Az3’s Survival Disaster

Welcome to a new minigame which the only goal to this game is to survive from the 20 fatal challenges someone has set. Whoever is the last one alive wins the game!


Survival Disaster is a minigame that features an arena and 20 challenges for challengers like you. Challengers will survive these challenges and whoever is the last one standing will win the competition. Or else if everyone dies, a person with the highest accuracy will be chosen as a winner.


You will spawn in a spawn area which includes 5 rooms: Game Initializer, Information, Credits, Developer’s Access and a Secret Room.

  • Game Initializer – This room includes 3 options to start playing the game. One button will include starting the game, and the rest are the following: Singleplayer and Multiplayer Mode. You know what these are so I won’t explain those.
  • Information – Includes the extra information about this game
  • Credits – Game Credits
  • Developer’s Access (Play the game 10 times to unlock) – This room includes the showcase of command blocks and everything that runs the game.
  • Secret Room(Play the game 20 times to unlock) – ???



  • OfficialAz3 – Map Creator, Designer, Commands, Secret Room Creator
  • LThirty6 – Beta Tester
  • Ng Adem – Beta Tester
  • Ayffect – Beta Tester
  • CobraStrike1217 – Beta Tester
  • Cyborgey028 – Build Helper
  • TheMaster6317 – Build Helper


  • Roiciephus
  • AzureYT7192
  • The (Naukko)

OfficialAz3© 2020

Please don’t copy the idea of this map. Youtube Recording will be welcomed as long as you credit me.

Changelog View more

● Added Saturation Effects to every player at any time. One people suggested this as a feedback.

● Made 3 Stages of Parkour Easier. Again, one people suggested this.

● Added a room at the spectator room for the command showcases (its like Developer's Access but when the game is playing)



- Extract the file and get the folder inside of it, then move the folder inside a folder to the "games" folder, make sure the map storage is set to External, else it'll not work.


- There are 2 options. Open the file in Minecraft, and it should import, or rename the file extension to zip file and extract it, but put the folder directly to the "games" foler untouched.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 (beta)

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11 Responses

5 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. Guest-2160841085 says:

    Nice work.! 👏👏 A friend from sololearn xd

  2. Guest-3332605084 says:

    This is a great map. Single player and multiplayer. Can you give players food tho? I got Hungary and couldn’t complete the simple parkour.

    • Guest-2734700374 says:

      This is a great map. Single player and multiplayer. Can you give players food tho? I got Hungary and couldn’t complete the simple parkour. 5 stars

      • OfficialAz3 says:

        I can add saturation effects for the next minor update. And I’ll try my best to make parkour easier to complete.

        Any feedbacks or suggestions? Feel free to tell me! 😀

        PS: Hungry*

  3. Guest-1319493694 says:

    I am sorry that I forgot to give ya stars❤❤

  4. Guest-3417384167 says:

    I think this was an amazing map.. I loved it❤.. but sadly.. I don’t have any friends😅.. I unlocked the trailer thingy.. and it was scary.. I think the name of that map would be survive the labatory 😅( Sorry I am bad at spelling ).. and it was quite scary.. I will be waiting for the maps release😉.. I also unlocked developer access.. and there are so many command blocks that you used😯.. it was quite the afford to unlock the trailer❤… Remember I will be waiting for it…😇

  5. Guest-6471071817 says:

    11/10 would be one second before disaster again

  6. Guest-9478575248 says:

    What are the disasters?

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