Astral Client V6.9

“The Cleanest UI in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.” – PatarHD123

Astral Client is an all-in-one optimization client-resourcepack for Minecraft Bedrock Edition.  It offers a variety of features such as unlocked V-Sync and Max Framerate Settings, Optifine features and more.

Owner: naton#0001

Developers: light#8318, BariPlayzYT#6609, and Bloodless#2600, and MichaelBricks#7744, PolrFlare#7193, BluCane#8193, Jegox#6103, Jaidyn
#7486, Argued168#9999, mat345st#0001

We host weekly events and updates on our Discord server, as well as giveaways and early access. You can also report bugs, suggest features or get help from us. Click on this text to join the Discord server.

What’s new in Astral Client V6?

A lot. Let the pictures speak for itself.

It also comes with 3 made-for-Astral packs as mentioned before which is:

1. Astral Client Default Edit 16x PvP Pack

2. Astral Client Default Edit [ZenFrosty’s Version]

3. Standarized Default Edit 16x

4. MaxFPS Pack 8×8



Offroaders 123 (Dark Mode GUI)

Fhizzle (Simple Tweaks)

DerpPlayz18 (Better Textures)

IForgotToBreath (No Fog)

Dodonut (Addition to the Better Textures)

Chicadoge (Eclipsed Bedrock- Addition to the Better Textures)

Sermah (No Help Button on the Inventory)

The3Emilis (Advancechat)

Thank you so much to the people above.
As some of the code (Especially the Java UI) is under the GNU GPL license, you are free to modify contents of the contents of both Astral and Java UI
as long as you follow the license terms. For more information, click here:

Changelog View more


- Fixed controller cannot press the "players" button.

- Fixed the extra percentage sign %% on the languages screen.

- Fixed the missing X storage button for Lite.

- Fixed the issues with the disconnect screen.

- Fixed the world size MB text not fitting into screen.


- Added an "About Astral" screen on the settings.

- Added the astral logo and text in both pause screen and progress screens.

- Added clear bottomchat option.

- Added a new character creator screen.

- Added a player renderer in the chest screen to remind you what armor you're wearing during skywars/bedwars.

- Added store button (located in the top right corner) for servers who have in-game stores (Mainly featured servers).

- Added (only a few) hovered tooltips for some settings in the video tab.

- [EXPERIMENTAL] Ping counter when hovered the ping icon (Not accurate, due to bugs with Minecraft's code.)

- The HUD will now show on containers/screens.

- Removed the strong/weak hit sounds.

- Adjusted the buttons' design.

- WHITE BLOCK OUTLINE is temporarily removed for now due to shader glitches.

- Bottomchat will now use your own texture pack's HUD GUI textures instead of forcing to use Astral's.

NOTE: If you enable bottomchat + astral GUI textures, it will use the darkmode hotbar and icons.


- Fixed controller cannot navigate through the start screen.
- Fixed the missing texture in pause screen.
- Fixed no emote button on Lite.

Any bug related to bottom chat cannot be fixed as the issue(s) only persists to some users and we cannot pinpoint what actually
is causing the bugs. Just don't use bottom chat if you ever experience problems with it.

- Separated the Astral GUI textures (Dark Mode, Clear UI, etc.) to be a toggeable setting in the pack options menu. This is for better compatability
with your texture pack and for people who don't like the custom inventory layout. (You are still free to edit it, though.)
- Added combination of both bottomchat and Astral GUI textures.
- Lite version now has the option to toggle bottomchat as well as Astral GUI textures.
- Lite version will no longer have the following screens:
1. Java Death Screen
2. Java in-bed screen
3. Java disconnect screen

- New Java Screens
  Death Screen
  Bed Screen
  Play Screen (Singleplayer, Multiplayer and Realms)
  Disconnect Screen
  First Person Screen (to match with Java's hands)
  Revamped Settings Screen
  Revamped Profile Screen
  Storage Screen
  Revamped Resource Packs Screen
  Revamped World Options, World Resource Packs, World Behavior Packs and World Gamerules screen
- New Panorama.
- Moved the logo and text to the bottom right of containers.
- Improved the pause screen.
- Added export world option and import world options.
- Added the old GUI textures with some changes and made it the default GUI.
- Added bottomchat (Toggable)
- Default Lowfire instead of a custom colored one.
- Added Reset Default to all Settings
- Water is now more see-able while remaining clear-like.
- Fixed Resource Pack Buttons error on World Resource Packs
- Fixed Potion HUD rendering error
- Fixed the controller focus issue
- Fixed the need to double click a button in order for it to press
- Fixed the change profiles dropdown not appearing in-game
- Fixed the bubbles button not appearing in-game
- Fixed the Mojang copyright issue
- Fixed unable to sign in again after signing out of xbox live
- Fixed Feed button not appearing in Realms
- Fixed names not fitting properly in the feedback button of the home screen
- Fixed the smooth redstone wire not being smooth when interconnected
- Fixed shift clicking X on custom inventory crash
- Fixed shift clicking items on custom inventory doesn't remove the item
- Fixed clicking an item with another item not deleting the item
- Fixed gone recipe book button on the survival custom inventory
- Fixed item names not appearing when hovered over an item in the custom inventory


In this updated we have fixed a lot of bugs related to the last version and optimized it for 1.16. We've also added your suggestions to this version.

JUST A CLARIFICATION We copied absolutely NOTHING from Lunar Client. Yes, they do look identical, but it's because the theme of this client is "Astral".
The logo was made from scratch, using different templates from Google Images which are royalty free, so I don't get copyrighted by an owner. If you don't believe me, then you can slide into my dms so we can discuss more about it.


1. The homescreen, as always.
 - Matched the homescreen to look similarly to the Java Edition Lunar Client. Yes, the design was heavily inspried by them, so thank you, Lunar Client, very cool.
 - New Icons (More Smoother and HD)
 - Removed the old skin menu (since Mojang patched it)
 - New blurred panorama
 - Added "AstralClient" text right below the logo
 - New button designs
 - Renamed "Copyright Mojang AB. Do not distribute!" copyright to only "Mojang Studios" so it doesn't eat up your whole screen.

2. Settings Screen
 - Made it so it's a little bit more transparent.
 - Added the multiplayer options back.

3. Pause Screen
 - Pause Screen design overhaul, to match similarly to the Java Edition Badlion Client (Suggestion by Jash)
 - Re-arranged the buttons, please take time to familiarize them!
 - Made the quit/disconnect button red.

4. HUD Screen
 - The coordinates is now renamed from Position ( X Y Z ) to only X Y Z.
 - Emote button is no longer invisible.
5. Textures
 - Added outlined ores to every ore ( Lapis, Emerald, Coal, Nether Gold, Ancient Debris, Quartz )
 - Made the concrete normal concrete.

6. Chest Screen
 - We have decided to discard the idea of the astral client logo and text to be in the bottom right due to mislocations when scaling it up.
 - Fixed the chest label being smooth font.

7. Emote Wheel
 - Added the Astral Client logo and text in the emote wheel.
 - Smoothen the borders in the emote wheel.

8. Inventory Screen
 - Added the Astral Client logo and text in the bottom center of the inventory screen.

9. Font
 - Removed the smooth font (Not the NotoSans, but the 32x)
 - To access it, enable Astral GUI textures.

10. Magic
 - Astral V5 should smoothen your 1.16 MCPE experience, as it did with mine.

11. Re-Added
 - The Clear Hotbar GUI (If only you enable Astral GUI Textures)

We have decided to separate the Astral GUI textures. The default will now be the default Minecraft resource pack, so that it uses YOUR resource pack's
GUI textures. To activate Astral's GUI textures, simply go to pack options, and slide over to the option which says "Enable Astral GUI Textures". This is for the best,
as people want to use their own resource pack textures with astral enabled without any hassle.

 Bug Fixes
 - Fixed the "selectWorld.Gamemode.Default" broken text on the accessibility settings.
 - Fixed the emote button being invisible.
 - Fixed the broken EXP bar. This version now supports 1.14 formatted exp bars.
 - Fixed the random black/gray top header bar for the settings screen.
 - Fixed the smoooth font on the label "Chest"
 - Fixed the broken brewing stand textures.
- Fixed the alignment of the xbox live button with the X button.

Yes, Astral V5 will still support 1.14.x versions of MC:BE, but no longer 1.13
We have also decided to monetize the links for Astral V5 so we also get something in return (a.k.a money) for our work. If you don't want to support us, you
can always click the direct link. Thank you for understanding.

