Published on September 27, 2021 (Updated on February 28, 2022)

Asylum Hide and Seek

A disorienting horror hide and seek map with sneaky hiding spots and grim textures, using the Tuman texture pack and a custom-made one. Explore the torture room, cells, control room and maze whilst the seeker chases after you!

You will start in a damp, dark stone brick room where other people can join before you play the map. To start a game, press the button on the wall and all hiders will be sent into the courtyard to find a hiding spot before the seeker is released.

After around 1 minute, the seeker will be teleported to the courtyard to start running around and trying to find the opponents. To 'find' a hider, the seeker must punch them once. The hider will then be converted to a seeker so the seeker team can find their opponents faster.

The game ends once all the hiders are found and converted to seekers (seekers win), or the seven minute time limit runs out (hiders win).

This is a multiplayer map only.

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Fixed seeker strength after recent Minecraft update broke how higher values of the effect worked and re-uploaded the map.


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