Attachable Grinder PE Mod

The Attachable Grinder PE Mod adds a grinder item which can be attached to any type of mob. The grinder will harvest the animal for its meat. It’s a much more refined process compared to killing them with your hands as you will get more meat this way.

Creator: crazycard856, Twitter Account

How to use the grinders?

The attachable grinder can be used for harvesting meat from animals. For example, killing cows will at best give you one raw beef. But by attaching a grinder to the cow you can harvest up to five beeves.

  • Attachable Grinder (2674) – 4 iron ingots + 4 wood planks + 1 redstone

The loot is different depending on which kind of mob you’ve attached the grinder to. After a while of harvesting the animal will eventually die and drop a dirty attachable grinder which can be reused by cleaning it up with some water (in a crafting table).

  • Attachable Grinder (2674) (cleaned) – 1 dirty attachable grinder + 1 water bucket


Some mobs don’t drop anything at all. Currently it only works for the following mobs but in the future it’s likely to work for all mobs.

  • Pig
  • Chicken
  • Cow
  • Skeleton
  • Creeper
  • Zombie


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  1. The Meowndragora says:

    Makes me think of beef. Now i dont know how to say it. I want beeve? Beefes? Beefi?

  2. Tremo Tremedal says:

    Can you give me a link, that downloads the texture pack!?

  3. Whitedragon says:

    How do you attach the grinder to a creature

  4. ivon852 says:

    Is this mod ported from this PC Mod?

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