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Published on August 03, 2015 (Updated on August 03, 2015)

Armor Movement PE Mod

how do you download this?????????
If you read this, you can make it aviable to 1.16?
Whenever I click “download” It brings me to mediafire, yeah I click download again, then it brings me to “open in” and minecraft isn’t in the “open in” section... but in other mods it does... help?
The reason this happens is because this is a mod, and not an addon. Addons work the way you described, where you can open them in the game right from the browser. (On IOS.) However, a mod is different. You need to have an Android device, as the required app to use mods is not on IOS. If you need more help, check the instal guides on the site.
The downloaded ZIP-file is not openable, plz fix this! But I think it is a good mod will be.
Can I use it on WINDOWS 10
Every time i launch it it says failed to import patch and i cant use the mod i use 1.2.9
Please show how to do zip
Why is there a banana?
I can'tcan't find items in my creative inventory.i use
I can't find items in My creative inventory
It is for 0.12.1?
I think this one is for 0.11.
hey I downloaded it and used it with mcpe master coz block launcher is crashing but when I imported the texture pack in the crafting table I can see the names but the icon of glider jetpacks and all machines are invisible and I can't see the bottom right button too pls help
I like the mod I want to get it
can I get the mod
Yeah, just click the download button.
awsome how to download