Audia City | Bedrock Edition v1.5

This is one of the largest and most modern urban city which you will come by in Minecraft. There are lots of beaches, harbors, houses and even an airport. It might lag a bit on low-end devices though so make sure to turn down your render distance.

Credits : Nohman12354 ,TheTekkitRealm [For builds]

There are more than 4000 buildings to explore (which expands on an area of 96 square kilometers). Unique skyscrapers, gardens, houses, buildings and shops and lots of beaches. Go for a hike in the national forest, or explore any different part of the city.

Features :

  • Current estimated blocks used: 2.2 billion!
  • More than 946 houses, malls & boats

Note : Map size is 176MB

Changelog View more


- 2 large harbors!

- downtown and metro district!




Supported Minecraft versions


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52 Responses

3.71 / 5 (35 votes)
  1. razvan says:

    This is the stupid city ive seen

  2. Cameron Cook says:

    AWESOME map but please fix the missing slabs disappearing doors and leaves and overall fix the bugs on the map. Thanks

  3. NiceMap says:

    Was this ported from java edition? If it was then there were a few mistakes made because there’s a lot of missing blocks where there should be blocks. Other than that gg epic map 10/10!

  4. Anonymous says: Does in fact work just don’t click on ANY of their ads, Oh! don’t download anything! (except for the mediafire thing.)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Is there a certain texture pack for it

  6. Your name says:

    Map 2.0

  7. flamingcookies says:

    You have one of the best city maps, and you ruin it with ADFLY. Are you serious?! Just use mediafire!

  8. Anonymous says:

    It takes a while, but it actually works! Looks really fancy!

  9. Kevin Quirarte says:

    NOHMAN12354 I have reported you to the website to take this post down for using URL shrinking sites that troll other users and you must stop using Adfly since people don’t like virus

    • Zacasa says:

      Why? Are you stupid! They use adfly to make their own money. And you don’t understand at it all. And ADFLY don’t have virus since its secured. You making a wrong report. You are idiot. Let see how your life become more happy if you don’t have any maybe. You look like poor AWW. What a Noobie. Don’t make your money and you see what it’s look like becoming poor. Such as Noobie player. You just an kid. And I wish you go to jail because of wrongful report!

    • MircasMC says:

      You are a garbage

  10. Emmanuel Reyes says:

    Is there a hospital in this map?
    Thank you!

  11. Caden says:

    This is wasome but it is hard to download

  12. SightGames says:

    Is there any way you can make it where xbox people can join too PLEASE. PLease reply

    • Anonymous says:

      If you change the www1 in the link after clicking Skip Ad to www4, it takes you straight to the MediaFire dl.

  13. OSCAR WU says:

    MAY I USE YOUR MAP for my Animation

  14. Karma Swaring says:

    I love the map, but when I was flying around into some buildings I could see that the walls were half slabs. Also a lot of the side walks were down one. But other than that the map was great!

  15. unknown says:

    this looks like real life! amazing!

  16. Amatsukaze_Kai says:

    Screenshot looks like it was taken in Minecraft Java since I don’t recall seeing a shader like that and with that vast render distance or rather taken from 3D Programs.

  17. Iliketacos says:

    What shader?
    Please reply🙂

  18. Ho says:

    I can’t download it

  19. Anonymous says:

    I can’t download it and it takes me to a hentai page, ease fix the link

  20. harmony says:

    I was looking for a roleplay world and i found this map which was pretty awesome but the reason that i only rated this map 4 stars is because i was expecting schools and colleges in the map(i haven’t downloaded the map yet)

  21. It’s looks like City Skyline

  22. GalaxywolfYT says:

    Are things under construction or what when I went in McDonald’s there was nothin in there

  23. Isarboy says:

    What is the texture of the photo

  24. Hhhh says:


  25. OOF says:

    This is GTA 5 in minecraft!

  26. Cat Explorer says:


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