ASCENSION HD | v1.0.8 | Update!

ASCENSION HD changes the way you see it. Created for those who loves realistic-styled Minecraft.





// NOTES //

If you’re having trouble downloading, here’s the guide :



Windows 10 Directory : C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\Packages


Android :


Changelog View more

New content 

- All bed texture

- Diamond and gold block

Fixes and changes : 

- New direct ultra high speed download link

- Manifest update

Fixes & Changes : 

- Removed website

- Breaking stages textures are now fully transparent

- Manifest update

New assets :

- Glass block and panels

- All swords retexture

- Animated Glowstone

Added webpage!

Changes :

- Fixed missing spruce door texture

- Fixed black ore texture

- Fixed sound issue

- Sounds are now separated

- Fixed ice texture transparency

- Fixed brown mushroom proportion

- Changed manifest

- Added Ice texture

- Added wheat stages texture

- Added breaking stages texture

- Added options for resolution to choose from :

    x512 [UHD]

    x256 [HD] (Recommended)

    x128 [Normal]


- FIle heavily reduced from 80 to 30 MB

- Created separate soundpack mod

- New showcase map

- Added new block


-New HD sun and moon

-Stone brick (reworked) + mossy

-All ores texture have been reworked and animated

-HD Torch

-New brown and red mushroom



-Blue Ice


- New download link for XBOX users

- Manifest has been modified (better looking)

- Vegetations texture saturation increased (including grass)

- Reworked leaves texture (removed birch leaves ugly spot)

- Removed footstep sound of carpet and snow


- FIle heavily reduced from 80 to 30 MB

- Created separate soundpack mod

- New showcase map

- Added new block

  • Cobblestone
  • New HD sun and moon
  • Stone brick (reworked) + mossy
  • All ores texture have been reworked and animated
  • HD Torch
  • New brown and red mushroom
  •  Snow
  • Ice
  • Blue Ice


- Manifest has been modified (better looking)

- Vegetations texture saturation increased (including grass)

- Reworked leaves texture (removed birch leaves ugly spot)

- Removed footstep sound of carpet and snow


- FILESIZE Compressed

- Added new blocks

  • New ores, with animation (each contains 24 frames) with unique style
  • Cobblestone
  • New stone (reworked)
  • Stonebrick (reworked) + Mossy
  • Mushroom + Red Mushroom
  • Ice
  • Blue ice
  • HD Torch


- Manifest modified (better looking)

- Reworked sun & moon texture (Now HD)

- Reworked tree leaves

- Vegetation saturation increased (including grass)

- Tiling improvement

New Block :

     Stonebrick (Normal + Mossy)

     All tree leaves texture

    All wool/carpet texture

    All tree barks texture

Major Update :

     Added an option for enabling/disabling soundpack (Make sure to restart your MCPE IF you activate the resource pack from global resource)

    Greatly improved texture tiling except for ores and stone (Its no more OCD, no pattern repition, no border, enjoy :) )

Minor Update :

     Fixed water flowing sound (You wont feel like standing beside a waterfall anymore lol)

     Reworked grass texture (it looks really good now :D)

    Reworked sandstone top texture

   New link (No more pop up)

New Block :

  •  Stonebrick (Normal + Mossy)

  •  All tree leaves texture

  • All wool/carpet texture

  • All tree barks texture

Major Update :

  •  Added an option for enabling/disabling soundpack (Make sure to restart your MCPE IF you activate the resource pack from global resource)

  • Greatly improved texture tiling except for ores and stone (Its no more OCD, no pattern repition, no border, enjoy :) )

Minor Update :

  •  Fixed water flowing sound (You wont feel like standing beside a waterfall anymore lol)

  •  Reworked grass texture (it looks really good now :D)

  • Reworked sandstone top texture

  • Changed gravel texture
  • 40 files of texture replaced
  • Ingame music removed
  • Spruce planks texture replaced
  • 40 files of texture replaced
  • Changed featured image
  • Fixes on spruce plank tiling


Windows 10 Directory : C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\games\com.mojang\resource_packs

Android :



Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14


128x 256x 512x

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240 Responses

4.06 / 5 (96 votes)
  1. Wawancraftia says:

