Auto-Racer: You versus Computer!

This is a brand new map which is brought to you by the same creator who made The Toy Soldiers and Darth Vader addons. This time around it’s a map that’s being released and it’s both an innovative and unique map which lets you race versus a computer!

This map is an innovative map that lets you race versus a computer! This is the first map that lets you do that! It has a very simple, easily understandable and intuitive command before you can race. 

This map uses the Go-Kart Addon, so we can color our karts!

The computer racing against us!

The view from the side!

What are you waiting for? Download and enjoy! – Rexiar 




Supported Minecraft versions


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8 Responses

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  1. Guest-6903924290 says:

    Man I wish you would fix the toy soldiers addon but good work as always

  2. Guest-5334303051 says:

    Hey, Rexiar! can you please fix your tf2 engineer addon? The Textures are broken D:

  3. Guest-6729508640 says:

    Hey please fix toy soldier or if it is fixed please give us a tutorial. I think fans of the toy soldiers add on, my self included. I used to play this add on as a kid and I would love to play it again. You really don’t need to but I would really love it.

    Thank you for your time, Sincerely,
    A hopeful fan

  4. Guest-5652743714 says:

    Many issues with this map, this not completed map.

    1, you only start with 1 Go-Kart
    2, cart race very slow, easy to win

  5. Guest-4777413155 says:

    Great Map!

  6. Guest-3520018249 says:

    Da heck?
    pvc(player vs computer)?
    what is this f1 2020?
    JK good map

  7. Guest-4312544004 says:

    oye adfly no me sirve me mandas el link directo

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