Ashes Skeleton Titan Addon!

The titan with incredible power, the titan with his iron sword, the titan in the living hell…

This time I will let you know the infinity power of Ashes Skeleton Titan. He is also able to let your device explode.

(So you’d better turn off mob greifing, or you want to give your device a challenge?)

Ashes Skeleton Titan

One of the most powerful mobs in MCBE, actually my old PC with core i3 can’t even handle it. so watch it out. If you want to let it work more smoothly on your device, then you’d better turn off mob greifing.

(Just look at this guy, totally a walking disaster lmao)

Just kidding, titan ashes skeleton on its first stage is KILLABLE. It means you have chance to beat him(OMG you want to fight it with Minecraft original weapons???). But the chance is almost 0% because it has its iron sword and its magical attacks…


Yes, it can use ashes from its body to attack. It will give you withering effect and break you in 1 second.

(Seems like some harmless black smoke but…)

Dark Lurkers

Just like sans’s bone lurkers but oh my gosh it is way way stronger

It will be summoned near Ashes Skeleton Titan to keep distance between ashes skeleton and his target.

Black Meteors

It just dropped form the sky lmao

Damage: You don’t need to know that because it is able to kill you in 1 second

‘Ashes Skeleton Titan is killable on his FIRST stage.’

Then didn’t you notice that it has its 2nd stage?

Ashes Skeleton Titan-Doomsday Stage

Actually if Ashes Skeleton Titan on 1st stage is killed, then it will turn into this stage immediately.

You can also summon this stage with a command: /summon h2v:ashes_skeleton_titan~ ~ ~第二阶段

It is totally a killing machine now, that means it will still attack although there is no mob near it.

Don’t try to fight with it. DON’T TRY TO FIGHT WITH IT!

Actually it killed Bendy’s SCP-096 and Jevil instantly. So don’t try to fight with it. This stage is just used for mob battle, OK?

This addon will be very laggy if you play it on low devices. So you’d better turn off mob griefing if you are afraid the game will be very laggy or even crash

Don’t give me one star just because this addon is too laggy on your device, OK? I’ve explained it very clearly.

Also, hope you like it! 😀 This addon is made by H2Vwither123, hope you like it!

Changelog View more

Bug fixed, hope you like it lol

Also, pls give me 5 star!


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  1. Creeper1234Ilan says:

    Pls make it instant download.
    When I pressed “Skip Ad” in adfly website, it got to the allow block.
    It said please press ‘Allow’ to continue, but there are no buttons.
    Pls make it mediafire download.

  2. Deathstrike2345 says:

    greatest addon but ill give you 4 stars instead

  3. Deathstrike2345 says:

    awsome addon but ill give you 4 stars instead

  4. dimitriusfilms162 says:

    Bruh this Addon is crazy! Almost died of exitement. Your addons still evolve to this day 🙂

  5. DLV26 says:

    Imagine if you create your character boss (i mean your skin, yourself) which is you can make it INSANELY STRONG (destructive) lol…

  6. GNDTT says:


  7. GNDTT says:


  8. DrDerp says:

    this isn’t related to the addon but can you pls continue jjba addon? Idk if you’re actually still working on it or not.

  9. Joaotdbrmaster says:

    Man This addon/mod are Amazing

  10. Joaotdbrmaster says:

    Man This are Amazing

  11. sethcreeper09 says:

    so is this like ultra drowned but a skeleton?

  12. Troncosoomar says:

    Well… What happens if you use this with mob griefing on?

  13. XDGAMING Playz says:

    What Where’s The Download Link It Said The Url Was Not Found From Adfly

  14. not gonna get it, it’s, which is inaccessible for about 60% of users, and I would guess about 30% get a virus or see porn at a young age.

  15. Kafi says:

    Nice Addon thanks

  16. OnePunchCraft says:

    Chinese addons are the best!

  17. Hey 鸥吃鱼? Is there anytime you’ll be making Battleships in Minecraft?

  18. ComfyDwarf says:

    Nice bro

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