    Pls just use adfly, its easier to use, and you still gets money

  2. GripssPlayz says:

    Excuse me creator, this pack looks cool but you use linkverse, which MCPEDL has banned, so I’ll report this pack if you do not change the link (Besides, Linkverse is VERY hard to use, and I dont want crappy sexual clickbait notifications popping up on my PC)

  3. SeranaXx says:

    MONSTER!!! Could someone please post a mediafire link or google drive for this texture pack? I’m not gonna allow or even play with whatever site the link is in. You and the rest of the creators on here need to seriously stop this none-sense. Not cool…

    • SeranaXx says:

      Can’t edit my post. So I’ll say it here. I don’t mean to sound like a jerk but it’s frustrating when you can not download your favorite texture pack :\ Hope you add a Mediafire link.

  4. carodwen says:

    Soundpack link wants me to download and download, which isn’t something I am willing to do. Idk if that is intentional but when it gets a plain google drive link I will check it out. Thanks for the texture pack

  5. SuperVilzio89 says:

    The sound pack wont download. It’s giving me a different download that has nothing to do with Minecraft.

  6. Guest-8016591363 says:

    there are only 102 block textures, and there should be at least 700

  7. CreepX451 says:

    AMAZING TEXTURE PACK! I absolutely love this texture pack! One thing I would like to add, any resolution lower than 512×512 is kind of broken. There are a lot less textures on lower resolutions. Other than that, I LOVE this texture pack and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this pack! 🙂

  8. Guest-1911688145 says:

    Keeps failing to import please help

  9. Guest-2856909105 says:

    minecraft doesn’t let me play with the texture pack,
    I get out when loading the world.
    Could you fix it?

  10. codenameAFK says:

    good quality, easy to download, worth the money, and cheap. also don’t remove the download link to anywhere just stay at google drive to make downloads easy 🙂

  11. Cheesecake says:

    It’s nice but very hard to be emersive in a world with only this TEXTURE PACK. This would be a great addition to another texture pack

  12. Anonymous says:

    100% complete

  13. Zephyrus Aurelius Fokkusushadou says:

    ya need to put these as mcpacks or somethin, because doing it by hand is annoying lol.

  14. l4uuuuuu says:

    https :// /uc?export= download&id= 1ah7dyzWR9S1NDfyEAVOpMiCMp0SyP6p0

  15. Anonymous says:

    Muchas gracias ya he podido descargar la actualización , sigue así tu trabajo es impresionante

  16. Bohn says:

    All links changed to google drive

  17. JOEMAMA says:

    Yo you know that’s the pack The link zippyshare don’t Exit in Germany? so no Germans? racist

    • Anonymous says:

      german isn’t a race lol

      • Anonymous says:

        umm yes they are?

        • carodwen says:

          It’s a Nationality. Race is based on skin color. Light skinned, brown skinned Black Skinned, Yellow Skinned. Those are races. Being Human is a Species(even if they have all gone psycho lately) and being German, American, Asian, Australian, is a Nationality. Again Race is NOT beliefs or nationality or religious beliefs. No matter if you believe it to be so or not, Being german is a nationality. Your race is based on the color of your skin. The problem is, the world today has gone full-blown stupid in not knowing the difference between actual racism and just being offended. Please learn the difference. K. Thnk

  18. JOEMAMA says:

    i can’t download it says Always 403 forbidden nginx? wtf dude make a normal link and stop doing all for Money!

  19. Cheli says:

    Hola, me gustaría que me alludase,intento actualizar mi pack de texturas, realizó todos los pasos de forma correcta pero al acabar la página donde se supone que debería haber el archivo para la actualización me sale el error 403 quisiera saber qué puedo hacer, gracias

  20. Elder says:

    Hola bro, me encanta tu trabajo con esta textura, mira soy nuevo editando texturas, lo hago desde mi móvil, y quería preguntarte si me enseñas aeditar texturas sin que salgan borrosas y podría ayudarte tambi n 🙂 saludos desde Colombia

  21. Joseph .B. says:

    Wow amazing, Plz make more updates for this for future versions
    Skyrim Minecraft

  22. Anonymous says:

    It is nice but wutt does the sound thing so??

