Armors+ Mod

The Armors+ Mod adds six types of armors which can be applied by using armor+ items. When applied you will gain abilities almost like super powers. Besides the armors the mod also adds an incredible powerful boss which when killed will give you the best armor the mod got to offer.

Creator: UltraPeachMC


  • Advanced Armor+ system
  • Six new armors
  • One incredibly powerful boss

How does the armors work?

The new items added to the game doesn’t add regular armors. They are items which when used your regular armor will remain on but be heavily improved with new abilities. You will also have a new skin based on which armor you are wearing.

The first thing you want to do is to craft a Basic Armor Template (full iron armor – helmet, leggings, chestplate, boots + 1 iron ingot). The Basic Armor Template can then be used to craft fire, dark, ice, ground, nature and heaven armors all with its own abilities.

Fire Armor CPU

Allows you to fly and when you punch things they are set on fire. Gives you 5 extra hearts.


Dark Armor CPU

Every hit equals 20 damage. Basically you become a really overpowered warrior.


Ice Armor CPU

Wherever you walk it will spawn ice blocks underneath you. If you jump, guess what will happen? Well, more ice will spawn under you!


Ground Armor CPU

If you hit the ground or a mob it will make a big explosion.


Nature Armor CPU

It will give you some extra health. If you are hurt and need to regain it you can kill a mob and you will be healed one heart.


How to spawn the Heaven Guardian boss?

To spawn the Heaven Guardian you will need the Heaven Guardian item which can be crafted with eight gold ingots and one basic armor template.

Before spawning the boss it is highly recommended that you first grab one of the armor templates which we’ve explained above.

Use the Heaven Guardian item to spawn the boss wherever you like. He’s incredibly dangerous as he has got 3000 in health and has the ability to spawn other mobs like silverfishes and fire.


Once you have killed the boss it will drop the Heaven Armor CPU.

It is the most powerful armor of them all and include the powers of all the other armors combined (except the ice armor): fire, nature, ground and dark armor.


Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Basic Armor Template (475) – full set of iron armor (helmet, chestplate, leggings, boots) + 1 iron ingot
  • Fire Armor CPU (463, 464) – 8 lava buckets + 1 basic armor template
  • Dark Armor CPU (465, 466) – 8 nether bricks + 1 basic armor template
  • Ice Armor CPU (467, 468) – 8 water buckets + 1 basic armor template
  • Ground Armor CPU (469, 470) – 8 TNT blocks + 1 basic armor template
  • Nature Armor CPU (471, 472) – 8 emeralds + 1 basic armor template
  • Heaven Armor CPU (473, 474) – obtained when killing the Heaven Guardian boss
  • Heaven Guardian (boss spawner item) (476) – 8 gold ingots + 1 basic armor template

Change Basic Steve Skin

This is absolutely not necessary for the mod to work and completely optional. It does require technical knowledge about mods and technical stuff in general.

When switching between lets say the fire armor and the basic armor template the skin will automatically change. If you have your own unique type of skin and don’t want to have it changed to the default Steve skin you can do the following changes in the .js file to have it work with your specific skin instead.

Option 1:

  1. Open the Armor+.js file in a text editor. Preferably Notepad++, but other similar text editor programs work too.
  2. Wherever you find mob/ME.png in the mod replace that with the url of your skin. E.g., upload it to and replace mob/ME.png with that image url.

Option 2:

  1. Find and replace the mob/ME.png file with your own skin.

Download Mod (required)
Download Textures (required)

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  1. Guest-3368065547 says:

    can you make a windows 10 edition version of this mod

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    the link desent work

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  4. Anonymous says:

    This look super-cool, but the download link doesnt work

  5. Isaiah says:

    This was super fun

  6. Keeley says:

    Please just give us the file so we can download it to our preferred app because some people can’t afford computers for Dropbox

  7. Someone says:

    It says there is no file when i go to download it

  8. soemone says:

    Can this mod be for 0. 14

  9. Alvin Chan says:

    Coolest mod ever created! The armour is soooooo OVERPOWERED!!!

  10. Kevin says:

    I love the fire armour… But I can’t spawn the heaven arm or thinhimadoo.
    Any tips?

    • Editor says:

      To spawn the Heaven Guardian boss you will need to craft the Heaven Guardian item which can be crafted with eight gold ingots and one basic armor template.

      NOTE: You must have difficulty toggled on in settings to be able to spawn the boss!

  11. koda says:

    Cool mod but it won’t let me download

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    I can’t download. But cool mod

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    That looks so awesome! How do I download it?

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    I have the mod in I just dont know how to get the tex pack in

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    That’s awesome how u download

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    This mod is the best

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