Astral Client V4.1

'The sequel we never asked, but needed.'

Astral Client V4.1, also known as the Compatibility Update. It optimizes more on the compatibility of a resource pack with Astral applied. It also optimizes your game much better than V4 so expect some changes with your FPS.

1. Start Screen
 - Made the buttons and the logo image a bit transparent.
 - Adjusted the name beside your gamerpic by 2px to the right.
 - Changed the panorama to midnight and purple midnight (for purple version)

2. Settings Screen
 - The perspective (F5) button is now found on settings instead on the accessibility options.
 - Added back the profile section and subpacks!

3. Hud Screen
 - Redesigned the coordinates text. (Credits: @Nezuko Chanヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ)
 - Removed the vignette renderer when you go to dark places (Fast)

4. Particles
 - Added back the particles since with or without them your game will still lag (if there are too many particles) Tested with 10 lingering potions.
 - Campfire particles are still gone.

5. UI
 - Remade and recolored some buttons.
 - Filled the entire dialogue atlas.

6. Rendering
- Removed fast grass (Source of lag, actually.)
- Added back the original clear water. (I didn't know how it got removed on V3 and V4...) (The old water was also a source of lag)
- Removed the HD sun and moon (Another source of lag, jeez, I thought these were gonna improve performance)

7. Subpacks
 - Added a purple version for Astral.
 - The default would be the midnight version.

Rejoice Ye! Rejoice! For thy Gods have spoken thee- for they have answered your thy necessities, Astral V4!

Astral V4, also known as the BIGGEST update we have ever done on the Astral Client Project. It adds Java UI to Astral, inspired by
the Badlion Client.


1. Homescreen
 - Attached the IGN beside the gamerpic inside the button.
 - Oh hey, brand new panorama.
 - Recreated some buttons

2. Settings Screen - the main thing that has been updated in this update;
 - Completely brand new settings screens to match with the Java Edition screens.
 - Inspired by Badlion, the texts, the colours are smooth and contrasts with each other.
 - Still has all the options (Max framerate, V-Sync etc.)
 - Make sure to use the scroll bar if you're scrolling down (mobile only)

We have decided to not add the Java Chat UI since it was very buggy and was eating up the whole screen (No matter how much I layer it, or set it's size, offset etc.)

3. Pause Screen
 - Brand new pause screen to match with the Java Edition screen.
  - To access the player permissions and list, click on "Players".
  - To access the world settings, go to Settings -> Accessibility Options. Perspective changes and world settings should be visible there.

4. Chest Screen
 - Added the Astral Client logo and text inside the Chest Screen (Inspired by Badlion)

5. Hud Screen
 - Moved the coordinates to the bottom right.
 - Player doll renderer is now on top-most left.
 - Chat and Scoreboard are no longer fully transparent, but semi-transparent.
 - The bossbar is no longer invisible, but same with the chat and scoreboard, semi-transparent.

6. Inventory Screen
 - Removed the (?) help button.
7. Rendering/Textures changes
 - Removed stars (FPS boost)
 - Clean Tall Grass (FPS boost)
 - No Fog (FPS Boost)
 - Removed the particles except the crit particles for the particle mutliplier (FPS boost)
 - Smoother Diorite Granite and Andesite
 - Lower Shield
 - Smoother Grass (Full Grass but the textures are smoother)
 - Better Observers
 - Connected Prismarine
 - Orange Birch
 - Smoother Glowstone
 - Plain leather armor



After 3 weeks of Astral being idle, there is finally a new version! I have made it so that everyone now uses the same version! No matter if you are
PC, Mobile, Tablet, Xbox, Astral V3 UI will now auto-adjust and fit on your screen. No more mobile, tablet,
big/small screen versions!

1. As per update, there is always a common pattern, and that is changing the Home Screen.
 - Revamped the Homescreen
 - Made the Options, Cosmetics, Skins and Profile buttons icons instead of text.
 - Added a working profile picture display that can be found on the top right. When clicked, it will lead you to the
 feedback website.
 - Replaced the version text with "Logged in as your IGN".
 - Added the achievements button.
 - Added the character creator/profile button. Now you can use the old skin menu and the new skin menu!
 - X button will no longer be out of screen.

2. GUI
 - Removed the Custom Astral Inventory, replaced it with a transparent inventory instead.
 - Revamped the buttons a little bit.
 - Transparent GUI for Containers (Chests, Furnaces etc.)
 - Recolored low-fire.
 - Smooth Scoreboard and Removed Red numbers
 - Clear Chat
 - Bossbar is hidden to make the HUD cleaner.
 The Smooth Scoreboard, Clear Chat, Bossbar and Particle Multiplier can be disabled/enabled on the pack options.
 - Cleaner Hotbar
 - Brand new EXP Bar (Cleaner)
 - White DPads instead of Purple.

3. Rendering
 - Added No Fog (both surface and water) for Windows 10.
  - Unfortunately the No Fog can cause problems for Android/iOS. I haven't found a working No Fog yet.
 - The Fullbright is still dead.
 - Replaced the chroma outline selection with white outline selection.
 - Removed the 2D clouds and opaque leaves rendering because you can just disable them on the settings.

4. Sounds
 - Added new click sounds.
 - Added new TNT and fireball sounds. (From TimeDeo/Acidic Pack because it is epic)
 - Added new Bed Break sounds.
 - Added new digging sounds for stone and more.

5. Texts
 - Fire Charge is now named Fireball (Thank me later bed war players)

6. Textures
 - Added ZenFrosty's version of the Astral Default Edit.
 - The 16x16 Standarized (common) default edit is now NOT built-in and can be enabled/disabled in the pack options.

7. Bug Fixes
 - Fixed the logo glitching out the first time you put on the pack.
 - Fixed the UI.

8. Directories and Code
 - Cleaned up some messy file directories. The Homescreen code will no longer be on /Homescreen, but rather on ui/screens. Buttons are now on ui/buttons, and so on.
 - Cleaned up some code if some of you want to learn and understand how I made Astral.

I just want to thank you all for the incredible support. We hit 25k shares on mcpedl! And almost everyone I meet uses Astral Client which is just great!

Fixed the PC download link redirecting to the mobile version of Astral. Thank you for someone who mentioned this on my discord server.

Welcome everyone to the Astral V2.1 Release!

This update is also known as the "Improvement Update" in which many aspects of the pack have been improved as well as the mb size of Astral.

1. A much more cleaner user interface.
2. Smooth fonts across some buttons.
3. Cleaner Scoreboards (Numbers removed)
4. A more lightweight panorama to reduce pack MB size and to significantly improve the loading of the Home Screen.
5. Reduced mb pack size by 4mb. (This is massive)
6. Brand new inventory screen, recipe book screen and creative inventory screen to match Java Edition as well as put some Astral touches.
7. Less transparency for the pause screen and inventory screen to improve performance.
8. A much more cleaner home screen.
9. Some minor improvements and changes to the Dark Mode, added a bit of that tint of blue, and now you can view the darkest of texts properly.
10. Cleaner buttons.
11. A much more simplistic slider.
12. A new 8x8 pack (By MichaelBricks) which has finally no checkered wool and it has a proper low fire now.
13. **After on high demand, the old skin UI is finally back!**
14. Added opaque leaves for faster rendering and improve performance.
15. Added scripts to optimize your user experience.
16. Added 2D clouds for faster rendering and improve performance.
17. Changed the pack icon.
18. Cleaner Redstone dust.

Sorry everyone for my mistake. Download links should now be updated to V2. Also updated the featured image to V2 as well.

1. Homescreen
 - New Buttons
 - New names for the buttons (Options for settings, Cosmetics for marketplace, and Wardrobe for skins).
 - Added Singleplayer and multiplayer buttons.
  - NOTE: The multiplayer button is not functional and is only a CONCEPT. Please do not report on #issues that the multiplayer button leads to worlds or suggest on #suggestions to add functionality to it because it's not possible.
- Your nametag now shows on the top left as well as the user icon!
- Added an X button.
- Added blur to the panorama.
- Brand new logo, as well as text, and they're separated.

2. Settings Screen
- Redesigned the toggles.
- Added back the accessibility options!
- Added back the Astral button!
- Made some texts on the settings screen to white for better visual.