  23. Diecies says:

    Terrible link, it just takes you to several different sites all with popups and never lets me download. So much for making a video on my channel about it…

  24. NitroNukeRFL says:

    i can’t download it i do the stuff what he want but than cams 403 error wtf dude Why so bad use Google drive

  25. Bohn says:

    Hey guys, update’s coming. And sorry for those who had trouble downloading MediaFire. New update comes with a brand new direct high speed download link 🙂

  26. Mr.MuFiN says:

    Very good texture pack beautiful too, download process is annoying

  27. BlueDragon says:

    I can’t download the texture pack because of Media Fire forcing me to go to premium. pls help

  28. bohn says:

    Love it can you add realistic clouds like this picture and also can you animate blocks & items and even add realistic weather environment effect.

  29. americamx says:

    Which shaders do you recommend for using this? I have windows 10.

  30. Someone says:

    What’s up with the download link completing task in order to unlock the true link.

  31. WiseGuy1 says:

    I selected mediafire link and it took me to some site that forced me to get the download link. needs to be fixed.

  32. Player XD says:

    I can not download it does not load the page I see pure Ascension HD

  33. Alora says:

    Link is broken all kinds

  34. Sajjad Shah says:

    Everything is black in my MCPE 1.12

  35. Supernatural says:

    Link is busted!!!
    Fix it.

  36. ItalianMiner92 says:

    Some texture are still in default (grass with snow on the top, but when the snow is destroyed the grass get your texture). Choosed the Double ADs, cause college is important 😉

  37. Bohn says:

    Been having a very busy week, but hey the webpage’s ready and i’m working on an update! Stay tuned.

  38. Shaders!:r says:

    shader link pls

  39. Ironash says:

    Holy Herobrine This guy ROCKS IT! DOUBLE ADS CLICKED!.
    Thank you very much.

  40. Bohn says:

    Update’s coming soon guys, i’ve been inactive for quite a while. i’ve just set up a webpage so you can download with certain options.

  41. eZ Zxmbie says:

    Love the Texture Pack so much! Any updates on when we will see a full release?

  42. Lucas says:

    I’m having trouble downloading it, it bring me to weird websites, what do I click? I’m on ios

  43. love ur texture pack keep up the good work says:

    love the texture pack but i cant download 1.0.7 anyway keep up the good work

  44. Bohn says:

    Guys, sorry if you’re waiting for an update, it’s hard to keep up with both college and stuff. but i have a plenty free time here so updates coming real soon 🙂

  45. SeranaXx says:

    What is the percentage of this resource pack being completed?

  46. XxTheLoneWolfxX says:

    Havent tryed it yet but im wondering where i put the soundpack on xbox? resource_packs or behavior_packs?

  47. Jared says:

    It works fine for me from the double ads it is simple to get through tho

  48. Jared says:

    For low end devices??

  49. name-name says:

    for some reason the spruce doot is missing textures for me(maybe others)and it only affects the top half of the door

  50. Bohn says:

    Guys if you were having trouble with the texture pack, im asking you to please report it with a screenshot (link) it takes little effort. Use IMGUR

  51. Lexxi Carnage says:

    Can’t even get to the download because the ads can’t be skipped and there’s no option at all to get to the real download

  52. The1Colorblinder says:

    i really like it but when im like 1 far from block its blurry . Do you know whats the problem?
    I play on win10

  53. Huburaru121#@ says:

    This doesnt work for me and please give me a mediafire link instead of a link direct. With that i wont work or please update it

  54. Matthieu says:

    Do you have .mcworld pack

  55. Bohn says:

    Someone reported that the ores had a bug which turn all the ores to pitch black except for the redstone ores, does anyone facing the same issues aswell?

  56. I use this site, and ad-links with an adblocker, hah!

    Other than that, this pack has a lot of problems.

  57. Yeet master says:

    Crashes my ipad air 2019 when i try to load a world

  58. Tmhis says:

    Please help me I have a very good device but my texture are reducing and the texture looks like trash. How to fix texture reducing problem please help

  59. Wah says:

    Please, redo gravel and cobblestone they kinda look ugly (no offense). Then redo iron ore because you can barely see it in caves.

