Armorplus is an addon that adds many types of new armors to our game, these armors vary according to the material with which they are made, in this version 2 special armors have been added as well as some swords that are designed to be used with the same armor .

Here you have examples of armors

How does it work?

To craft the armors it is very important that you take into account the following: all the armors are placed by holding down on the screen with the crafted hole in hand, then I leave you with which are the materials with which you can craft each of the armors .

• Dirt

• Granite

• Andesite

• Diorite

• Infested stone

• Cobble

• Trunk (Oak, fir, birch, jungle tree, acacia, dark oak and the two trunks of the nether)

• Leaves (except dark oak)

• Planks (all woods except nether)

• Glass (transparent only)

• Cactus

• Block of hay

• Slime balls

• Emerald (not block) you can craft a sword.

• Ice

• Sponge

• Infiedra

• Blackrock

• Blackrock with gold shards.

• Deformed stem

• Stone of the End

• Bedrock (you can craft a sword)

You just craft a chestplate and you place it, that´s it. you dont need any more.



• Skeleton: (if you want to craft the skeleton head you can do it on the crafting table with a bone block and scissors, in any order)

• Fiery Armor -> with Fiery Axe


• Marine armor -> with marine axe

• Obsidian armor -> with obsidian sword

Don’t worry if you see armor like this in your inventory, it’s normal.

Note: If you want to review this addon, leave this download page, otherwise it will proceed under Copyright © 2020.



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This is a big update, replace armors by another ones, we add more armors than the first version, and new items.

Correct a bug that make netherite armor didn´t protect people.

Now we add support for NETHER UPDATE Minecraft PE 1.16, we are working for new update to add, new swords.

Now we addon support for NETHER UPDATE Minecraft PE 1.16, we are working for new update to add, new swords.

I made the download link more obvious for people who don´t speak spanish, now I put a notice with a clarification of where you can find the download.



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  1. Hey,
    My name is Ronnie and I make addons. I am currently working on a project that requires custom armors. I was wondering if you could show me how to do this, let me reverse engineer your addon, or help me with my addon! Please respond here or in my discord. It is posted on my Guards addon in mcpedl.

    Great addon!

    Thanks for your time,
    –Ronnie McDee

  2. Camperito says:

    I have one question, if you put the new armors on, you can still wear vanilla armor withour glitching it?

  3. S4NT1 says:

    ¡Bro! Probé el add-on y está… Buaaaaah, no tengo palabras para describirlo !Me encantó¡ Es lo único que puedo decir.


    P.D: No sé cómo se hace la armadura de pollo, aiudaaaa :’v

  4. Sunbun1232 says:

    Can i use this in my addon, I will give you Credit though.

  5. GMiningHero says:

    This addon is really cool but has the major flaw that you can’t drink potions. When you drink certain potions, you just don’t get that effect. For example, fire resistance. It’s unfortunate because otherwise this addon is very cool.

  6. rubendiegoeluri says:

    I have found a fault, if you have any object in your hand it takes it away and the bone armor appears in our body
    You can combine this addon with that of professions He encontrado una falla, si tiene algún objeto en la mano, se lo quita y la armadura de hueso aparece en nuestro cuerpo.
    Puedes combinar este complemento con el de professions?
    Si quieres súbelo como addon aparte

  7. Guest-2233597240 says:

    What about you make an easier download

  8. rubendiegoeluri says:

    Hola texten, ya encontré la forma de que no se vean las particulas, solo hay que añadir el data value «”visible”: false,» después de el data value llamado “amplifier”

  9. Guest-4688438247 says:

    The armor doesn’t seem to work for me. I think you’re supposed to eat the chestplate in order to wear the armor, but I’m unable to finish eating it, it’s as if there’s lots of lag, but all the mobs are still moving around like normal so I don’t think that’s it. I’m playing in the newest version with experimental gameplay enabled, I’m not sure what’s wrong.

  10. Guest-2430517692 says:

    I can’t wear the armor..

  11. S4NT1 says:

    Oye, está bien la idea de hacer todo tipo de armadura pero, ¿Espadas? En serio no lo veo necesario.

    Por mi parte, te sugiero que ésta otra idea la retomes en otro add-on porque solo va a haber gente que quiera las armaduras y no ambos.

    Espero haberme informado correctamente.

  12. Guest-5515960283 says:

    the addon is very good! but I have a problem, which is that when I put on certain armor, they come out totally purple with black, any solution?

  13. rubendiegoeluri says:

    Bro, si puedes haz que no se vean las particulas
    Con el data value hidden particles true,
    Pd. Vi tu serie con Gregory

  14. Guest-8151325846 says:

    not all the armors work for me some work but most have missing textures im on 1.16.0 pls help

  15. Guest-5981799778 says:

    Very cool but it is needed to be the first loaded addon to work, cant you just make it placeable on the torso armor slot?

  16. nunyu says:


  17. nunyu says:


  18. Guest-2338863894 says:

    Why does it not work o n 1.16.68 beta and 1.14.60 pe?

  19. Guest-1457134670 says:

    Can i have your permission to showcase this addon in a video?

  20. TanLorikk says:

    Hi, I can translate your addon to Russian, for FREE!
    Just contact me
    My Discord: TanLorikk#2143

  21. Guest-7947527205 says:

    I apparently don’t have permits to download this pls help

  22. Guest-3716346461 says:

    Can you add Cosmoz armor and the sword?

  23. Guest-2628818635 says:

    jajaj x2 XD

  24. Dip says:

    Does this work on mobs? I could try editing the mobs armor to custom armor using blocktopograph, Would it appear normally?

  25. Please be noted that custom armor only works on 1.16

    To Creator:
    Please remove 1.14 and 1.15 on the supported versions because custom armor does not work in those versions.

  26. Guest-2395268948 says:

    This is awsome. I’m hoping you will add 32x res or more cool ones. Good Job!

  27. Guest-5299164361 says:

    Wait really? … ANY ARMOUR , ANY ONE OF THEM?!

  28. Guest-8248606407 says:

    Next time,consider using english on your addon description

  29. Guest-1948690417 says:

    How to make chicken armor?

  30. Guest-6487043504 says:

    if you can make more armor wouldent you be able to do more mob heads

  31. Guest-3227397716 says:

    Is there an English version?

  32. Guest-3458079053 says:

    no espere ver a texten aquí xD

  33. Guest-1968058003 says:

    Wow, good addon, i will use this for my modded survival

  34. Guest-1815478226 says:

    Does this apply to weapons or tools

  35. Guest-7581760497 says:

    I cant craft any armour even with experimental gameplay

  36. Guest-2684492602 says:

    podrias hacer que en la 1.16 se pueda craftear la armadura de cota de malla con las cadenas pero modificando el crafteo de las cadenas para que te den 2 cadenas en ves de una, asi tendria mas sentido hacerce esa armadura

  37. Guest-1231628684 says:

    Texten mejora el inglés lmao (disculpa si te molesta pero el addon está bien. no espere verte en mcpedl lol)

  38. Guest-3358086472 says:

    Bro el creador te dio permisos para subirlo :0?

  39. How can i place them on armor stand like you did?

  40. Guest-2902034388 says:

    Does this need to be in experimental gameplay?

  41. ZINH010 says:

    Cool Addon, I was looking for an armor addon for a long time and finally I find one!

    I have some questions fot you after downloading this addon:
    -If we equip the chestplate, we will be automaticly dressed with the full armor?
    -It’s possible to play with friends?

    Thanks for read!

  42. Guest-6303429353 says:

    Could you make that you have to Craft like normal armor And than Combine then to get the full armor

  43. Guest-6581066078 says:


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