3. Play Screen
- Transparent Disconnected Screen!
- The logo will no longer show when connecting to servers and worlds.

4. Pause Screen
- Added a screenshot button, Take Screenshot
- Made the pause screen transparent.

5. Chat Screen
- Made the autocomplete buttons show arrows instead of text.

6. Inventory Screen
- Made the inventory screen background transparent for faster loading.

7. Textures
- Added more less intrusive textures.
- Added better water, clear glass and outlined ores.
- Redesigned the wool to be 16x.
- Added a built-in permanent 16x Default Edit short swords pack.
- Less water fog.
- A new 8x8 pack.
- Fixed the empty drinkable water bottle texture.

8. More Fixes
- Fixed the old video section appearing on the settings section.
- Fixed the GUI Scale Slider always fixed on what your setting is before you applied the pack. So this means you can now change your GUI while on the client! (This wasn't possible before)
- Fixed the reverted "Hide Player Names" toggle.
- Fixed the invisible world bug.

- Added support for both Mobile and Tablets/iPads

NOTE: You must restart Minecraft because the logo glitches out the first time you put on the pack.

- Added credits for all original owners of some of the UI. (can be found inside the Astral Button Info)
- Fixed the world section where the resource packs and behavior packs were colliding     with the multiplayer and world edit section.
- Removed the Astral Client button on the mobile version due to incompatibilities.
- Added links since some users were experiencing download issues with Mediafire.


The Default Edits and Archives of previous versions are on the website.

It is NOT recommended to use Bottomchat on Mobile. It can cause a lot of bugs and issues. Bottomchat is meant to be for Win10 edition players to enhance the Java feel.

Please make sure to not use any other UI-related pack as it can cause issues with Astral (Like using the Java Inventory UI Pack made by someone + Astral, which made all screens glitched)

If the website isn't updated yet, clear cache in your browser or wait for it to update.


Supported Minecraft versions



16x 8x Shaders

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587 Responses

4.25 / 5 (159 votes)
  1. Zippy says:

    Very nice even tho there’s a couple of small bugs but it genuinely made my game smoother idk why but only thing I don’t know how to download the other pack versions (default edit)

  2. Gxld says:

    The UI and everything is spectacular, however this is not a client lmao. I like this UI, but calling it a client is misused.

    Anyways, could you add an alternative setting or maybe even pack where the background UI on the menu isnt an HD image pano? It causes A LOT of freezing on my phone, so I am unable to use it. Also, the HD UI makes things slower FYI.



    Its not a fps booster but the pvp texture pack is awesome

  4. Hello,
    I have found a few problems with this:

    – The armor in the inventory overlay is faint when the armor is enchanted
    – When going into the settings of the client, there’s a line when the game is not on full screen near the bottom (But when in full screen, it goes away)

    Its mainly the inventory part of it. If you fix that part, it would work perfectly fine with the update 1.16.200.

    As of right now, it works fine and the tabs in the game work amazingly. I am also looking for the armor problem in the coding in inventory_screen.json to see if I can fix the problem.

  5. ustlingbrick32 says:


  6. Mindslayer says:

    Nice but it is not a client

  7. MelloweenPasteliix says:

    It’s a very beautiful ui pack, but its not showing the actual full screen. So it is very hard to use.

  8. YCComeds says:

    It’s quite hard to craft as you can’t see the grid

  9. Guido Santiago says:

    pon el agua un poco mas notable, es demasiado transparente

  10. If you’re playing this resource pack with bottom chat enabled, it is recommended that you use a controller also 69 nice

  11. Theblueman500 says:


    Every1 be like:

    Niceeeeeeeeeeee 69696969

  12. OOF lvl 1000 says:

    Why won’t it import to the Minecraft app?Pls. Make it import in MC than WPS office.(or anything)

  13. SharkYoutube says:

    bruh this is like 5 of my packs in one!!

  14. nicor says:

    What file would I have to copy if I wanted to add the start screen and server list screen to texture pack?

  15. Mizumi official says:

    Can you update this to

  16. not HARU says:

    nice. I like it. I think its the best client texture pack for mcpe!!

  17. KOCreeper243 says:

    Can anybody tell me… HOW TF TO DELETE WORLDS?? I can remove server but not world??

  18. cAptive says:

    Best client for MCBE but you can add more language like Spanish, French or Portugese

  19. Percyception says:

    I have a problem for the mods of it. The bottom chat UI and the clear bottom chat UI removes all the UI in my screen. Can you fix it please?

  20. MrAgentBlaze's Second Account says:

    Ngl, it makes you feel like you are playing Minecraft with an iPhone interface

  21. ChillDawg5379 says:

    It’s a good resource pack, but just because you call it a “client” doesn’t make it a client

    • ItsJustShqne says:

      I’d like to agree with you. It’s a decent “resource pack” but a client is something that adds pvp “mods” to the game like showing keystrokes, particles mod, shiny pots, and etc. What this did was clearly copy the main menu style of Lunar client, and copied the settings menu style from badlion client. It also only added the gui type stuff found in a client and that’s about it. I’d be more appreciative of it if it created its own style of interface, but they just ripped it off from pc clients, which shows a lack of creativity.

  22. RanielPuebla says:

    How tf can i install it, linkvertise sucks

  23. Dadar says:

    Luv the client been using it since version 2
    But i have a suggestion can u add a fps counter just that nothing else
    Thx luv the client keep up the good work i also joined ur discord

  24. Percyception says:

    I LOVE this pack it’s the BEST client of all MCPE and the CLEANEST client.
    Keep up the good work!
    Also like the Astral Skinpack!

  25. blablajsjdbd says:

    advancechat dont work in the 4th setting
    of the pack

  26. BestCodrEver says:

    There is a bug on astral where the touch controls over the bottom chat

  27. Muzin says:

    A água invisível é bem chata pra falar a verdade, mas de resto tá perfeito

  28. Klains says:

    How can I remove font plz

  29. PythonLover123 says:

    OMG You guys have actually outdone yourselves, i LOVE this pack
    It’s so amazing
    Good job, keep it up 🙂

    Also i read that you’re making a real client update which is for Win10 only so could you tell me like around which time it will be finished?
    No hurries though, continue your amazing work 🙂

  30. Chancy13gamer_YT says:

    Where is the world delete button its not found anywhere on the edit world option

  31. Bad_wordsday says:

    plz add textures for netherite stuff. plz.

    • Bad_wordsday says:

      also,everything exept the clear inventory is good. can you make a version that doesn’t have clear ui but has dark ui instead. PLEASE.

      • PythonLover123 says:

        This resource pack is for pvp so the clear inventory is there to help you see if there is someone sneaking up on you

        If you want a dark ui then you will have to download another resource pack

  32. TutaNgTsina says:

    The DELETE WORLD button is missing in this update and I hate it.

  33. Sprucetreeblocksom says:

    is there a way to access the server stores, with this, on the hive, if u try to purchase a costume,it doent take u to the store, and on the leave menu, theres no hive store menu, can u fix it, if u can, i rate 5 star.

  34. CashDroid says:

    I like this pack they’re beautiful. He reminds me of the Badlion client

  35. Pixxelldude says:

    Does it work with a controller? I like to connect a controller to my tablet to play minecraft.

  36. BunnyPip says:

    I like this pack! But can you make 2 subpacks that is java ui and pe ui, because im prefer the pe ui. Sorry for my bad english(^^)

  37. UnavailableHoax says:

    Why is CrisXolt not included in the credits? It’s probably a mistake, but he made the Java UI code.

  38. Athernite says:

    How do i remove the fact that you can see through the water? Like how do I remove the water texture?

  39. idotpok says:

    Why isn’t the chest UI or the inventory UI not clear?

  40. Theblueman500 says:


    I have question,how can i call a texture pack a client?

  41. Where is the servers tab located?

  42. CycloneRageNation381 - Gaming. says:

    one little bug. Where is the Button for the Realms Section?? its gone

  43. CycloneRageNation381 - Gaming. says:

    PERFECT CLIENT FOR MCPE WIN 10. but there is a bug. the letters and words for the bottom chat are not aligned on the background chat & please make the the bottom chat clear. btw can whats the purpose of the resource pack button while your in game? it doesnt even work

  44. CURSED CUBIC says:

    Can this version fix error behaviour button in 5.1 version?

  45. Mitzap says:

    Can you make a fps counter?

  46. RetchroVinox says:

    love this client ngl.

  47. Rispyif says:

    Could you make a separate pack for just the java UI?

  48. Cyan_Crafter says:

    Very good! Only thing I DO NOT like is definitely not being able to change UI profile in a world/server and I have to remove astral so I can add textures to worlds.

