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Published on March 15, 2015 (Updated on March 15, 2015)

Assassin's Gear Mod

The Assassin's Gear Mod provides you with the perfect tools and gear to become a ninja like assassin in Minecraft. The abilities include the possibility to turn invisible, throw axes like a master and more.

Creator: UltraPeachMC

Item Info, IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Assassin's Blade of Silence (429) - 6 coal + 2 iron ingots + 1 stick
  • Grappling Hook (431) - 6 coal + 2 gold ingots + 1 iron ingot
  • Throwing Axe (430) - 3 iron ingots + 4 coal + 2 sticks
  • Invisibility Cloak (433) - 8 iron ingots + 1 diamond

Assassin's Blade of Silence

The blade lets you hit hostile mobs such as spiders without angering them. In other words, they won't chase after you after you've hit them. It's too silent for them to realize they were even hit.

Grappling Hook

Tap on the ground to launch the grappling hook into the air. Wherever it lands you will be teleported to.

Throwing Axe

Tap on the ground to throw a flying object, supposedly an axe. Once it lands it will create a small explosion damaging any nearby enemies.

Invisibility Cloak

If you equip the cloak by tapping on the ground you will turn invisible. If you hold a weapon it will appear visible though which is kind of cool.

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I tryied a lot of time and there was 404 error nothing has changed so i rate 1 star instead of using dropbox use mediafire,adfly and linkvertise i recommend those sites
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can you use media fire pls
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I can't download it. It says "error 404 page that you are looking for is not found"
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I still can't use it
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It's a good mod for mcpe
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I can't download the mod because it says it's been generating too much traffic
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Wait a little and try again later.
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Sick Mod so cool and yes null xLau it does cover your name tag from other ppl
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Does the invisibility cloak hide your name tag from other ppl?
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My plan is to make this mod after my halo 4 mod but you already make it :-(
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