Avatar Addon: Tea?!


This addon adds the four nations bending abilities from the show Avatar the last Airbender (ALTA or atla)! Create realms, and customize the addon to fit your playstyle using the in-game settings.

When you start out, nothing will happen. First, you will have the bending scroll in your hotbar upon entry into the world. After that, you can choose your bending by opening it (long press or right click). The options are avatar, fire, earth, water, air, and human (normal vanilla Minecraft, with the ability to learn chi-blocking).

Perhaps the most significant change was the migration of the previous 4 slot system to the now 9 slot + slot binding system like the one used in project korra! Each new slot corresponds to a position in your hotbar (1-9). To use a move, select the corresponding slot and then punch, right-click, or double sneak. You can customize each slot with different activation methods. Hovering over a slot shows the associated move, and performing the correct action triggers the move. Here's an example: Let's say you learn an move called "Air Blast" and want to use it. Open the scroll menu, go to "Slot Choice," and select Slot 1. Then choose "Air Blast" from the options and set the activation method to "Sneak & Punch." Submit your selection, and you'll see a chat message confirming it. To use the move, select the first hotbar slot and sneak and punch at the same time. The same can be done for every other slot, and you can activate them all differently. Slot 1 could be right click, because you always have a sword there, and slot 5 could be double sneak.

Each type of bender will have a different moveset, and each individual bender will have an even more varied set of moves. As you level up, you get access to more moves. To level up, simply go about as normal - using moves will help you level up, but don’t try to afk, it won’t work. Sometimes, bending can get annoying while just going about your normal tasks, so you can turn it off for a bit by holding arrows in your off-hand, or by typing right clicking/long pressing the scroll and then clicking/tapping settings and clicking/tapping the button that says "Enable Bending".

The main thing this update adds is a new skill tree system for upgrading and unlocking new moves and abilities. The system is pretty simple. Progress outward by choosing unique skills along your path, each gives you a boost in overall bending skill also. Once you choose a branch from any node other than the start, the alternate paths from that node lock permanently. Choose wisely to specialize in specific abilities. Embrace your chosen path! Since I added 60+ abilities, you'll need to find them out yourself!

Have fun playing!

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1.20.60 Changelog:

Major Changes:

  • Tea!
  • Faster loading

Minor Changes:

  • Mini skill tree API
  • Chi-blocking buffed
  • New skills
  • Faster load times in scroll
  • Pai sho improved

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed blood bending not working even on full moons
  • Fixed villager trades for Airbenders with the Peaceful Presence skill
  • Fixed Avatar relog breaking runtime
  • Fixed cooldown for chi blocking
  • Fixed Airbender dash not working
  • And so many more (~28!)


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

can you add amore and angs staff and weapons
how to turn off destruction on mod
like turn off destruction
is there a way to turn off damage
how do i disable the avatar ability
when will the new Avatar update be released?
Hello creator The add-ons you provide are amazing, I have 2 questions. 1. In this addon you explain in the earthbending section that there is an earth ability called Lava Blast, but when i play it up to level 76 and the correct skill tree points to lavabending but There is no ability called Lava Blast. If so, do you know how to get it? 2. How do I get the admin menu? OK, that's all I wanted to ask, thank you
I liked the addon, there are few people who make addons like this nowadays
hey I keep having this problem where passive buffs just don't work like speed or jump boost
This comment has been removed
can character creator works with this addon?!
Pls tell us on discord........
When is the new update coming up?
Theirs one lil problem any explosive move CAN DESTROY BEDROCK!!!!!
I have a lot of issues with this mod... when i leave the game, the next time i load in my bending doesn't work, i have to change what type of bender i am then change back to what i was before, and that resets all the levels in the skill tree, and when i put it on a realm the same thing happens, but i dont have admin abilities in order to give myself my levels back... so i have to reset every single time i leave the game, and sometimes, when i load in the scroll is just gone, and i have to delete the avatar addon folder from my minecraft resource packs and behavior packs folders, then import the mod in again, this usually fixes that, and i do play with other mods, and this gives me slightly more issues with this mod, but that's not exactly your responsibility... to make it compatible with all mods out there, anyway, what i have to do, is, i have the 1.20.1 version at the beginning of my load order, then i load in any other mod i want, and then i have the 1.20.51 version at the end of my load order, because for some reason when i use only the 1.20.51 it just acts like the bending scroll doesn't exist, and i have a bit of confusion, because, when i play with friends, they dont need to reset their bending, it just works, but for me, it doesn't, for the host, it seems like it needs to be reset everytime

i have tried a lot to fix these issues, and some of them are only issues due to other mods i have, but the point is, that this mod is very buggy

BUT, when i do get everything running properly, i love playing with this mod, its definitely one of the best i've played with on minecraft... when it works
sounds like a u problem
I have the same problem but I only use this mod