  49. TechPatoto says:

    Does this work for console and if not when

  50. The texture pack is perfect. The UI is on spot, it has the Java Edition feel (which I do like). The only problem that I have with this texture pack is that the water is very hard to see when playing on servers. I.E., the Hive in Deathrun, If possible, can try to brighten the water textures just a tad?; Not only for me, but for almost everyone who has downloaded this.

  51. CJG15 says:

    Pls tell me when v6 is coming out,its taken so long i hope there is sum gud features 4 makin me wait in suspense¯\_(ツ)_/¯»»————>(*´﹀`*)

  52. Rubix says:

    By any chance, will you add Xbox support? The client looks really cool, and I would love to use it.

  53. What program do you use to create a UI resource pack? It is very difficult to do it manually. I really need some kind of program… (google translate, my english is bad)

  54. Guest-5655834051 says:

    is there a way to remove clear water? i love everything about this but the water its impossible to see in caves and in general

  55. Guest-2845899408 says:

    In V.6 pls add the full grass texture again it reduce lag for me too

  56. Guest-8633407319 says:

    Pls fix when you like eat a golden apple the thing is not right and the other things in the settings of astral client is not all there

  57. Guest-9413403273 says:

    How do you switch gamemode ingame without commands??

  58. Guest-6306169066 says:

    I want the discord link

  59. Guest-3208649515 says:

    this pack cannot be used on xbox, ive tried every way of doing it but everytime i try to extract the zip the download freezes.

  60. Guest-4126653948 says:

    Wheres the standardized default edit and when is v6 coming out,and the clear glass texture is not nice other than that my fav pack.

  61. Guest-9563131791 says:

    you mentioned 4 pvp packs in this post, but your website only has 3 listed. the one missing is the standardized default edit 16x. please add it to the website, its my favorite pack 😀

  62. Guest-2995069641 says:

    Ok but how do I get to the game/world setting screen?

  63. Guest-1020575569 says:

    Lightning bolts are invisible, is there anyway to make them visible again?

  64. Guest-3551192886 says:

    Are the other packs also updated to 1.16? (with nether blocks)

  65. Anonymous says:

    Hello, for some reason the transparent chest, inventory ect. gui isnt transparent. Can you help me? I’m on Windows 10.

  66. Anonymous says:

    I use this pack all the time! Great work! Also, if it’s possible, can you release a .zip file of this? Thanks!

    • SqueakerRage says:

      This is my comment btw. I’m asking because for some reason on mobile I can’t use .mcpacks, and it doesn’t work when I change it from .mcpack to .zip.

  67. Guest-9390561480 says:

    I don’t know if it’s just me but in the last v5 update the menu that was transparent before now looks like the normal game and I don’t know if it’s from my game or the pack in general,also the textures cannot be put from the world options if you already have v5 activated from the main configuration

  68. Guest-2123424332 says:


  69. Guest-5180774249 says:

    Heyyy ! can u give me another link ? cause my malwerbite d’ont want me to go to the website for download it…

    • Guest-8828850800 says:

      Here’s the link to their site, you can download it from there, just figure out yourself https: //sites. /astralclient /home
      In case this website prevent me from posting comment with link you can delete some spaces i put in there

  70. Guest-2298356977 says:

    How to make account

  71. Guest-7888788227 says:


  72. what do you mean by there are 3 other texture packs?

    • Guest-1388698480 says:

      when you download the pack it will come with 3 other packs (Astrual client, ZenFrostys version, default edit astual client and of course the max FPS pack!)

  73. Great pack but how do you know that this is an actual client. (and not just a resource pack)

  74. Galaxy player 128 says:

    can i use some of the astral client files for my Galaxy bedrock

  75. Koton Bads says:

    It’s Patar approved. Download it, no questions asked.

  76. Anonymous says:

    How do I toggle behaviour/recource packs? -Major

  77. Guest-4924370729 says:

    I have a few suggestions… 1.) maybe make it so you can change the size of the scoreboard to boost fps. 2.) maybe move the potion hud to the left side of the screen which you can also change the size of.

  78. Guest-2752961209 says:

    can you make it go to mediafire? and the doesn’t load.

  79. Guest-9899245777 says:

    This is a really nice pack for PvP and i use it all the time some suggestions for you is like a fps/cps counter and perspective mode like the java badlion client i dont expect you to do these but if would be cool if you did

  80. K4deng says:

    Hey! Great pack but one thing; if you can would you please add controller mapping to the Java UI portions? I’m trying to navigate the pause menu with my controller (i have one paired to my iPad (personal preference!)) and half of the buttons don’t work.

  81. Guest-3081558493 says:

    Can you add an option to disable the clear water, or can someone tell me what files in the pack to delete

  82. Guest-2251495868 says:

    Can you make a not link

  83. Guest-2629405972 says:

    if i have effect the icons dont show up instead the GUI folder (i hope you know what i mean) and also light’s version (texture pack ) is my FAVOURITE can you update it to 1.16( i mean the taxtures)
    i hope you are reading this

    have a good day you are my favourite creator my IGN: crazytaco6408 (can you friend me)

    • Guest-1938228901 says:

      its me again (my text didnt fit ) can you make the whole GUI Java like (the server list, the world menu and stuff) thanks!

      • LightX says:

        Hello, this is currently a bug for MCPE 1.16. You can join our discord server and head over to #sideprojects channel to download the fix (spoiler: it’s a resource pack) or you can wait for the fix to be uploaded here in MCPEDL (it’s still on pending submission.)

        • Guest-1755581041 says:

          thanks (you actually reply quick) can you also add custom crit particles
          and will light make netherite swords and armour too
          im in the discord but im just going to wait util it comes out

          • Guest-9324956839 says:

            and also when will the 5.1 or 6 come out

          • Guest-5604228094 says:

            can you do a collab with zLauncher (it would be the best client)

          • Guest-5433765052 says:

            i know im leaving so many comments but i really think astral is the best client and its my favourite so can you add armour display and something that displays what you hold in your hand

        • Guest-1524946102 says:

          nice sky textures would be nice too

          • LightX says:

            I recommend you to join our discord so that you won’t have to leave tons of comments below. In the topic of your suggestions;

            1. Astral V6 will come out soon, it will be one of the final updates of Astral Client; the resource pack version. We are currently working on a real client right now (only for Win10 though, sadly). I will still continue development for the resource pack version for Mobile/Tablets/Consoles (Yes, V6 now fixes the console issue)

            2. I don’t plan on collabing with zLauncher anytime soon.

            3. The Armor Display will come with the real client, but is not possible through a resource pack.

            4. For sky textures, you can just use your own resource pack. It will just make Astral’s file size bigger and can lag the game.

  84. Guest-6490442634 says:

    Wish this would work on xbox. when i try to extract it, it gets stuck on 1% at “critical_hit.json”. this is the only client i havnt been able to use but it looks way better than all the others.

    • LightX says:

      If you have a computer, try using your computer instead to copy the files. If not, unfortunately I am not an Xbox user and I don’t know how to fix this. I’ve seen lots of users get this stuck-error and the only way they fixed it is to copy the files through a computer to your Xbox.

  85. Guest-9230467825 says:

    Can You Please Add The Better Drop Item like The Badlion Client???

  86. Guest-9892665786 says:

    Where is the astral pvp 16by16 pack i cannot find it please help me

  87. Guest-2590187227 says:

    Great if you add a northern aurora or a milky way to the night sky

  88. Guest-2823235496 says:

    V4 is not working. If I activate the pack it brings me to an endless bug.

  89. Guest-3943601188 says:

    swear if you dont’ fix the controlleer bug where like the entire hud isn’t even available for you to go on i will never use this client again it’s been the same glitch since v4 so i’m still using v3

  90. Guest-1088516355 says:

    hey dude I was just wondering if im not the only onw with not being able for the download to work ihave tryed several times and its not inclueding the name and content inside the resorse folder could you help me out?
    kind regards guest 1088516355 🙂

  91. Guest-8390477419 says:

    Can there be a way to disable the clear water caus3 it’s hard to see where it is?

  92. Guest-6910239048 says:

    this is insane
    luv it

  93. Guest-5298495632 says:

    The No Fog thing makes me having spike lags. 🙁

  94. Guest-4208476038 says:

    Is Frosty’s pack separated from Astral client now? And in the normal minecraft pack (original resource) there is a setting when you make the world that says “Respawn Radius” and I can’t fint it in your pack… Did you remove it? Or is the name change?

  95. LightX says:

    NOTE: I don’t reply as guest or with any other account, only this account! If you see someone who is impersonating me or acting like me, and is not this account, ignore them because they are not me.

  96. Guest-6604560142 says:

    Um, Hi LightX, This Might be An St***id idea, but can you make the storage button in profile setting menu?

