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Published on October 06, 2016 (Updated on October 06, 2016)

Auto Spleef [Minigame]

Installation Guides

Or you could simply use the /fill command.
Or you could use the /clone command to make a copy of the spleef and use the /clone command on the copy every time you want to reset it.
Can you put an link
Pls update it to 0.16.0
Yeah we need an mcpack for this.
Can you put it on iOS
How do you install this on iOS , I've had some problems
There is a installation guide just search it up on here (
Cool map it is awesome!!!?
this is for minecraft pe android?
Yeah, Pocket Edition in general.
Can you update this map for 0.16.0
Oh yeah 5 stars btw
I downloaded as soon as It popped up in twitter. I don't want the floor to be replaced until a round is over. is there a way to just turn it off between rounds? Without messing with your redstone too much, maybe a lever.
Yes, just take all of the items out of the hoppers and replace them when you want to refill.
Why there is a Texture Pack.
Its work in 0.15.10??
You don't need the texture pack. It's optional. It just changes the cobblestone textures.

I tested it on 0.15.9.