Avatar: The Last Airbender’s Element Benders Add-on!

Are you a fan of Avatar:The Last Airbender?

Well, if you are, this add-on is perfect for you! This addon adds 4 element benders of fire, water, air, and earth, with custom weapons! Hope you enjoy this mod! 

Note: All weapons and entities are custom made, so it doesn’t replace anything in the game.

The Element benders now drop bending scrolls of their respective elements. From left to right: Fire, air , water, earth.

1. Firebenders

Firebenders are powerful mobs capable of shooting fireballs with high speed. They have 20 health and spawns in mesa biomes and their variants.  To summon type /summon id:firebender

List of craftable abilities

1. Fireball

Recipe for crafting:

It shoots fireballs that creates fire upon contact and causes a tiny explosion.

2. Fire grenade

Recipe for crafting:

After throwing the projectile, it will explode and cause fire in the radius of 3 blocks after 3 seconds of countdown. Use this ability to set up traps!

3.  Fire blade

Recipe for crafting:

Creates a blade of flame for melee attacks. It is stronger than netherite, as durable as diamond, and grants Haste 1 and Fire Resistance.

4. Combustion bending

The rarest, most powerful -and dangerous- form of Firebending. It creates a white beam that creates a massive explosion upon contact in the radius of 7 blocks.

To craft the ability, you need Combustionbending scrolls , which is dropped by combustion man

(spawns in roofed forests and its variants)

Crafting recipe:

2. Waterbenders

A polar opposite of firebenders, these waterbenders can create a shoot ice tridents at you! They have 30 health and spawns in ice biomes and their variants.

To summon type /summon id:waterbender

They drop waterbending scrolls.

Abilities (Soon be added)

1. Water splash

Crafting recipe:

They shoot water balls and deals 10 damage.


My personal favorite! They can bend air to levitate (but NOT fly) and shoot shulker bullets as a form of ‘airbending’. They spawn in extreme hill biomes and their variants.

They drop airbending which can be crafted into airbending staff.

Abilities (Soon be added)

1. Air burst

Recipe for crafting:

It can also be changed into AIR GLIDERS. (Retextured elytra

To obtain just put your air staff in your crafting section to turn them into gliders, and vice versa.

Or type /give @s id:air_glider

4. Earthbenders

They spawn in plains biomes, and they can create explosions in the ground (Fireless) or attack directly.

They have 45 health.

Abilities (soon be added) 

1. Earth blast

Creates a fireless explosion.

They shoot stone and explode on contact.

[New abilities]

2.Earth barrage
Summons 3 earth entities to attach hostile mobs. Cooldown 3 sec.

Crafting recipe:

3. Earth barrier

Summons an earth boulder in front of you to protect from ranged attacks. Cooldown: 3sec

Crafting recipe: (Uses Coarse dirt)

4. Earth chi

A passive ability which gives you slowness, but also gives you absorbtion, resistance, and deals 7 damage.

Crafting recipe:

5. Earth mine
This ability allows you to destroy blocks near you when you are holding them. Can even destroy bedrock!

Crafting recipe:


To use, long tap/hold to throw it, and it will play a 30 sec audio clip 😉

(One time use only)

Minor change: Added a few sound effects to bending techniques.

New boss: Fire lord

Spawn by typing /summon id:fire_lord

Health: 550

Attacks: Same as firebenders but stronger and quicker

Perks: Levitation and Fire immunity

Drops:Nether star

New mob: Komodo rhino

Spawns in the nether, and can be tamed using raw or cooked meat. Turns into zoglin when brought to the overworld.

Currently has no use, give me some of your ideas!

Known bugs:

1. The air staff sometimes couldn’t change to a glider.

2. The cooldown effect is a little bit buggy.


New Update video here!

P.S: If you want to make a showcase/review, thanks! Please credit me in the description and  put a link to this MCPEDL page!

If there is any bugs, glitches, or feedback, please let me know on my channel or down in the comment section!

Changelog View more

-Fixed Earth barrage damage output.

