Auto Vending Machine [Redstone]

This vending machine is fully automated and is entirely powered by redstone. It has pretty much the same features a real life vending machine would have. Insert coins into the machine and select from various options which item to get. It’s a great way to learn how redstone works as all the redstone logic and setup is completely open and available to see when it’s in action.

Creator: DelisoJan, Twitter Account

Take some coins (diamonds) from the chest. Add some coins to the dropper and then press the wooden button to insert them into the machine.


In this case I only added one coin. And as you can see, I am only able to choose between Melon and Cooked Potato.


But if I add two coins to the machine then the Cooked Porkchop and Cooked Chicken options will light up.


I’m in the mood for some cooked chicken. If I press the button above the chicken the dispenser on the right will drop it in a few seconds.


On the very left of the creation is a door which leads to the income storage. Here you can find all the coins which have been inserted into the vending machine.

vending-machine-5 vending-machine-6download

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4 Responses

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  1. Silvio2400 says:

    I didn’t build this but i Know a little bit:
    When you do an 💎 in it makes a redstone signal
    That goes forwards and the repeaters will powered when
    The redstone is on it will power a little bit of the repeaters
    Because the redstone signal is too Weak! The repeaters
    Power a block that goes in the redstone lamps

    Sorry for bad English i am German

    • _HappyFox_ says:

      You gave in the chest a diamond (or another item) and comparator sees that it is a item in tha chest and then he gives a signal (if it’s not stackable item, it’ll give you LITTLE signal that spreads on one block but not BRIGHT , if it’s stakable then it is does not like what i said up)

  2. Minecraft gamer says:

    You should add instructions for building it

    • Editor says:

      I didn’t build it so I have no idea how to build it. You can look at the redstone structure behind it.. or go on Google and search for “Automatic Vending Machine Minecraft Pocket Edition”.

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