Published on July 11, 2023 (Updated on October 02, 2023)

Atomic Ultimate PVP NEW V1.2.9.3

Welcome To another Epic PVP Texture Pack.

 This is pretty good texture pack that can help you in pvp.  

Atomic PVP Texture Pack: Compact swords, outlined ores, low fire. Enhance Minecraft PVP with this sleek pack for optimized battles and improved resource gathering and lastly our Breed Totem.This resource pack has the following:  

  •  Low fire when you burn 
  • Cool custom blue sky. 
  •  New black UI 
  •  New custom textures
  •  New custom Gear textures. Also Custom sounds of fall, hurt and totem And More cool features. Come and get it!

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Version Added:

  • Improved work on 1.17 and newer versions
  • 1.20 optimization

If you found issues or any other problems of this texture pack, please write it in the comments



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The diamond items are bad because there are a different style than the other tools, for example the sword has a completly different shape and is 32x but all other swords are 16x.
i had to log in to make this comment

ur texture pack is azz
Same. This texture is Very azz.
Your Menu music is not saved properly and doesn't play as intended.
I fixed it by downloading the 1.20.10 vanilla pack and adding the music_definitions.json and sound_definitions.json. The menu folder for the menu songs had to be put inside a music folder.
the path is /TOP1MINECR/FrednavaX/sounds/music/menu/
Hope that helps.
a textura é boa mas não quero ver um lobo estranho no lugar do token