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Published on May 09, 2015 (Updated on May 09, 2015)


If you think it's hard to keep track of your current armor durability then the ArmorDisplay mod will most likely be useful for you. A new graphical user interface for displaying each armor item will be displayed on the screen. If you switch from one armor to the other then the dynamic ArmorDisplay will change as well.

Creator: Krim4918


While testing we did notice some differences in terms of how the display appears on the screen based on which device is being used.

In the first image you will see how it looked on our Nexus 9 tablet and in the second image you will see how it looks on a smaller device, such as a smartphone.

Installation Guides

Is avaliable for 1.17?
Can you please try to make it also for pc users
Please update broken link... upload to media fire
Is it working on W10?
Can you make this on iOS?
SevoTheCoolNoModdedGuy September 23, 2017 at 4:44 am
I wish it was a addon for ios
Hey the link doesn't work anymore. Plz fix it
I can't do this anymore because I have to much resource packs
I like it ~_~