AutomatedCraft adds several new items which can be used to build automatic drills, farms and lamps. In the future the mod will include more structures you can build to better optimize builds in Minecraft PE.

Creator: artus9033

Block IDs

  • Laser Drill (512)
  • MultiFarm Frame (215)
  • MultiFarm Controller (216)
  • Farm Input Port (217)
  • Farm Output Port (218)
  • Farm Power Port (219)
  • Lamp on (220)
  • Lamp off (221)

Laser Drill

The Laser Drill is a new item which you can place anywhere in-game. On top of the drill place a furnace which will be used to power the drill. Ultimately place a chest on top of the furnace and when you click it the drill with mine all blocks that’s underneath it and place the ores in the chest.


Automatic MultiBlock Farm

An automatic farm is pretty much what it sounds like – an automated type of harvesting structure which can be built to faster harvest wheat and spawn particles. In the future more crops will be supported

Setup A MultiBlock Farm

The farm can be created in three different sizes: 5×5, 7×7, 9×9 but must always be two blocks in height.

The blocks you see below are MultiFarm Frames (215).


The block in the middle is the MultiFarm Controller (216).



Next to the MultiFarm Input Port (217) there should be a chest. Fill the chest with wheat seeds.


To activate the farm click the red MultiFarm Controller block in the middle to activate it. The wheat will grow every ten seconds and can be collected from the output chest.



Lamps can be switched on and off by clicking (or using) them.

lamp1 lamp2download

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  1. Pls help says:

    Can’t download. It just shows a goofy pic of sone sort of bird

  2. Daniel says:

    I am on iOS can you make it a mcaddon because it is soooooo complicated to do it on Dropbox if you know how to please tell me .(also it came up with error )

  3. Ryo Stonewell says:

    plz make this an mcdownload. i can’t use zip files and i find dropbox downloads way to frustrating and complicated.

  4. Jay Eduard says:


  5. SUPimSUB says:

    Is this an addon

  6. Secret me says:

    is this still updated?

  7. Alex says:

    I need help

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