-Added 2 seperate .mcpack files for Behavior and Resource pack

1. Added more Earthbending abilities

2. Added custom sound effects to abilities

3. Added new mob (Komodo rhino)

4. Minor changes to texture

Added a patreon link for anyone who is interested in joining

Added a discord server invite link for those who are interested

Added donation link through adfly site so people can donate for free

Added an alternative link for people who want to skip adfly ads.

1. Added advanced firebending techniques

2. Revamped bending abilities

3. Added 1 boss and new mob

4. Minor texture changes and bug fixes.

1. Retextured element crystals

2. Updated elemental weapons

3. Added new download links

4. Added explanation video on youtube

Added explanation video url link to youtube channel for better info.


1. Download the file from mediafire.

2. Remember to turn ON Experimental gameplay, or the mod won't work!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta) 1.16

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112 Responses

3.63 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. LAgamer says:

    sadly, the behavior back doesn’t work. i would rate this addon higher if it did. please fix the behavior pack.

  2. Bigfoot2316 says:

    Can you add lightning and blue fire in your next update

  3. Jetpacklizard says:

    Can you stop the earth wall from moving

  4. Jetpacklizard says:

    think that the earth bending was done porely in my opinion like earth barrage shoot like 4 shards and earth barrier would make a stone wall in front of you overall I think earth was done very porely and earth is my favorite element so I hope you can make it better in the future and I don’t mean to be rude I repost this cause I accidentally made it a reply

  5. Jetpacklizard says:

    I think that the earth bending was done porely in my opinion like earth barrage shoot like 4 shards and earth barrier would make a stone wall in front of you overall I think earth was done very porely and earth is my favorite element so I hope you can make it better in the future and I don’t mean to be rude I repost this cause I accidentally made it a reply

  6. Jetpacklizard says:

    Sadly I don’t think the earth bending abilities are that good and earth if my favorite element😢 and abilities don’t attack anything and they are just. Not good in general to me I do not want to sound mean but maybe you can improve them

  7. Xbox_One_Modder says:

    There was a gun mod on here with a flamethrower, I would love to see something like that on here (it was XMguns)I would love to see something that works like that added to Firebending. I would love to see an item where is shoots a projectile and places water where it hits when you do the water bending update. For air bending a rideable entity like that ball Aang would make would be cool. Your addon is amazing btw.

  8. Torete9106 says:

    Please make than the addon works on windows10 it’s amazing!!!

  9. Guest-3055388980 says:

    wait can you help me? i downloaded this using the first link and have expiermental gameplay on but i cant summon anything in the addon

  10. Guest-8230057201 says:

    add more abilities

  11. AshVXmc says:

    If you wanna donate for free through Adfly, you can click this link, and get a special thank you gift 🙂

  12. Guest-4257381216 says:

    Hey, I am having an issue with this. Whenever I go to launch this add-on I keep getting errors, one example of this is
    [Commands][warning]-Function scroll_earth failed to load correctly with error(s):
    [Commands][warning]-Error on line1:command failed to parse with error ‘Syntax error: Unexpected “scroll:earth” at “give “p >>scroll:earth<<"
    Any idea how i would fix this, cause it is also preventing me from using the functions, within my .mcfunction files for my other projects

  13. PrinceMJ says:

    A really fun addon!!!, another awesome creation Ash I’ve uploaded my video on it 😀

  14. Guest-7034742396 says:

    Airbending should just be knock backs on a re texture trident and also levitation and should destroy less of the ground

  15. Guest-5227569455 says:

    My friend you have created a masterpiece i love this ao much and i have not even tested this out myself my friend shared a link to a video of a YouTuber showcasing this mod and as soon as i am able to get this its the first thing ill do

  16. Guest-6647389609 says:

    Are you going to add more bending cause I love this addon 🙂

  17. Guest-6807638078 says:

    Make us have a earth bending ability that summons a wall of dirt or stone in front of us

  18. Guest-7142223117 says:

    hey how can i get to work on windows 10

  19. Guest-8846316515 says:

    wow! awesome addon! now u just need to improve the textures and models of the benders and items just for attraction 🤪

  20. Guest-4104208268 says:

    I was wondering if you could add badgermoles or sky bisons?