  97. Guest-9669092709 says:

    Okay so, my actual account is RetchroVinox, idk why it won’t let me log in but whatever, why are we not able to access the old wardrobe, like where i can equip my skin with my wings & custom RKY cape, was this removed in 1.16? is there any way for us to access it?

  98. Mid23 says:

    How do you do to change the language in
    world you can separate that and create a texture just by changing language??

  99. Guest-6714432928 says:

    Did anyone notice that the achievement button is advancement not achievement

  100. SuperSnuggy2009 says:

    I keep getting error 404 when downloading pls fix

  101. SuperSnuggy2009 says:

    When I try to download I get error 404 please give other link.

  102. Guest-7119476455 says:

    I swear if you dont’ fix the controlleer bug where like the entire hud isn’t even available for you to go on i will never use this client again it’s been the same glitch since v4 so i’m still using v3

  103. Guest-8668049431 says:

    Hey, I was wondering if your able to make a resource pack that only has the white outline options, as that has been what I’ve been looking for a bit because its hard to know what blocks your looking at in the nether with the textures seeming so connected.

  104. Guest-2359656571 says:

    Astral Client, Why don’t you create a present option in shader to adjust the theme color of the panorama in main screen so we can freely choose what we want like wtf the updates are too frequently, can’t you stay on one update? there’s a new update every week wtf it’s too annoying to download new version again and again, just fix all bugs in one update and release a new update every month, after you want a new background then you just update the game, the features are perfect but please steady in rare update. ???

  105. Turtle1 says:

    I luv thid client can u add more mods cause that will be cool like 3d item physics animation drop if u can

  106. Some criticism i have,

    The shaders folder still causes the no worlds glitch.

    You can’t change the subpacks when applying the texture pack to a new world, just shows missing texture over the arrows and nonexistant gear, you can only change textures in main menu, and they dont apply to servers/worlds

    • Guest-8523090933 says:

      I am from the Astral team and we don’t care about your stupid criticism.
      Have a good day, sir.

      • Guest-7727296609 says:

        Does anyone know how to remove texture packs with the texture pack on?

        • LightX says:

          Guest-8523090933 is not part of Astral Client, sorry for that. And yes, I will fix those problems. For the shaders folder, it’s an MCPE bug that some shaders don’t work on some devices, or maybe it’s your device that’s not compatible with the shaders.

          • Guest-1036640475 says:

            I just wanna ask 1 question why cant i see the emote thing or is it just me?

          • LightX says:

            You may have an outdated version of gui.png format. The emote button is stored there. If your resource pack came from 1.14, update your gui.png to add the emote button.

          • Guest-8287016772 says:

            This doesn’t work, it always crashes my game and I get a ton of errors right when I load in.

          • Ner0 says:

            Hey LightX sorry to say but im not regularly checking my comments, but i would like to know in regards on how to disable clear water, discord is Ner0#6041

  107. Guest-3457441848 says:

    LightX this is cooooool! thanks you very much! hope you will improve it and make it coooler!

  108. Guest-5193028751 says:

    Also, there’s you removed the pvp packs from the downloads.

  109. Guest-2079964562 says:

    Could you make it a mediafire download?

  110. Guest-3466309113 says:

    Can i edit the maxfps pack because i wanna make it for pvp too

  111. Guest-6050055115 says:

    Is there a way you can get to the storage?

  112. Guest-3534671999 says:

    Please make a version without the java ui

  113. Guest-5123310012 says:

    Everything is on except some textures arent there like when i play game it has vanilla textures and when i open inventory its still on vanilla and not transparent pls help i dunno what to do

  114. Guest-5767956808 says:

    I don’t love outlined ores please don’t add it again

  115. LightX says:

    Sorry guys but I forgot to mention- yes, this does support both 1.14 and 1.16.

  116. Mr Caterson says:

    Is it possible for me to change the astral client text for personal reasons?

  117. Supermariopaper7 says:

    is there a way to put up like server’s shop like mineplex for a example

  118. YoungBear says:

    This pack is amazing but I really wanna see the new zombified piglins

  119. Guest-9613167444 says:

    The wave emote appears as a number instead of a picture of it

  120. Guest-7016998389 says:

    is there a way to remove default or go to storage on here?

  121. Guest-8479572540 says:

    Ooo nice

  122. Guest-6171895545 says: ?

  123. Guest-3691024673 says:

    Hey, it all works fine! ive got a question though, with the new update, how can i use emotes? i’m on pe

  124. ShadowElixir says:

    I can’t enable/disable multiplayer.
    I’ll have to use /setmaxplayers 1 i guess

  125. Supermariopaper7 says:

    Is there a way to go to server shop like mineplex for a example to buy

  126. Guest-4836823791 says:

    this is stupid man aint nobody want your doo doo inventory gui thats see through and an eye sore lol defaults better than this

  127. Guest-9755571356 says:

    This is a great client. I really like the GUI of this client.
    I have a suggestion, could you guys add 1.7 java animations to this client?
    Like hitting the block while ur eating the food and hitting the bow on the ground when left clicking the ground.
    (Only for looks)

  128. Guest-7847917832 says:

    You can update all the pack for the Nether Update

  129. Guest-3616438068 says:

    I think the fancy leave button is missing

  130. Guest-8182122869 says:

    Please make the java chat in it ,and btw this is amazing

  131. Guest-2607539807 says:

    Will never remove this client , and btw where is the default standardized version

  132. Guest-7849099752 says:

    This Pack is yet one of the greatest resource pack, i have one suggestion though, can u please add a Perceptive toggle or a toggle that can switch split to non-split and vice versa, again love the pack waiting for future updates!!

  133. Guest-4165560404 says:

    When i take a screen shot it tells me that it has been uploaded but where can I find it? I’m using android phone so I hope you help me wheere can I find the screen shots

    • Guest-8944365596 says:

      There’s a folder named “Screenshots” in the “com.mojang” folder or you can just search the folder name if your file explorer supports it.

  134. Guest-5476941635 says:

    Edit the netherite items in the texture packs

  135. Queenpookiebear says:

    Does it look the same when you color the leather armour

  136. Guest-2772521331 says:

    Could you add the option to change to third person in the settings in mobile?

  137. Guest-8623788264 says:

    Hi, so I tried this pack out and its fantastic, just wondering are you able to redo more of the textures?

  138. Jakrey Gaming says:

    I really like this texture pack, but idk why, there’s still fog, but u say there’s no fog, idk why, pls fix this

  139. Guest-7909665037 says:

    The texture don’t work

  140. Guest-4154752011 says:

    How do you get purple aura version

    • LightX says:

      Click the pack on the Resource Packs Menu. Click the little gear button that you see, and it should open up the pack settings screen for Astral. Hover over the slider and choose Astral Client Purple Version, exit the settings screen and restart MC.

  141. Guest-5806194883 says:

    there is no world option in pause menu

  142. Guest-7260439572 says:

    Can you add in the next update the java edition chat like the chat thats similar to the chat of the java edition of minecraft cause when i type i cant really see in front of me

  143. Guest-7254043757 says:

    I want to download Standardized Default

  144. Guest-6960579866 says:

    Where is the multiplayer settings?

  145. Guest-4322664100 says:

    I cant download Standarized Default

  146. Mini Miny says:

    Can you make it work for 1.18 pls? I really need this beautiful addon that you have. But even though i haven’t seen the addon yet i bet this is awesome so I’ll give you 5 stars!

  147. Guest-5704856303 says:

    i was wondering if you can make another one with thew midnight color but the bedrock ui style like vesion 3

  148. Csn you pls make a version where only
    1. Main Menu
    2. Tweaks (Blocks and stuff)
    3. Settings
    And thats it? Because some of us doesnt like Java UI, only the clean Main Menu and other stuff.. and in my case, this pack cause issues with other packs making it useless for me.. Like my QuickCraft buttom from a texture pack no longer works on mobile.. Auto complete on chat tortures me cuz im more use with the old Auto Complete pack I downloaded.. The inventory is buggy (sub categories shows old background instead of transparent).. Scoreboards for player list doesnt work, making mapmakers not want to use this.. etc

  149. Csn you pls make a version where only
    1. Main Menu
    2. Tweaks (Blocks and stuff)
    3. Settings
    And thats it? Because some of us doesnt like Java UI, only the clean Main Menu and other stuff.. and in my case, this pack cause issues with other packs making it useless for me.. Like my QuickCraft buttom from a texture pack no longer works on mobile.. Auto complete on chat tortures me cuz im more use with the old Auto Complete pack I downloaded.. The inventory is buggy (sub categories shows black background instead of transparent)

  150. Guest-6253799765 says:

    The storage section is missing, please add it

  151. Guest-8065200483 says:

    LINK ISSUE!!!!
    If you can, you turn all the files to direct link, not MEDIAFIRE!