  60. Mia says:

    Plz just make one that’s going to actually go to media fire

  61. rightful says:

    hope this gets better its good so far

  62. Sub2Pewdiepie says:

    Hii. I love ur texture pack n also it works great with seus shader. But I’m still waitin for complete retexture for all block n also animal/mobs. Keep it up. u have a fans in here

  63. Anonymous says:

    I’m putting a zip archive, sorry xbox users 🙁

  64. Bohn says:

    Guys, if you’re going to play this with a shaders make sure to put the shaders below the texture pack or the sky will get bugged. Because the texture pack contains a code that change the cloud properties.

  65. Anonymous says:

    I really like your creation for Minecraft to be realistic so I’m gonna support you with the double ads link because you earned it.

  66. Anonymous says:

    How do I download on Xbox?

  67. not famous says:

    Can you make it into a zip folder?

  68. Aiden says:

    Can u put the zip file on there I tried just renaming it but t don’t work I wanna do it for Xbox

  69. Xammax says:

    When using this beautifully crafted resource pack, Minecraft has truly come to a point where life has really stuck out. Please, keep on working this. A recommendation for you is that after you have completed all the pack’s texture, make your own shader. It seems you would be very good.

  70. Bohn says:

    I’m sorry guys, i’m really busy with college. but thankfully, i got some spare time here so update’s coming out very soon

  71. SirenpotTer54 says:

    will this be up for xbox one version 1.12

  72. helieo45 says:

    plz make a mcpack for the shaders

  73. ShepLord591 says:

    Can’t wait till it’s done?

  74. Nobody says:

    Does the shader and texture work for windows 10 also?

  75. Jake Atcher says:

    On future updates I recommend you to change the textures of the essential everyday blocks we see everyday. That means leaves, oak, and other stuff. I also recommend you to make the textures look less gloomy and dark (Grass). It just makes minecraft look a bit like morrowind. If I just ignore all that, this texture pack is pretty good!

  76. Bohn says:

    Working on an update, college schedule has been holding me back lol. anyway the texture tiling have been greatly improved, working on animated texture, new blocks, however door texture have a clipping issue (due to limited modification, MC:BE haven’t supported custom block yet) so all the door textures will be x256.

  77. SufferingBitch says:

    I downloaded it, but it’s all black.

  78. Frostbyte3YTOG says:

    Ermm, when i put my head on the block i see the pixels. Please make it better.

    • Bohn says:

      I assume you read my comments below, i clearly said i tested it on x2048 resolution ( The highest res). and this is x512, the difference is pretty obvious. there’s no way im remaking the whole texture again, since its pointless and a double amount of work.

  79. ********************************* says:

    It good but what shader you using?

  80. Bohn says:

    anyone here’s good with GLSL? if so, please contact me i need a little favor. ill put your credit (im not into coding just yet :P)
    Twitter : @Bohn94388916

  81. Mr. Human says:

    I made a 2048×2048 resource pack! Big shout out to the creator of this for inspiring me!

  82. jammster10 says:

    Does anyone know how to make the shaders work? I downloaded the file and unpacked it, but the shaders didn’t work. Am I supposed to leave it as a .zip file?

    • Bohn says:

      you can either unzip the archive nd put all the folder to games/mojang/resource_packs/ or just simply rename the .zip format to .mcpack, it’ll automatically do the job for you 🙂

  83. Med says:

    is there a way where I could just use the sound pack instead of the texture pack?

    • Bohn says:

      yea, just rename all the folders inside “sounds”, delete all the ‘1’ from every folder ex: “mobs1” to “mobs”. and just delete the rest all the file except the path to the “sounds” folder. there u have it 😀 sound resource pack

  84. ,K,K, Noice says:

    Please make ray tracing and make it 2048x instead of 512 and ad a shader, sorry for asking for too much stuff but I’ve seen it on YouTube and it is honestly better than real life(I meant graphics)

    • Bohn says:

      Hate to break it to you but ray tracing, dynamic reflection is nearly impossible on minecraft bedrock, for now atleast. just use the shaders i recommended above, the reflection on the ground is not actually ray tracing its just look like one. About 2k res, there’s approximately around +-665 block textures, if i were going to change them all (just the blocks itself) it would be around 2GB! and if i’m going to change all the texture (+-1439) it would be around 4.3GB lol. I’m 90% sure most of the users will be having memory problems and arent willing to download just a texture for that big, not to mention that i have to remodel all the texture since i didnt save all of the template. Perhaps i’ll make a 2k resource for Minecraft java since most of the devices are capable to run it with the support of better processing (Anti-Aliasing, filtering, etc) and hardware.

