Armor Movement PE Mod

Armor Movement PE is based on a popular PC mod with the same name. The mod adds several types of armors and machines like a jetpack, a parachute and a glider which you can attach to your body. All of the new armor items bring new functionalities to the game, everything from being able to breath underwater to safely fall from great heights.

Creator: TaQuItO, Twitter Account

All crafting recipes can be found in the bottom of the post.

Life Vest

The life vest will force your body to stay afloat. That means you can swim for as long you want with pauses without a worry of drowning.


The parachute can be activated by pressing the bottom-right parachute button consistently to slow down the fall.


Wearing the glider will give you flying abilities similar to birds. Tap on the bottom-right button to glide.


Before being able to use the JetPack you must make sure that you have some coal in your inventory because that will be used for fuel. Then tap on the bottom-right button to use it.



The flippers lets you swim much faster underwater but if you wear them on land they will slow you down.


These boots can be activated by holding down the bottom-right button when worn. That will give you the potion effect of Speed 1.

Spring Boots

The Spring Boots lets you jump 4 blocks high, that’s a lot higher than what you normally can jump (1 block).

Mountain Boots

Wearing the Mountain Boots will give you the advantage of being able to climb massive mountain walls no matter how high they are.

Ice Skates

The Ice Skates gives you an increased speed while on ice.

Helicopter Hat

With this hat you can fly by pressing the bottom-right button. It might not be the most realistic type of hat but it would definitely be a very popular type of hat if it existed in real life.


Scuba Helmet

Before going for a swim put the Scuba Helmet on to be able to breath for an infinite amount of time underwater.

Grappling Hook

This is actually an item which you throws as the designated target where you would like to get to. Once you’ve thrown the grappling hook (by pressing the bottom-right button) the item will be thrown away and your player will follow to the location where it landed.

screenshot-2015-08-03-00-21 screenshot-2015-08-03-00-21_2

Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Parachute (1221) – 3 leather + 4 strings + 1 leather tunic
  • Glider (1223) – 4 sticks + 2 strings + 2 papers + 1 leather tunic
  • JetPack (1224) – 4 iron ingots + 2 lava buckets + 1 glider
  • Flippers (1225) – 6 leathers + 2 strings
  • Heelys (1226) – 2 strings + 1 leather boots + 2 iron ingots + 1 ender pearl
  • Spring Boots (1227) – 1 leather boots + 1 piston
  • Mountain Boots (1228) – 2 iron ingots + 1 leather boots
  • Ice Skates (1229) – 3 iron ingots + 1 leather boots
  • Helicopter Hat (1230) – 3 iron ingots + 1 stick + 1 leather cap
  • Scuba Helmet (1231) – 5 leathers + 1 glass pane
  • Grappling Hook (1232) – 3 iron ingots + 1 stick + 1 string
  • Banana (1233)


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  1. Keel says:

    Whenever I click “download” It brings me to mediafire, yeah I click download again, then it brings me to “open in” and minecraft isn’t in the “open in” section… but in other mods it does… help?

    • NoJoTo says:

      The reason this happens is because this is a mod, and not an addon. Addons work the way you described, where you can open them in the game right from the browser. (On IOS.) However, a mod is different. You need to have an Android device, as the required app to use mods is not on IOS. If you need more help, check the instal guides on the site.

  2. kekmacska says:

    The downloaded ZIP-file is not openable, plz fix this! But I think it is a good mod will be.

  3. DANZOTOV says:

    Can I use it on WINDOWS 10

  4. Autobotcj2006 says:

    Every time i launch it it says failed to import patch and i cant use the mod i use 1.2.9

  5. Anonymous says:

    Please show how to do zip

  6. Nathan_VH says:

    Why is there a banana?

  7. ryandigremory says:

    I can’tcan’t find items in my creative inventory.i use

  8. Khgamer says:

    I can’t find items in My creative inventory

  9. Senpai says:

    It is for 0.12.1?

  10. prayas says:

    hey I downloaded it and used it with mcpe master coz block launcher is crashing but when I imported the texture pack in the crafting table I can see the names but the icon of glider jetpacks and all machines are invisible and I can’t see the bottom right button too pls help

  11. Ayana says:

    I like the mod I want to get it

  12. Alex says:

    can I get the mod

  13. marco says:

    awsome how to download

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