Attack On Titan Skin Pack

This Skin Pack contains a lot of spoilers. If you don’t want to get spoiled, go watch the anime.

This skin pack has the main characters from Attack On Titan/Shingeki No Kyojin.

If you’ve noticed that some characters are missing, write their name in the comments and I’ll add them in the next update.


My USERNAME on XBOX is @SimonITA23


Changelog View more


Changed description (added new photo, video tutorial and an official linkvertise q&a)

Added new link shortener: Linkvertise, much safer than the others shortener I used.


Added new links instead of                                           

Link Changement and bug fix!

Write in the comment if there are other bugs!

Finally Published after some issues

Some Bug Fix

Some Skin Changement


1. Is Linkvertise safe?
Yes,it is.
It's also one of the safest shorteners since there aren't annoying pop ads with a lot of viruses, +18 ads and other ads that are, sometimes, impossible to close.
2.Are the notifications really annoying? Do I have to keep them?
 The notifications appear usually two times a day, but you can also deactivate them with no problem
3.Do I really have to read an article to get to the download?
   No, you have only to wait 12 seconds and close it.
4. Your link downloaded me a suspicious .exe file, what is it?
 It's only an installer that asks you if you want to download additional offers. If you decline the offer you will not install anything on your pc. You have to wait for a few seconds, then you will be redirected to the actual MediaFire page without viruses. I've done this so many times on my pc before publishing this update and no viruses were detected.
5. And...... For Xbox??
Currently,I can't do much, because I don't own an Xbox. But I heard in the comments of my last video tutorial that Linkvertise is actually fixing the problems found by you. If you have another problem on Xbox you can go to my video tutorial in the comments and reply to Linkvertise, they will fix the problem in less than two days!
In short, Linkvertise is not a virus-filled shortener, you just need to have a little patience to complete all the steps and you can download Casual Skin Pack!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) RTX Beta

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  1. skillfulwasup says:

    could you add gordon ramsey

  2. Guest-7313974989 says:

    It’s not working, whenever I go to the link it has a “subscibe” pop up and I’m not subscribing to a website I don’t even know, and then if I click the skip ad button it makes me download a vpn!

  3. Guest-6661438207 says:

    nice very nice

  4. Guest-4124262943 says:

    thanks for making the skin pack

  5. Guest-7466754847 says:

    Is it the IP power app?

  6. Manuel Molina says:

    i can t download it takes me to a place were its top is green and it didnt say skip ad

  7. yeahiplayedminecraftin2014 says:

    Is there an eren titan skin?

  8. Josh says:

    Loooovve it!
    I reccomend mcpack.
    to get through, click skip after 5 seconds once, close the ad, and click it again

  9. Diego carlo Catano Diego Carlo says:

    Cool ?


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