Auto-Smelted Ores (“CutClean”)

If you hate waiting for furnaces to smelt your iron and gold ore, then this is the add-on for you. Applying this pack will cause iron ore and gold ore to automatically drop iron and gold ingots, respectively, instead of their ore counterpart. This pack may be useful for UHC scenarios, casual yet fast-paced survival, and much more. This pack was made my 3e and me, so I do not take all the credit. 

This add-on does not require experimental gameplay to be toggled on, and all components work automatically once both the resource and behavior pack is applied to the world. the fortune enchantment does NOT have any effect on the total ingots dropped per ore. It is a 1:1 ratio regardless.

Upon mining gold ore, a gold ingot along with an XP orb will instantly drop.

Similar to the gold ore, mining iron ore will cause an iron ingot and an XP orb to instantly drop.

Essentially, you wont need to ever need to use coal for the purpose of smelting ores with this pack applied. 

Contrary to many command tutorials (that may bar lag due to utilization of many command blocks, this add-on is more optimized and lighter-weight. Of course, it is 100% automatic, with no setup, hassle, or command blocks required. 

If you have any questions or comments and would like to contact my directly, you can reach me at these handles:

Xbox IGN: DigestedCave704, XPLODINGbubble (3e)
Discord: ambient#2309

Changelog View more

fixed the download links and optimized pack performance. Removed need to use a resource pack. 

deleted the dated pack version, im a noob at mcpedl and I forgot to delete it so there were 4 packs instead of 2

Optimized addon performance and eliminated the need to use a resource pack for complete functionality. Potentially fixed some issues regarding the addon (now just a behavior pack) not working for some android players.

updated description to specify pack limitations, updated pack version number, credited another creator for pack creation. 

fixed description typos and incorrect contact handles to be more accurate

added extra description and image to showcase the pack's contents. 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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51 Responses

4 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. Guest-2899022041 says:

    It’s broken after the nether update.

  2. Guest-5643035375 says:

    I found a port of TapL’s PvP texture pack (32x). Just the right timing. GG

  3. Guest-8618447839 says:

    This addon is great, but any chance you could make it work with fortune? That would be cool!

  4. Guest-1400191900 says:

    Can u make it work with fortune?

  5. Guest-2198823721 says:

    Hello! The truth is that this does not work for me! I have put it in Experimental Game, enable the add-on resource pack and the sharing pack is set automatically, I don’t know if it’s right or wrong, only that happens, when testing the add-on in the world it doesn’t happen nothing, it still gives me the mineral and not the ingot, I have also put it without an experimental game and it doesn’t work either!

  6. Guest-6574742221 says:

    Hola! La verdad esto no me funciona! Lo he puesto en Juego Experimental, habilite el pack de recursos del add-on y el pack de compartamiento se pone automaticamente, eso no se si esta bien o mal, solo que pasa eso, al probar el add-on en el mundo no pasa nada, me sigue dando el mineral y no el lingote, lo he puesto tambien sin juego experimental y tampoco funciona!

  7. Guest-7361740857 says:

    So it doesn’t require experimental features right? What if I have it enabled would it make the add-on not functional?

    • Guest-1898289895 says:

      it will work either way

      • Guest-1440741092 says:

        Oh cool– actually I tired pairing this addon with a vein miner addon guess that what made it not work when I tried it also this still the same person

        • Layering of some other addons will usually not work because the player entity file of the addon applied on the top will overwrite the one on the bottom. You will have to manually merge the player.json’s to make both compatible.

  8. Guest-9855769277 says:

    No me sirve, cuando pico el mineral me da un bloque más no el lingote. Juego en versión 1.14.60
    Con experimental y sin experimental no sirve

  9. Guest-1906203895 says:

    Can u make a tree captitator too? I downloaded the auto smelt and someone elses captitator, but it doesnt work, either one has to be disabled. Example: if i had the capitator on top of the auto smelt in enabled behaviour pack, the auto smelt will not work

    • Guest-2789435224 says:

      Also i cant really add u on discord to say these problems on direct messages, when i tried to add u it says either capitalization is wrong or something is wrong in the name

  10. Guest-4455669338 says:

    It dont work on 1.16 beta pls fix it

  11. Guest-2299278479 says:

    Does a fortune pickaxe influence the drop amount in any way?

  12. JoLegendary says:

    Does fortune affect the drops?

    • Guest-6259913303 says:

      Fortune doesn’t affect iron and gold anyway. You’ll still always get 1 piece even if you have a fortune 3 pickaxe

  13. Guest-6827188616 says:

    Cool I hate smelting ores and this is just for me 🙂

  14. Guest-9945806432 says:

    Can you try making a enchantment for this? because its too OP

    • Guest-3199186304 says:

      it’s purpose was to make minecraft easier, as the description says it’s for fast paced worlds and UHC like environments

  15. Guest-8482725142 says:

    No funciona

  16. Guest-5977001461 says:

    Is this compatible with the insta-cook addon?

  17. Guest-7738143642 says:

    Sería posible crear un encantamiento de esto?

  18. Guest-7184754956 says:

    Si tengo encantamiento de fortuna afecta a la cantidad de lingotes que sueltan?

  19. Guest-2910229220 says:

    it doesn’t work for me, When I iron peak doesn’t give me the ingot and it’s the same with gold
    I’m in version 1.14.60.

  20. Guest-3345823249 says:

    No sirve bro

  21. Guest-1788366830 says:

    Revisalo no funciona

  22. Guest-5258568520 says:

    No sirve el complemento

  23. Guest-4751942311 says:

    they don’t work for me in any world, even if I make a new one it doesn’t work for me

  24. Guest-3964330611 says:

    does it work on windows 10?

  25. Guest-2623498658 says:

    el addon sirve para windows 10?

      • Guest-9726506600 says:

        it doesn’t work for me, I’m in version 1.14.60 and I tried it with experimental game and without the experimental game that I do?

        • please specify what exactly doesn’t work for you.

          • Guest-4278927644 says:

            I try to chop the gold and iron ore and it does not work I am in 1.14.60 and I also tested it in version 1.16.63 I tried with experimental game and without experimental game, it also activates the addon in resource packages and behavior and I do not have another addon added you are just

      • Guest-6468028239 says:

        it doesn’t work for me, When I iron peak doesn’t give me the ingot and it’s the same with gold
        I’m in version 1.14.60.

  26. Guest-7474720039 says:

    Can u do this for mobs

  27. Guest-9501967069 says:

    Finnaly! ive been waiting this for like a month or two now

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