  85. General IRIS says:

    Hai there, im looking foward on using this texture pack. It runs smoothly on my minecraft bedrock 1.12. However, im clueless on install zaifa’s shader.
    I tried put it in games->com.mojang->resource_packs.
    I tried extract each one (the low till ultra folder).
    Yet, I cant find the shader it self.
    Can you please explain how should i solve this problem

  86. StrongTrivago110 says:

    I was only looking for shaders since I can’t find one that one that my device can keep up so I checked on textures instead and stumbled onto yours. I looked and saw the second pic and my interest lost since I don’t like the realistic type of textures, but I continued anyway. Then, I saw you suggest a shader with different settings and got interested instead and tried it. I’m using the mid settings right now and I runs fine on my phone. I’ll rate 5 stars because you just gave me a good shader to use. Thanks

  87. Mikeydude2312 says:

    Could you ever make a higher resolution texture like 2080 or at least 1040 or like a shaders pack with ray tracing for bedrock bc u would be the first just like this is the 1st 512 pack. BTW love the pack cant wait till its finished

    • Bohn says:

      That would be really awesome, i’ve always wanted to create realistic mediaval themed textures. but i dont think i could make it 2k since upscaling doesnt work that way and its basically remodeling the whole texture lol, it’s gonna be a lot of work. I guess maybe in the near future?

  88. Captain0202 says:

    The Texture Pack looks great but I would definitely redesign some of the ores cause there really not that noticeable, especially the Iron, Diamond, and Gold

  89. Captain0202 says:

    The shader makes everything go black for me so I had to turn off the shader so I can actually see the textures.

  90. Noscoper Sans says:

    I have a problem, i can’t download it!
    I just see “error 1020” and some info that i don’t understand
    Help me!
    I don’t have this problem with other tp, shaders, addons
    How i can fix it?

  91. Sean says:

    Can you make the download link diffreint? Something good to change it too would be shrtfly because this link you have to go through 1000 adds just to get to download

  92. DemonicGamer145 says:

    this texture pack is phenomenal in the best part is that it works for XBOX!!!, this is one of the best or might be the best texture pack that works for consoles and I’m very surprised that it works our system says it can only handle128x128 but clearly not it can clearly support 512×512 and I cannot wait for future updates yours truly – A Console Player

  93. DemonicGamer145 says:

    This is one of the best if not the best texture packs I found for Xbox it works so smoothly and I am astonished how a 512 x 512 resolution texture pack can even work on Xbox but I can tell you made It happen and I am happy for the future updates for this awesome texture pack, I am hoping you will do cobblestone next and more fences but all in all a awesome texture pack for Xbox

  94. Anonymous says:

    Can you please make it easier to download?

  95. Floopydoop says:

    Make the download literally anything other than Safelinku. It is a horrible site that always leads to ads.

  96. Anonymous says:

    I am having trouble downloading this. I follow the instructions but when I click get link all it does is show an ad.

  97. Flexify says:

    Here’s the link guys

  98. Bohn says:

    So apparently, i just realized Minecraft support texture resolution up to x2048! so i messed with the resolution a bit, and it looked much much better like a thousand times better. i can no longer see any pixel even if i set the FOV to minimum and put my face on the block lmao heck even it doesnt give me FPS drop its just seem so surreal lol, but unfortunately every single of the texture weight around 12 MB each RIP so i thought it was a bad idea haha but lossless compression should do the job

    BTW, all the textures are all now HD and i retouched some of the unpleasant texture like gravel and sandstone, they look much better now

  99. mrsnappy says:

    it’s only some few blocks are hd. can you please make all of minecraft graphics hd on your next update?

