Avrin City (The Tomorrowland, Republic of Avrin) [Creation]

Avrin City includes one big city with several huge skyscrapers and other modern buildings which are fun exploring. It’s still very much a work in progress as there are many open and undeveloped areas, but hopefully those will be populated soon as well. This reason for this update is to adhere to the on-going National Referendum for the 2017 Constitution to be ratified. If you like cities, then Avrin Country has it all!

Creator: Avrin09, Twitter Account
Updated: 12 December, 2017 (read changelog)


Creator’s Note:

This is a minor update for the old map “Avrin Country BETA 1” and to be honest; the main purpose of this map is the on going National Referendum for the 2017 Constitution to be ratified. However, you can enjoy the quite developed city of Avrin. Explore things and you can even join our team to help us develop this map. You can contact us at Twitter @AvrinMinecraft


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29 Responses

4.69 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. ClarenceTube! says:

    It looks like Philippines

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is amazing

  3. NovaGamerX1 says:

    It’s because the nation. Has no original owner the nation is actually controlled by 600 people

  4. Deez nuts says:

    T_G ghast

  5. Diamond the Alchemist says:

    You have a serious cursing problem. Tone it down. There are children who go on this site.

  6. Red says:

    I saw there is Jollibee, or SM, are you in Philippines?

  7. SnowManYt says:

    Just got losat in the road xd Awsome Map Thanks for make this 5 stars

  8. Anonymous says:

    It was okay!

  9. Kevin Chan says:

    I really love the flexibility and the active participation of Minecraft builders in this map, it is truly providing a unprecedented yet open attitude towards inviting builders to build!

  10. AntoineMCDL says:

    Really good, a bit laggy tjo but really good. So HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE

  11. Alexx says:

    Where is the city? I can’t find it!pls give me code number to the city!I will rate 5! T_T

  12. ELLIE says:

    Are the buildings and the houses decorated ? cause if they aren’t then I will have to decorate them and that will take some time but, if they are then YAY!!!

  13. mrs Justin bieber says:

    I love it

  14. mrs Justin bieber says:


  15. SwellMonster354 says:

    Is this People’s Republic of Arvin?

  16. Katherine_Zeda_Jones says:

    Is it decorated ? I love Cities that are decorated and have houses, mansions, villages, etc in them!!

  17. Miren says:

    What a rip off I mean I get it no city no nothing don’t like it a total rip off

  18. Foxgamerteev says:

    Cool map! Hey people who didn’t get it I DID!!!!! So cool 😊😊😊😘😘😘😈

  19. Jirachi likes apples says:

    Can it be a mcworld plzz I want it really badly!

  20. Avrine says:

    Like, this is my actual dream world!!I know this sounds creepy or crazy but,my name is ACTUALLY AVRINE!!But of course with an ‘e’!Is this based on the Philippines ?that is were I was born because it has jollie bee in it!!!YUM!IS THERE AN MCWORLD?PLEASE ADD ONE!!!😭😭😭🤔🙃😖😓😪😂

  21. Carson says:

    I just spawned in the middle of nowhere I can’t find the city 🙁

  22. ThatisThomas says:

    Is there a .Mcworld? I want to download this so bad!

  23. mymine1251 says:

    The device I use is Sony Xperia E4 Dual. But sometime mcpe crashes while I play this map. I have 0.14.2 mcpe and latest blocklauncher. I need to convert this map, so I can play this map with my PC (not Windows 10). Please editor…

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