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Published on November 26, 2016 (Updated on November 26, 2016)

Arrow Warz [Minigame] (Addon)

Arrow Warz is an archer minigame map for two players. It uses an addon which makes arrows explosive and water just as deadly as lava. Try to kill the other player by shooting explosive arrows at his fort. If you are lucky, he might fall down into the water and die. If not, then you will just have to continue for as long it takes to one of you to win. All in all, it's a really fun map to play!

Creator: cleverlike & SnakeyeZZ, Twitter Account, Website

How to play?

This map can be played by a maximum of two players. Take one bow and three stacks of arrows from the chests. Then go in either direction and drop down where the sign tells you.

The objective is to kill the other player and while you are at it also destroy his fort. This can be done because your arrows are explosive.

Here are some ways to kill the other player:

  • Shoot to kill the other player
  • Destroy the enemy fort, causing him to fall down into the water and die (yes, you will now die in water)
  • Fire an explosive arrow at the enemy, nudging/pushing him into the pool of water where he will die (and yes again, you will from here on die in water!)

As soon as a player falls down into the water he or she will start to lose health. There is no way to avoid this horrible fate.

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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It Just Goes To cleverlike website instead of mediafire Pls Fix This Issue (pls respond)
The link is not functioning properly. I would love to play, but I cannot.
I've reported the issue to the creator.
What is the name or link of the add on ? Pls tell me
Please make a cooler re-designed version or a new theme with the same weapon or some new ones too but the same exploding arow and death by water.

Also please make it a template for this and your new one if you do make one thats similar :) thank you
Erm one thing make the f**king link to the behaviour back only so I can use it in all my worlds to make skeletons annoying and harder plz it would mean the world to me and other people if not I'll get the sit to close this off otherwise but I'll give you time k
the arrows dont explode
Make sure you've got the behavior pack enabled.
I like the map a lot, can you make a .McWorld with war pirate ships?
Making a parkour any ideas anyone?
Can you do more mingames? (preferably with the mcworld download available)
Do you have link just for addon
I'm pretty it's "fate" not "faith" for the last sentence. Learn to english man
Thanks for the info. I have corrected the error. I will "learn to English" in the future. ;)
Can you link addon please?