  100. Pat says:

    READ ME :)Love the textures please complete it 🙂 and for all you who say it ‘ can’t be downloaded’ with your xbox AND TO USE MEDIA FIRE you Don’t need it use your phone download his pack stick it in your DROP BOX FROM PHONE LOL EASY DONT USE YOUR XBOX TO DOWNLOAD STUFF THE BROWSER SUCKS HA HA drop box is for xbox guys

  101. Bohn says:

    Thank you everyone for the amazing comments, appreciated it. I’m on just a SHORT vacation, i’ll be back in no time. AND dont worry next update ill put more link options.

  102. MrGhostFedora says:

    This looks great. When are you gonna release the texture pack?

  103. Jen says:

    Amazing texture pack! Good work! I applaud texture pack creators like you who make Minecraft 100x better to play. I can’t wait to try the full texture pack ^^

  104. Alesscreeper says:


  105. Shivaiya says:

    Had to go through a captcha & a million ads (some of which where NSFW) just to finally get to a Dropbox download link that’s incompatible with downloading for Xbox. Please make the download link MediaFire, would love to try out the pack. : (

  106. Anonymous says:

    Can you make it a media fire link instead

    • Bohn says:

      What do you mean, are you having trouble downloading? It’s simple, just click the download button on the upper right corner.

      • Leon says:

        People on Xbox have to use Mediafire links to be able to install it through a complicated process for Bedrock Edition, doing this will allow the entire Xbox playerbase to install and use your pack. Please do this. <3

  107. Mohamed says:

    This is amazing the best mcpe resource pack but please please complete it I can’t wait to play survival with this pack

  108. Josh says:

    It keeps getting me to a random website i can’t download it! ill rate this 2 star for now please fix this …

  109. Anonymous says:

    Can you make it a media fire link I can’t install it

  110. JACO says:

    After jumping thro whole bunch of ads, I finally made it to the duc, but somehow it said that it’s not supported.
    Plz help.

  111. Chris says:

    Type %LocalAppData%\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\games\com.mojang\minecraftWorlds into your search thing at the bottom left corner, and go to the world that starts with a P ( That’s what’s on mine ) or open the world in Minecraft and go to the file with today’s date. then go to the resource packs, copy 1, and paste it into your other resource packs folder.

  112. Chris says:

    This somehow works on my laptop and it looks pretty phenomenal. For anybody unsure how to get it, turn off your adblocker ( if you have one ) at the site, and press the “Get link”. Repeatedly close the links till you get one from google drive.

  113. SparxoYT says:

    Hello can you make it with a mediafire link or a thing where we can choose with what we can open it pls. Thnxcya

  114. PikyPyE says:

    Mcpe 1.13.+?

  115. Bohn says:

    I’ll set up patreon someday for anyone that want to support me :), but this pack will always be free.

  116. Bohn says:

    I got the notice too whenever i forgot to turn off VPN on my PC or using puffin on android, make sure to check if there’s any VPN/Web plugin running. I’m sorry for the incovinience for the URL shortener(it helped me a bit)

  117. tangshao says:

    [Flip] Due to domestic policy reasons, VPN must be used. But when it finally jumps, it is detected that VPN is used. Can not download, can you save to other network disk? QAQ

  118. Kirito says:

    I can’t get the download link to work.
    I’ve tried it on multiple devices, it says the i have VPN/Proxy one even though i don’t

  119. Jason N says:


  120. Anonymous says:

    This texture pack seems pretty cool. I can’t wait for it to have all the textures and be up to date.

  121. Creeper says:

    Every time I try to download it, it wants me do download an app. Please just make it mediafire

  122. ... says:

    Plz add working link

  123. Name says:

    Never mind, I did it!

  124. Name says:

    How can you move the textures from the map folder to the resource pack folder?

  125. JeremiMcPE says:

    Holy cow, 512x?

  126. Somone says:

    How d get this

  127. Jostin345 says:

    THIS IS T H E FU T U R E (good pack! You have something for donate?patreon?

  128. Cat says:

    waaayyy too many ads to download >:(

  129. lucifer÷morningstar says:

    does it support 1.12+

  130. James says:

    Crashed my game and I tried it multiple times.

  131. Anonymous says:

    The texture looks really cool, but the link doesn’t work. It just takes me to a weird ad website where it tries to sell me stuff.

  132. DrTank98 says:

    Looks phenomenal so far, can’t wait to see the rest!!! What are you adding next?

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