred Hood and two face and add Wayne manor and Alfred and all the robins and ace the bat hound

    • Scarface says:

      Everything you said up until catwoman is in a behavior and resource pack addon dumbass, and you are asking way to fricking much, this dude has a life, I don’t know if you even have enough brain cells to comprehend that, but this dude made a batcave, and if that’s not enough, well make your own then dipshit

  11. GK37 says:

    You should make the huge doorway for the batmobile openable and closeable with pistons. Put a lever right outside the doorway and when you flick it, it will open and close.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Cool cool.

  13. awayne99 says:

    Hi I’m awayne99 new big update the batcave and wayne manor LINK FOR THE DOWNLOAD

  14. skull dude says:

    Guys this is the best map ever….not laggy based on a great hero…guys add me tag:skeleton6272

  15. SaionClarke says:


  16. Jonah says:


  17. awayne99 says:

    Hi I’m awayne99 new big update the batcave and wayne manor LINK FOR THE DOWNLOAD

  18. Rona Mae says:

    If you guys are confused it will bring you to Dropbox go to Download and press direct download

  19. Ultimate Kitten says:

    This is such an amazing map! Such detail and I think it’s the best bat cave I’ve seen on this website!

  20. BucketWarrior says:

    Please do the batman armor i need my skin

  21. Paul Reilly says:

    Great map! The only thing was I found a Nazi Swastika under the submarine

  22. Lenny says:

    Esta bueno la baticueva?

  23. Lenny says:

    Esta buen?

  24. Alec says:

    I love the batcave

  25. Armando says:

    Wow cool

  26. Aryan says:

    How do you download it?

  27. carlo says:

    I hope you will make a texture pack for this map

  28. Brandon says:

    Best map ever!!!

  29. Anonymous says:


  30. Herobrinian_Doom says:

    Oh…duplicate but with more writing…oops!!

  31. Herobrinian_Doom says:

    I try to download it on iOS,but when i get to the link to download it (in .McWorld) and tap it it starts loading but stops,what do i do? Can u help me? Can u fix it as i RLLY RLLY RLLLLY wanna be batman. Thx!

  32. Herobrinian_Doom says:

    I try to download it on iOS,but when i get to the link to download it (in .McWorld) and tap it it starts loading but stops,what do i do? Can u help me?

  33. Ammar says:

    Hi, I downloaded the map but I can’t find the batcave. Do I need a batsuit for it?

  34. HypedHuzky says:

    What’s New In This One??

  35. Gogogamerxy says:

    Whats the update???

  36. RitikaTanwar says:

    Who ever made this i like him

  37. TheTrueBuilder says:

    Amazing!! Very Cool! Though I wish you could have hidden it better! 😋

  38. Jake snake says:

    BEST MAP 3v3r

  39. Slends says:

    If he added a texture pack it would be better and Also a resource pack to Make snowballs batteranges or something like that ad make diamond armor the batsuit or the a custom batsuit like the one from Batman v superman or the dark knight rises or anything like that.

  40. Lolz says:

    Nice map dude. Where those bat wing that you were wearing as the elytra.

  41. Gogogamer says:

    I will never let you do that JOKER!!!!!

  42. Explained says:

    I will blow this place up… I… AM… JOKER… MUHAHAHAHAHAHHA

  43. Ken says:

    Can you make the armor textured?

  44. Xander Stenger says:

    It’s not a Mcworld it’s a .zip you got it wrong

  45. BlockyTheEnderman says:

    Heaven dimension!

  46. Fastjds says:

    I made a better one on iOS, but i dont know how to share it 🙁

  47. Kostis says:

    Guys there is a dragon egg if u mine one block down at the room where the dinosaur is

  48. santhyas says:

    Great map !, could you build the batman mansion?, It would be cool, thanks

  49. MrDerpyCake says:

    Best Batman map ever!

  50. Derpy_Derp Playz says:

    How to make a .mcworld for on android?

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