  152. Guest-6575447106 says:

    Hi Light, I think you should make a feature where you get to choose whether you want particles on or off because even though many people want it on, I actually prefer no particles because I play NoDebuff and getting the extra FPS helps.

  153. justZitt_ says:

    maybe u gonna add perspective multioption to pause screen? i looked in uias files and did it for myself,but i think everybody will be glad to see this thing too!

  154. Guest-1602760317 says:

    Hello please add a new textures of the sword (All sword) but this is an PvP client

  155. Guest-3554819702 says:

    The java ui looks good but there are bugs and compatibility issues with this pack. If playing with a gamepad, you can’t select some buttons. If playing with a phone, the “done” button can’t be pushed some buttons but there is a workaround(phone’s back button).

  156. Guest-2129717955 says:

    The controls in PE is no longer black. What happened?

  157. Guest-1066040340 says:

    Hey! I’ve been downloading these since the first astral client, and one thing that I loved was the way the auto complete feature was situated on the right side. They both look great, but do you think that maybe in the next version there can be an option to switch the location of the feature? Loving the way this version looks so far, and thank you!

  158. Guest-5503389147 says:

    Hey! I’ve been downloading these since the first astral client, and one thing that I loved was the way the auto complete feature was situated on the right side. They both look great, but do you think that maybe in the next version there can be an option to switch the location of the feature? Loving the way this version looks so far, and thank you!

  159. Having an issue with the default 16×16 astral client, it has the broken world glitch, can only see mobs, and myself, everything else is just sky world

  160. Guest-2010020581 says:

    What happened to the Optifine textures?

  161. Can you remove the java ui?

  162. sub2cito says:

    Hi, this pack looks amazing. I was just wondering if there will be xbox support for this version?

  163. IdentityXD says:

    Hey, I want to use a subpack but it doesn’t have a menu. Can you help me fix it?

    • LightX says:

      Should be added back in V4.1. If by the time this message is sent and this page is still V4, I suggest you joining our discord server to download the V4.1 which adds the subpack option back as well as the profile section.

      • Guest-7839692013 says:

        I really love this client especially the highlighted selection box but white is really hard to see. If there was other update into this I was hoping that the highlighted box where you could change colors (Light pink, light blue or any other colors but mostly those 2) with some darker color line around it). but overall I still enjoy the client and hope to continue improving! ??

  164. Guest-7419516557 says:

    Great client! would it be possible for you to release the sound pack that was in v3? i had to manually add it to my pack. I really liked the sounds!. looking forward to v4.1 and to v5!

  165. Guest-5175049024 says:

    Where is the storage option?

  166. I don’t like the java UI BUT I love how you made the 3rd person toggle clickable because it is more mobile-friendly. How did you make a clickable 3rd person toggle button?

  167. Guest-1391825571 says:

    I cant see particles

  168. Alberto_ says:

    you should add java chat basicly makes the chat exacly like java and team up with zlauncher

  169. Guck52 says:

    Can you make a version without the java ui, i dont like it

  170. FrostingBit says:

    Is it possible to have a static background on the menu screen?

  171. Guest-6449090318 says:

    is this working at 1.16?? need answer thank you

  172. Guest-1447747747 says:

    how do u get the scoreboard to show the numbers?? it shows the scoreboard name n players just not the numbers

  173. Guest-1482888771 says:

    Whenever I try to extract it from a .zip on Xbox, it gets stuck on critcal_hit,json. Fix?

  174. Guest-3584721177 says:

    This is amazing. Can you please make it so we are able to change texture packs in game?

  175. Keep The playerlist i am staff on a realm and I need the player list there

  176. CGA35MCPE says:

    Hello LightX this client is the best! it gives me 60 to 250 fps! Thank you for making this client?

  177. Guest-4387776807 says:

    Is there an option for “UI Changes” only? I need it coz I don’t want my default Minecraft blocks and items to be modified…

  178. Guest-3809764352 says:

    I activated it and it did nothing.

  179. Guest-2060642272 says:

    Please, can you tell me how to change your own UI change because it is really wonderful

  180. XG says:

    Lol this isn’t a client, its literally a resource pack with a bit of tweaks and “client” plastered on top.

  181. Jeckdeth17 says:

    How can I add the stars??
    Put them back in game please!!

  182. Guest-1730333835 says:

    Can u pls add back the particles because i think its really importent to know that the person u r fighting has eaten a gap if u cant see the particles its a ded rip

  183. Guest-6146578619 says:

    Why did you turn off the sound from the previous version (v3)?

  184. CycloneRageNation381 - Gaming. says:

    They Already Did A Good Job Adding the Java Settings UI. but the only problem now is that the Custom Inventory and Java Chat UI. I Hope The Make A Toggleable Button For Switching To The Normal Inventory & Normal Chat UI to the Custom Inventory & Java Chat UI.

  185. Guest-7622322471 says:

    I recommend put short sword too! 😀

  186. Guest-9672417668 says:

    Is there a way activate the texture packs on Xbox?

  187. Dragodragon says:

    Let’s get the discord server to 500 users and we’ll get version 4!

  188. Guest-6549745202 says:

    It is the best client to ever exist for bedrock edition love and I really like the thing that we can customise as in we can choose if we want the boos bar , the clear chat etcetera

    I really like it
    If I was logged in I would give it 15 /10 stars
    It is awesome

  189. Guest-4523960748 says:

    How do i download/make it a .zip file?

  190. Guest-9071559346 says:

    This resource pack is the best I have seen so far! You did a great job on texture here. Especially for the armor and tools!

  191. Guest-4946346168 says:

    Yes me too
    I am also experiencing the same prob please help

  192. Guest-6738897860 says:

    I am getting a long text message when ever i click on anything saying UI WARNING and something something it is a very long text please help me
    How to remove it i am not able to see anything
    It was not there when I was not having astral cleint please help

  193. CycloneRageNation381 - Gaming. says:

    I really hope that they will bring back the custom inventory and I hope they will add custom crosshair and Java Chat Ui And Java Settings Ui For Windows 10 only ?

  194. Guest-2581497737 says:

    please bring back the boss bar i chose all the options and the boss bar is still gone

  195. Guest-3656026572 says:

    can someone please tell me if its possible to apply custom resource packs on xbox? i really love this pack and i want to use it.

    • Teppy7 says:

      You can this is how On Xbox Go To Store Find My Files Explorer its paid use trial and make alts to keep using it unpaid I paid for it once you got app go to 3 lines at top of app and add usermgr0 and then go to downloads get ur pack copy it then u go to isolated storage look for packages make sure ur not in insider or packages wont show up find minecraft uwp then localstate and games com.mojang then make resource_pack folder and paste it in btw it’s not a global resource it’s only for world resource packs sry

    • Guest-5187738307 says:

      yea but get a keyboard and mouse before you pvp if you don’t have a keyboard and mouse there is no point to getting this (pvp with controller is like eating a container of peanut butter in one go)

  196. Guest-8416850604 says:

    can someone please tell me if its possible top apply custom resource pack on xbox? i really love this pack and i want to use it.

  197. Guest-6840895739 says:

    Can you make it so that there is a feature that doesn’t have the enchant as numbers but roman numerals?

  198. Guest-1183963647 says:

    The update is amazing and pls don’t change the blocks on the zenfrosty pack pls I love those blocks PLS don’t change them!!!!!!!!!

  199. Guest-5180177550 says:

    nooooooooooooo 🙁
    I loved V2.1 but you changed most of my favorite features 🙁

  200. Looks cool. Idk how I feel about the transparent chest ui, tho, could you add an opacity slider for inventory screens?

  201. Guest-8807431295 says:

    The best I’ve seen today!

  202. ZINH010 says:

    Very cool, I just don’t like the short swords

  203. CycloneRageNation381 - Gaming. says:

    They Didn’t Even Add For Windows 10 The Java Chat Ui And The Crosshair.. And They Also Removed The Custom Inventory And Chroma ;(

  204. Guest-4285523720 says:

    Is this for xbox one?

