Asian Roofs 2

IMPORTANT: This world can be updated using our additional packs once you have Asian Roofs 2. To add packs, visit our WEBSITE

Asian architecture and more than 30 custom animals such as elephants, tigers, crocodiles, etc., 30 profession villagers, 30 mini-games, Custom legends, Improved behaviors, tradings, fishing, hunting, etc. And you can get more packs on our website 🙂



“Asian Roofs 2” is a map created by MarmotteNapat and Soleil0Lunaire, a couple of builders.

This map is in fact a 512×768 blocks world full of custom animals with improved behaviors. For example, hostile animals such as the tigers will attack if hungry or provoked. The animals will also hunt and avoid respective animals. Some animals even have gender distinction and the way to breed is improved for each. In fact, some lay eggs, while others become pregnant, etc

And you have to know that there are at least 30 professions in Asian Roofs so you should find everything you need in villages and camps.

For the architecture, you guess it, it is inspired by Asia, from the chinese to the indo-arabic culture. You should even recognize some famous buildings that are similar to real ones, such as Taj Mahal and Forbidden City. You will also be thrown in a world that has many regions with different environments, from the snowy mounts to the colorful sea and tropical island before landing in the sandy beaches.

If this is not enough, you have at least 30 mini-games all regrouped in categories. There are even 24 droppers and a casino. You will also find attractions such as an Aqua Center to swim with injured animals, a giant museum with dinosaurs, 120 banner arts, etc. and a Dragoncoaster, that is the mix between a giant dragon and a rollercoaster. 

Finally, there are 3 quests that you can do and that will lead you to some prizes. And you may be interested in the Library that contains legends created by us that all have a little something true in the map.

And we also have a WEBSITE where you will have access to many more packs that you can add if you want (ex: sushis, special elephant decorations, lanterns, additional animals, etc.)

Now, we know this was a huge text and maybe you did not read it all but we hope you will enjoy. 🙂

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Additional packs are available on our WEBSITE and you can check there what changed from v1 to v2 :)

Major update :) Check out our video to see and visit our website to add more packs

VERSION 2 is coming in June 2020!


Every animal from version 1 will now be fully custom mobs.


Many new animals are coming such as rhino, red panda, peacock, orangutan, etc.


The mobs have routines for sleeping and eating, etc. The animations are very soft and shapes are super more realistic than the version 1.


Custom blocks such as bamboo wall, lanterns, symbols and more are coming so you can personalize the map!


Custom items are coming such as food and special artifacts


No more need to play in difficulty easy and blablabla, you will be able to play the way you want


-Game rule "Natural Regeneration" will let you turn on/off the hunting behaviors of all animals.

-Functions will be available for the owner so you can teleport easily to many places.

-Informations about every animals will be available directly in-game by the usage of functions!


Asian Roofs Team


Visit our WEBSITE to add many other packs in this world :)

We also present some of our stuff on our YouTube Channel


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66 Responses

4.71 / 5 (21 vote)
  1. MC Clout says:

    And that building from Thailand is actually Angkor wat from Cambodia

  2. MC Clout says:

    And I don’t see Cambodia or Singapore

  3. Guest-3905349115 says:

    I really love this map but I have one minor problem with the sharks which is: they don’t really swim very much

    still a 15/10 map tho

  4. Hi there! Version 2 is coming in June 2020 🙂

  5. Guest-1418441856 says:

    This is an amazing game! I just have one question, how do you interact with sick villagers?

    • Guest-8522518499 says:

      Hey sorry for the late reply! You cannot interact with them unless it is to cure them. In this case, tou need to serve them some “rabbit stew”, “mushroom stew” or “beetroot soup”

  6. Guest-3075403133 says:

    No doubt, I’ll enjoy this

  7. someguy says:

    ok now this looks sick. a shame it’s not updated, but i’ll still rate it 5.

  8. Garth Slack says:

    Can you separate the world itself from all the quests, animals, mini-games and stuff? It would be AMAZING to play in survival without the whole “can’t mine anything but ores” bit.

  9. Garth says:

    Can you separate the world itself from all the quests, animals, mini-games and stuff? It would be AMAZING to play in survival without the whole “can’t mine anything but ores” bit.

  10. NastyGamer says:

    Amazing world, I liked the architecture, but can you add some modern buildings. Perhaps you can texture the paintings to look like Asian art.

  11. Chilwiks says:

    Can you add indonesia food

  12. Chilwiks says:

    Where indonesia ?

  13. Confuses says:

    Hey, how do you use it? Thanks!

  14. kgcgb.jabjflvn/ says:

    Can you maybe add the chinese long (tameable maybe?) and the Qilin (also tameable plz)?

  15. PApokemongirl248 says:

    Most of the animals can’t be tamed so I get lonely 😞
    Can you make it able to go in to creative plz?

    • AsianRoofsTeam says:

      You can ride male elephant, tame wolves, cats and parrots 🙂 check the how to play section in the settings!

      If you want to be in creative, enter this in the chat:
      /gamemode c

  16. NJ says:

    Is there a download for the resource and behavior packs only? The world is fantastic but my device is very laggy with it, great work by the way!

    • NJ says:

      Like for the animals.

    • AsianRoofsTeam says:

      No, because we wanted packs to be exclusive to Asian Roofs for the initial version to encourage people to download our map. But maybe we will make some independant packs eventually.

      • NJ says:

        Ah! that’s unlucky, it’s fine though, i heard you guys are making an update for the world including new animals, you should consider uploading that to mcpe dl, great job by the way! This is the the most underrated map in the world! Best textures for animals aswell!

        • NJ says:

          Also, when is the new update for the map coming?

          • AsianRoofsTeam says:

            We are currently taking a break for the summer and we will continue more actively in 2 months. However, it is hard to state a date but it will be at least 4 months of work 🙂

            You can also check our Youtube channel: “Asian Roofs” and our website: “” for exclusive content and videos

        • AsianRoofsTeam says:

          Thank you very much for your comments 🙂 And yes it will uploaded to MCPEDL

  17. Nightsblox Roblox says:

    Where is myanmar?

  18. However says:

    This map is amazing keep working man it’s awesome 😎

  19. Yeetis says:

    100/10 would download again

  20. Anonymous says:

    Add aisian smaal clawed otters in the warm marine sections and I’ll be happy

  21. AquaticJacob says:

    I love it and I’m part Asian

    • AsianRoofsTeam says:

      Great we are happy you love it! What is your Asian origin? Some sites are inspired by:
      – China
      – Cambodia
      – India
      – Japan
      – Laos
      – Thailand
      – Viet Nam

  22. Daniel says:

    this map is one of the most detailed and pretty maps i’ve ever seen. i applaud you!

  23. MiniCrafter says:

    BRO I didn’t even download this (yet) and I Think It Should Be ON THE MARKETPLACE!!! Love All The New Variants Of animals. 5/5 Might Change If It Turns Out To Be A Letdown.

    • AsianRoofsTeam says:

      Thank you very much! Don’t hesitate to read the basics about these animals in the How to Play! We will also post more informations on our website eventually

  24. Anonymous says:

    Wow! I’m Asian and this is so cool!

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