Arms Dealer Addon (1.13+)

Tired of bad Wandering trader Trades? Transform your boring trader into an Arms dealer that sells tools and ores! Trade Emeralds for Iron or diamond swords, with chances of enchantments. The new arms dealer comes with custom item drops, and even a horse!

With the Arms Dealer mod, he rides into town on his trusty white steed to sell you valuable items.

The Arms Dealer has 150 HP and will take 6 hits from a diamond sword to kill him. However, he is passive, for now. The Arms Dealer takes the role of the Wandering trader and has the same spawn rates and properties.

The tools dropped by the Arms Dealer all have chances to be enchanted and he trades for generous prices!!

Prices range anywhere from 1 emerald to 15 emeralds depending on the trades!

Diamond Pickaxe – 10-13 Emeralds

Diamond sword – 10-13

Iron Pickaxe – 5-8

Iron Sword – 4-6

Iron ingot – 1-3

Diamond – 3-5

When the Arms Dealer is killed he will drop wheat for his horse, and a random tool. With custom drops and horse you might be tempted to kill this guy, but he has a lot of health. when the arms dealer is damaged he runs around making it hard to hit him. The Arms Dealer will be updated with custom textures and aggression in future updates

More trade items will come in future updates, id love to hear some feedback on the mod.

The Arms Dealer and his trade screen can be seen in the above image. The Arms Dealer can be spawned or found in your worlds and trades will vary within his 2 levels. there are random chances for the tools to be enchanted and the trades are randomized between his spawns.

The above image is the Trader and his horse upon spawn. As you can see he looks like the wandering trader and has the same functions. but with slightly different properties:

Health: 150

Spawns with: 1 Horse

Trades have been changed:

Speed increased to 1.2 (1.5 when attacked)


This Addon is still in development and stuff is being changed, As such some aspects of the mod may not work as intended and will be fixed in a later update. Thank you.

Changelog View more

Updated the MCPEDL Page to add More information on Arms Dealer Properties

Updated the Info Page to show more information and details about the mod

also updated the installation guide for all consoles

...this denied thing, Thats literally all the mod is, it changes the wandering trader into a arms dealer that instead of selling trash he sells useful tools.

Dear Admin, that is all the mod is, i cannot make a more detailed version

this changelog shall be deleted upon approval. :) Stay Safe!

Created Mod - 1/9/19

Added trades

Added horse instead of llama

Changed the drops of the wandering trader.


WIN10 & Mobile:

Click Download

Then Open the file

it will automatically open minecraft and import the mod.


You will need the following programs to follow along with this tutorial:

File Downloader will download the addons.

Install it on the xbox one.

UFO.Transfer will open the Packages folder.

box One Smartglass is needed to paste the download link.

Any archiver will do. Some examples are 7z and WinRAR

Change the file extension from .mcaddon to .zip. If the contents are two .mcpacks, unzip the file, and follow the instructions for .mcpack for each of the files. Remember to label the folders as resource or behavior.

If the contents are two folders, check if they are labeled as behavior and resource. If both are labeled, great! If they aren't labeled, label them. Keep the file as a .zip and go to the next step.

After you have a zip file, host the file on a file hoster. Copy the **direct** download link. On the Xbox, open File Downloader. Head to Download From Link, and go to Xbox One Smartglass on the computer. Paste the direct download link, and name the file in the bottom input bar. Make sure that it starts with Local Storage! For example, Local Storage/ Press the Start button, and wait for it to download. After it downloads, open the Local Storage folder. Head inside the zip file, and select everything, and copy. Head outside the file, and paste. It will take a while.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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  1. Guest-6346749870 says:

    Marca error al descargar

  2. someguy says:

    i don’t understand, what’s the difference between behaviors.mcpack and mcaddon. which one do i install? or do i install both???

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  4. Homer Simpson says:

    It changed for xbox you need my files explorer

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  6. John Benedict G Magbitang says:

    Notch is a original Creator

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  9. Spectral says:

    Make him look like illager.

    • I will soon make a custom texture for him and possibly a custom horse texture, he will also become hostile when hit in a later update.

    • Adrikadh says:

      Very good addon, i think is very useful. I try to enter in the world of addons and i think is very complicated to do this thinks without help. Very good job. PD: Try to add The arms dealer in different slot than the Wandering Trader.

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