Published on March 15, 2015

Assassin's Gear Mod

there is a better way ypo do the grappling kook just make a proktil that lands and stays like an arow the make an entity fly from you to the landed hook and have the player ride the entity until it hits the projectile and is deleted
I tryied a lot of time and there was 404 error nothing has changed so i rate 1 star instead of using dropbox use mediafire,adfly and linkvertise i recommend those sites
can you use media fire pls
I can't download it. It says "error 404 page that you are looking for is not found"
same (*_*)
same :(
I still can't use it
It's a good mod for mcpe
I can't download the mod because it says it's been generating too much traffic
Sick Mod so cool and yes null xLau it does cover your name tag from other ppl
Does the invisibility cloak hide your name tag from other ppl?
My plan is to make this mod after my halo 4 mod but you already make it :-(