  205. Guest-8841152030 says:


  206. Teppy7 says:

    Pro Tip: When Getting this pack on XBOX use PC version bc consoles are like desktops

  207. Guest-5030635592 says:

    The best texture Pack i’ve ever seen. 1,000/10

  208. Guest-9063432777 says:

    main menu has scaling bugs on 0 gui scale. also please make a button to hide the recipe book

  209. Guck52 says:

    When is v3 coming out?

  210. Guck52 says:

    Actually Gives You A FPS Boost Even If You Have 6 Other Texture Packs Applied On Top Of It.

  211. Guest-6931400700 says:

    Could you put a frame counter in so I can see my FPS? Mine only works in full screen

  212. Guest-8479112495 says:

    This works on Xbox, just the UI not the cool textures that come with it. I used the Mobile version and when you get it into minecraft make sure to disable UI content Log so you don’t get bombarded with text. But all in all its absolutely great.

  213. Guest-4543411608 says:

    Can You create Barebones Version??
    so We can Install Our Own PvP resource pack that we like?
    since i made my own costom PvP Texture For Both My Java/Bedrock Minecraft

  214. Guest-9371877363 says:

    can you update it for android mcpe 1.16

  215. I love this pack.. problem is it removes the numbers in the scoreboard.. im a mapmaker and I hate it when thats gone.. can u pls tell me how to remove it.. like tell me what files in the pack to delete? Thanks 🙂

  216. CycloneRageNation381 - Gaming. says:

    Could You Add a Java Chat ui and a Java ui Settings?? Please Add it

  217. LightX says:

    Hello guys, I just want to let you all know we are now working on V3!

    • Guest-2451899361 says:

      I’m on IPhoneXR with IOS 13. I downloaded the texture pack as soon as I saw that IOS was compatible and it worked really nice until I got to the inventory UI. There is no place for a shield and I can’t exit out of my inventory.

  218. Guest-7202177471 says:

    is it possible to add motion blur?

  219. Guest-1716031224 says:


  220. Guest-5593324239 says:

    could u add an option to disable the default texture pack you add in? I want to experience vanilla Minecraft but using vsync or fps limiter

  221. Guest-8250479406 says:

    Could You Make The X Button in the inventory ui Opaque Because Its Hard To Click The X Button On My mcpe since when its night i cant see it btw amazing work

  222. So I downloaded the original version of this, and I have to say, the new one is such an upgrade. I am not sure what you did, but Minecraft runs so much faster now! Thanks so much!

  223. Guest-9278230701 says:

    also can you make particles for hits like the sharpness particles in java?

  224. Guest-3471892119 says:

    correct me if this isnt possible but can you add keystrokes and fps counter?

  225. Guest-7222244434 says:

    Use the normal wardrobe, I have a character creator skins and even if you don’t you still need a way to get capes

  226. Guest-3157650156 says:

    Hey, nice pack guys, my only issue is that on iOS the chroma outline does not work 🙁

  227. Guest-7709453457 says:

    How can we make the inventory smaller while using the client there’s no button to make it just your inventory and hide he hints

  228. Guest-7937262961 says:

    Yo queria hacer algo parecido ahora la gente dira que me copie pero buen post si necesitan mas coders o designer solo envien un discord a Angel369#5964

  229. Guest-8000433844 says:

    Pls put coordinates bar in bottom – middle and make the background transparent without text color. Thank u

  230. Guest-2658247312 says:

    Hello my version but Unkown Pack not imported error. What the?

  231. Guest-8803221144 says:

    Why the block so cute?

  232. Guest-5757857725 says:

    When i use the texture pack i see lines of coding errors ect when i use it. Its very annoying anyway to stop this?

  233. RFVBHU_1 says:

    Pack very good. Only thing is when i Downloaded Astral Client V2.1, It didn’t work because i had V2.0 downloaded. the way to fix this is by changing the pack version. To do this change the “version” in “format_version” and in “modules” to something else (I did “[2, 0, 0 ]” in Astral Client V2.0 and “[2, 1, 0 ] in Astral Client V2.1. No Need to change any “uuid” codes or anything else). Keep Up the Good Work

  234. Guest-1691879423 says:

    Can you put back the numbers for the scoreboard it’s very important for a lot of servers
    Other than that it’s Beautiful ❤️

  235. Guest-8698774370 says:

    Its not working after i activate the resource pack only the backround image i only see no play button and others please help me?

  236. Guest-2256562226 says:

    This is beautiful!!!

  237. Guest-4544764996 says:

    Can you please remove the permanent lighting or add an option to remove it?

  238. Guest-4112795616 says:

    Wow, the cilent and the texture are really good but may you give a translation for OTHER LANGURAGE?

  239. Never knew there could be clients apart from hacked clients for bedrock. Awesome! UwU – Powdered

  240. CycloneRageNation381 - Gaming. says:

    Can U Change the Crosshair For Windows 10??

  241. Guest-7469193029 says:

    You should make outlines for the ui for the Crafting Table because i cant see what’s where in my inventory and i cant see where my crafting is

  242. Anonymous says:

    I love the settings and options that this pack enables, however I dislike the colours, font , UI elements and textures the pack changes from the vanilla game. So I turned it off right after modifying what I needed to :/

  243. Dragekk says:

    duplicate pack detected
    change uuid pls

  244. Guest-7825415163 says:

    Hey! I really like the texture pack, though i think it would be better if you have a seperate pack for the UI? Because i really love the ui itself. Can you please make a seperate pack please?

  245. Guest-8948836289 says:

    Can anyone tell me how I install the texture pack ??

  246. Guest-5441748274 says:

    I don’t like there’s a built in pack that I can’t remove I hate it (not the default edit and 8×8)I like to use other packs and I usually put them at the bottom and client on top so pls don’t put any packs on disable pls

  247. TheShumanat0rYT says:

    Door items don’t match the corresponding block textures. Blackstone ore and ancient debris don’t have a border around it like the other ores, but im sure it’s because your not updating the beta which is fine, take your time. Could you add a chroma crosshair or a different type crosshair. Thank you for taking your time to read this.

  248. Guest-2986395787 says:

    Can you pls make a bedrock inventory cause I don’t want java inventory

  249. Guest-1366410152 says:

    I like the other 8×8 pack, textures 8×8 default are not good visualy 🙁

  250. MC07 says:

    Can you make a zoom in button for everyone? It might be better to zoom in on something you cant make out.

  251. TheShumanat0rYT says:

    Could you add an rgb xp bar. That would look so cool and fitting

  252. Guest-7870293365 says:

    Bro , it is who write about particles. Give me your discord channel , link dont work

  253. Guest-8311083206 says:

    Please Help! Whenever I attempt to import it I will get an error with Unknown pack name

    • LightX says:

      Unfortunately that’s not on the pack, if you’re iOS, it may iOS itself. Join our discord server to get help, someone knows a fix for it. I have a friend on the server that also encountered this problem and he fixed it.

    • Cooliokat says:

      You need to go into the files app if you’re on IOS. Move the file to minecraft treatment packs 2. It should work then.

    • Guest-4269133884 says:

      You can fix this by renaming the pack to instead of mcpack (you can do this in the app called Documents by readle then putting it in the the resource pack folder of the minecraft file.

  254. Guest-4278635757 says:

    Bro, can you help me please? I have a texture pack that I use to play on servers; I collect it myself from different ones and it has a very big problem – disgusting particles your profile discord is not working

  255. Guest-5295796663 says:

    On mobile you have Single player and multiplayer Buttons but there is no reason for them to be there. It takes you to the same area.

  256. Guest-2310437642 says:

    What link works for Xbox one or can u add one plz

  257. Justrogier says:

    Great client recourse pack. But in the discription it’s says it V2, and the downloads are still V1. Please fix it! Thanks in advance!

  258. Guest-1029347628 says:

    This is the best Bedrock-Optifine-Remake I have ever seen! Thank you so much for creating it!

  259. LightX says:

    Sorry guys, links are now updated for V2! I was rushing when I wanted to update this submission to V2 because I was excited, lol. Cheers!

  260. The_Oddtist says:

    This is amazing, beautiful. The link for v2 isn’t there but still amazing

  261. Guest-9942458255 says:

    Why is the download link v1 I need v2

  262. Guest-9814876377 says:

    idk if im doing some thing wrong but the only download links r for V1 and i cant find the link to download V2

  263. Guest-7394420627 says:

    Is there a way to get the UI itself? I really just want the UI since it looks spectacular!!

