Published on June 11, 2016 (Updated on June 11, 2016)

Automated Racetrack [Minigame]

Installation Guides

can u change the format to .mcpack and fix it cuz it fails every time i inport it
Can I put this Minecraft project? I will give credit.
Can you make a greahound Race Track? I love horses but not as much as dogs,and I would be very happy if I had a greyhound race track.Thanks!
Can you do an updated version? Because in 0.15.3 the Redstone dust is sticking to pistons so it does not work properly
How did you tame the skeleton horse?
I want to ask why when I choose to play 1 lag, after I finished the piston door dont open. Is it because of the bug of 0.15 b1 or other problem?
It's probably because of the bug. Sometimes the Redstone torches don't turn off even if they are receiving a redstone signal.
Perfect map!
Please make stable with house,I will be very grateful.
Thanks you!