  21. Guest-6569793185 says:

    I’m not able to use it! :(( I think it ia an amazing addon! but i have downloaded the pack and i have put it onto my world and turned on experimental gameplay, but i still can’t get it to work! please help 🙂

  22. Guest-3117122724 says:

    Ok if your thinking of earth bending ideas I have a lot like making a stone wall or shooting a 3d rock

  23. Guest-3079050728 says:

    This is the first time i got rick rolled dang 😂

  24. Guest-7554799519 says:

    Make the player bend all 4 elements and get a HD texture for the mobs

  25. Guest-7850125655 says:

    OMG the earth bender killed my pack of wolves could you please stop them from shooting arrows so rapidly and they spawn a lot

  26. Guest-9787798550 says:

    HI does this work on iOS

  27. Guest-8829712287 says:

    can you add avatar mobs

  28. Guest-1409842572 says:

    It’s not working me

  29. Guest-2302280655 says:

    It did not work for me please help….

  30. Guest-8341496129 says:

    u rick roll me man noice

  31. Guest-2302469541 says:

    I did not work 🙁

  32. lilywhitewolf says:

    plz make it workf for w10

    • Jetpacklizard says:

      I think that the earth bending was done porely in my opinion like earth barrage shoot like 4 shards and earth barrier would make a stone wall in front of you overall I think earth was done very porely and earth is my favorite element so I hope you can make it better in the future and I don’t mean to be rude

  33. Guest-7520422790 says:

    You rickrolled me

  34. Guest-2494409985 says:

    i was playing this alot its amazing but can u make the earth bender use the crockodile fangs from the evockers

  35. Guest-6762049665 says:

    make the earthbenders shoot those crocodile things that jump outa the ground that the illigers shoot.

  36. Guest-1563345130 says:

    the benders don’t drop any crystals it’s very strange.
    I play on windows ten
    pls help

  37. Guest-1563345130 says:

    the benders don’t drop any crystals it’s very strange.
    I play on window

  38. Guest-6855186792 says:

    Lol just got on this website looking for something like avatar and find this thanks so much. You’ve made my day

  39. Guest-7423686197 says:

    The mcaddon
    I play on Windows 10 edition

  40. Guest-8389648340 says:

    Can you make as use the elements we can be a avatar

    • AshVXyt says:

      Unfortunately, no 🙁

    • Xbox_One_Modder says:

      I have a way to do this (haven’t got to test it so may not work)
      I’m going to use earthbending as an example. First assign a player a tag, to keep it simple let’s say the tag is “earth” do /gamerule commandblockoutput false this will stop the command block from annoying you. Then set up a repeating command block set to Always Active. Then do /clear @a [tag=earth] (ID of other element ability) and then repeat this until the earth tag can only use earthbending abilities. If the tag system doesn’t work replace the @a with a player name and remove the tag part (if you do it this way it will need to be repeated for every player)

  41. Guest-9650248368 says:

    Why does everyone look like iskall87

  42. AshVXyt says:

    Unfortunately, this will be the last version o the addon , at least for now!

  43. AshVXyt says:

    Wow, I don’t expect this to be popular. I will try to make future updates such as player bending ,etc, but I don’t know much about modding, i’ll still try!

  44. Guest-8825085934 says:

    good job, with more development this could be really really great

  45. Guest-9923637756 says:

    please add bending for players. you could try to make swords invisible, and make the swords do projectiles and spells like from elemental swords addon.

  46. Guest-6906639406 says:


  47. Guest-6384613316 says:

    Can you make the earthbenders like evocers?

  48. Guest-8977146435 says:

    When I import the pack there is an error, please solve this

  49. Guest-9334735981 says:


  50. Guest-1961143302 says:

    Can you add bending for players, armor and more mobs

  51. Guest-1034155023 says:

    Attack that may suit earth bender: Suffocating, summon a stone wall(and have chance to summon obsidian) that suffocate player

  52. Can you try making your next update (if possible) to have the weapons summon stuff like a waterfall or summon fireballs/fire charges and things like that when you right-click/use it, to different elements respectively?

  53. Guest-3295031795 says:

    it doesn’t work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Guest-8460399238 says:

    Is there any way you can actually water or fire bend properly?

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