  264. Guest-1591428688 says:

    Hello! This client-resource pack is REALLY and I mean REALLY amazing. I would’ve given 5 stars if just for one thing. The wardrobe. I use capes and I’m on pc and I would really like if you could add the old skin picker like on version 1. The updates are getting better but please change the wardrobe, you could even just make the pc version the old skin picker one. Not both. Anyways have a nice day and I hope that this client can get so much better! The wardrobe is the only thing wrong with this client in my opinion 🙂 Everything else is amazing.

    • Tzkazuto says:

      YES, I very much do agree with you my good friend. The wardrobe should be the old skin picker for pc because we like to use capes 😀 PLEASE do update this as soon as possible 😀 Also the UI is just amazing. That’s why I want to keep using this client but I cant since of the wardrobe :,( Have a wonderful day and please fix as soon as possible 😀

  265. Khall says:

    Uh,why V1 both on mediafire and mega ?

  266. Justrogier says:

    Really cool client recourse pack I use it all the time. Really good that you updated it, but the downloads are still for V1.

  267. Guest-9553961733 says:

    Is there a zip file?

  268. Guest-5690786834 says:

    Its really is an amazing client-resource pack, it does increase fps in my testing, also, I have a question, which file do I have to edit in my texture pack to make a custom home screen? I’m trying to make my own client-resource pack and I was hoping for some friendly advice, I was trying to make something like the beautiful gradient in the buttons as you do in the home screen with the purple and blue, if anyone can help please say so 😀

  269. Guest-9864266142 says:

    True successor to badtiger? Definitely yessss!

    • Guest-9381165551 says:

      I really like this but I can’t put any packs on top of the pack because I want to keep the client gui so pls have a gui only subpack pls I don’t want the gui on the packs I use I want the gui on the client

  270. MC07 says:

    If you are on IOS and you have 2 devices you should download the pack on one device and airdrop the pack to the other device and it will automatically import into Minecraft instead of moving the file into the resource packs folder. You can remove the shaders file if the problem occurs. Let me know if this helped!

  271. Guest-5022055574 says:

    It’s really good but I would like to suggest something can u put a screen shot thing like badtiger client pls I love to use it and take screenshots pls add it also CHANGE the crosshair/cross on the middle I like to use split controls so pls make it a little bit smaller thx!!!

  272. MC07 says:

    It looks good! I like what I see and will tell you how I think it does. Will it increase or decrease my FPS? I don’t know yet and i’ll let you know of any mobile problems!

  273. Guest-2359616640 says:

    what link do i use for xbox?

  274. Teppy7 says:


  275. Guest-2824521829 says:

    Mine is bugged i only see sky pls help but the fps is good

  276. Guest-6964622512 says:

    the fire is bug

  277. Guest-6731442266 says:

    Can make for the Fullbright can off

  278. Guest-8397322705 says:

    Great concept, but add in a feature to toggle fullbright.

  279. I_Yam_A_Guy says:

    I have an issue, whenever I enable this pack all the textures for blocks go fully invisible, for me it’s like X-ray but only for entities. I really look forward to using this eventually 🙂

  280. Awesome pack! Also, thanks for mentioning Dark Mode and I as well 🙂

  281. Anonymous says:

    Awesome client! This is quite impressive for just a single resource pack to become a whole client.

  282. Guest-3919198647 says:

    woooow but fov is downed about 10 when disenable changing fov option

  283. Guest-4554388863 says:

    Can you little crybabys stop whining about how this is a copy of BADtiger

  284. Guest-4494362953 says:

    This texture pack is great! The only thing that needs to be fixed is the night time mode subpack. The moon has a distinct box around it. Also there is an unused moon phase and sun in that subpack that looks really cool and i would like to use it in game

  285. Guest-7652251556 says:

    you know its a good resource pack when you changed the fire to purple and promote your pack instead of the minecraft logo

  286. Guest-1241582521 says:

    When i go to multiplayer settings when im edting/creating a world it show texture packs too. Still a decent texture pack that i like!

  287. Guest-4206597565 says:

    It won’t let me import the pack. (I’m on mobile). Is this a problem with the pack itself or Minecraft? I’ve tried restarting the app.

    • Guest-5995994849 says:

      Download documents by readdle and then put the pack in there then open it in Minecraft it should work idk why you need to do this on iOS but it works that way I love documents by readdle

  288. Guest-6560598116 says:

    When i try to go in a world its just blanc any way to fix this plz help

  289. Guestyz says:


    • Guest-2003413646 says:

      He fixed this in the newest version he removed the button due to it not working in mobile calm down you don’t need to buy Minecraft again it’s just a glitch download the newest version or ignore the button it doesn’t effect gameplay you can still go multiplayer and servers

    • Guest-4030748007 says:

      Report him or not, his pack is awesome, either ways your report isn’t gonna make sense, maybe your mcpe has problem, narroe minded idiot.

  290. Guest-6101477270 says:

    Thank you so much for this

  291. Guest-5147188814 says:

    Also, if someone is wondering. Yes. It works with 1.16 in my case. (Using Mobile)

  292. Guest-9471331628 says:

    Uhhh… The logo covers the play button ???? Using mc with GUI -1 for now. Great pack by the way ?

    • LightX says:

      Are you sure you put on the mobile version? The mobile version has a smaller logo for those with smaller screens. If you have a PC and you think you have a wide-inch monitor, use the PC version instead.

      – Light

  293. Guest-4992774623 says:

    Love it works perfectly only problem is the about astral client it doesn’t work but I don’t think I care absolutely amazing 10/10 telling all my friends about this

  294. Guest-8274386585 says:

    Update for 1.16 please

  295. Guest-1992155627 says:

    Perfect now i dont need blockluancher for my fast chat thank alot

  296. Does this work on 1.16 beta

  297. awsome229 says:

    This pack is great, but one thing g is messed up, when I go to my worlds and try to change the texture packs, all of the buttons are smashed together…. I don’t know what’s wrong, but I would like you to fix it! There are also a lot of warnings about the buttons not being right whenever I apply this pack. But overall the textures are nice, so is the starting ui

  298. Guest-5200619088 says:

    It’s a good pack and I don’t have much else to say but I would like an option to disable the fullbright feature. As sometimes while building something you might need to incorporate lighting or to managing mob spawning which is difficult to do when everything is light level 15.

  299. Guest-6900666214 says:

    BEST PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  300. Guest-6391393906 says:

    DUDE! @Guest-5151456108 why u so TOXIC. THis pack is INSANELY GOOD. Better than most!!!

  301. Guest-5151456108 says:

    Lol you copy badtiger client you just stole hud and v sync and then post it on mcpedl how dare you copy badtiger client report this client

  302. Guest-8443992753 says:

    Bruh stop copying badtiger client you just edit our hud bruhhh wtf you got copyrighted lol bruh hjn is mad at you
    You just post it on mcpedl so that you cant copyrighted plz report

  303. Guest-5722101478 says:

    Bruh you just copy our client called BadTiger Client its so hard to make clients and then someone stole it from us

  304. Guest-8348095218 says:

    Its not a client just a UI texture pack, lol so stop calling it a client maybe AstralUI would be better 😉 the actual client is minecraft not astral

  305. Hey! I have windows 10 and to take a screenshot you hit the prt scrn (it looks something like that) button. Then you hit ctrl v to the desired text box like google docs and mcpe dl submissions. I hope i could have been a help

  306. Guest-3329866444 says:

    I’m sure this would be great except it made my computer perform worse. I was still getting ~180 FPS because I have a high-end computer but normally I get ~500 FPS. Also, there was an error that Minecraft was picking up on, not sure what it was.

    • Guest-7840331980 says:

      Same person. I think that this is a good concept that should continue on Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Perhaps we even get client-side anti-cheats like Badlion and what not. I think that if you improve on this and make it boost performance rather than hurt it, this could become a huge hit. But as it stands now, 512×512 texture packs run better on my computer than this does.

      • LightX says:

        For me, the MaxFPS really did boost my FPS. As for the Default Edit, it’s more on the looks rather than the FPS, so I don’t really recommend you using it. You can although use your own pack and put it below the client (so it won’t cause some issues.) The warnings are false, they do not, I REPEAT, they do not cause issues or glitches on your Minecraft. They’re related to the settings screen, so if nothing happens in the settings screen, nothing happens.

  307. Guest-1447032377 says:

    I love it!

  308. Guest-2510804887 says:

    Just downloaded. So far, it is really great. It honestly improves my FPS, and it has a really clean look.

  309. Guest-9153094884 says:

    can you upload the different texture packs separately? I’m on xbox so i can’t access custom texture packs or clients in my global resources in the menu.

  310. MrNear says:

    it looks this incredible. I will test now

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