Aztech Labs [Adventure]

Aztech Labs is an adventure map that originally came out on the 24th of May, 2018. Since then, the map has reached over two thousand downloads across all versions of the map, receiving high reviews by those who have played it. The most recent version of the map, the “Life” Update, has new villagers added all around the map, allowing for a much more immersive Aztech Experience.


What is Aztech Labs?

Within the adventure map, Aztech Labs is a chemical making company that you, the player, work for. Throughout the map, you will be picking up certain ingredients needed to process these chemicals (given you don’t die along the way).

If you’re wondering about the spelling of the map: no, it is not a typo. Aztech is a combination of Aztec culture as well as Technology. Az-Technology could have been the title of the map, but that doesn’t seem as catchy.

What makes Aztech Labs special?

Aztech Labs is a purely vanilla Minecraft Adventure Map experience. Instead of having flashy overlays, teleport commands, and text chat, this map instead uses no command blocks to provide a more classic Minecraft feel.

This map was mostly built on the Xbox One Console Edition of Minecraft, which was then converted to Bedrock to add books and other various features there. This further makes the map not rely on command blocks, and instead allows for the map to have a much simpler feel to it.

Is there a way to see game play of the map?

Yes! I have a playlist dedicated specifically to showing off some game play of the map, and you can check that out below:

Aztech Labs Playlist:

How can I download the map?

The links below do just that! The first link leads to the download page for the most recent version of the map, the “Life” Update. This is the improved version of the map that allows for villagers to greet you throughout the map, and it gives a bit more life than previous editions of Aztech Labs.

The second link leads to a download of the official change log for every version of the map. If you ever want to download an older version of the map, the change log also contains download links to all of these.

Thanks for checking Aztech Labs out!

Thank you guys for checking out the map! It was really enjoyable to create this project, and I hope you guys enjoy it. Be sure to tell me if you want a sequel to the map by leaving comments on my Aztech Labs videos, as well as tagging me on Twitter and Instagram @AlliesAllAround.

If you want to do a YouTube let’s play on the series, be my guest! Just be sure to give credit to my YouTube channel, Allies All Around. Links to the channel and my social medias can be found by clicking my username at the top of the post. Enjoy the map!


Changelog View more
  • Due to the new villagers integrated into the game, the occupations of the various people around the map have been adjusted so that their textures do not look out of place.
  • Post has been slightly modified, including having a better featured image for the map


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29 Responses

4.89 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Andr21337 says:

    This was an AWESOME map. Unlike other maps, this took me about 4 hours to complete. Hope to see other maps like this from you!😆😆

    • I’m glad the map gave you lots of gameplay to explore the world by! I definitely wanted the map to feel complete and allow the player to truly be immersed in the world, and it’s great that you were able to have this experience.

  2. Chipperonio says:

    Fantastic map, gives me the 2013 vibe all over again. Absolutely would love to see more projects similar to this from you!

    • I’m glad the map reminds you of the simpler times of Minecraft. I was definitely inspired by those maps that relied only on redstone and simple game mechanics to get everything to work, and I wanted to bring that to the modern era.

  3. HaKun69 says:

    Where im using the intrrogation secret key?im not find the place to use the key

    • It’s at the beginning of the map, if you remember. Go through the portal at the end of the map, and the tunnel in the nether will bring you back to where you started all that time ago. One of the houses requires the interrogation sector key, so place it there, and you should be allowed into the secret area.

  4. Anonymous says:

    14/1.96!!!! Such a great map. Amazing. Also, I would love to see a sequel. May based in the arctic as the uprising of a new company. If you make a sequel, please bring back Intern Steven. I’m begging you.

    • Awesome how you picked up on that! If I do get around to working on the sequel, that actually is meant to be the setting. Don’t expect it to arrive any time soon, though. It takes a while to make these things, and I’m always working on other stuff.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I cant seem to find a way after the dragon’s breath mission, we dont know what to do, we found the lab of dr martin but it was locked, what will we do next?

    • Sorry for the late response. There is currently a bug in Minecraft where Redstone doesn’t always update correctly. If you did retrieve the Dragon’s Breath (or the Dark Essence if you failed the mission) the door to Dr. Martin’s Office should be open, but it may appear as locked. Just break the door down if this is the case.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Very awesome map!Thanks for creating this.
    But Im stucked at mission 4 – collected the books, dunno where to go now. I lost track of the story.

    • You and “sfasfsafsadfsd” have similar problems (or you’re just the same person and posted differently to each other), so I’m just going to answer you in order to indirectly answer his concern below.

      Look closer at the bookcases, and then you may be able to find another way to go and finally track down the rabbit. Make sure you’re careful of the farmer’s tricks, though, as he really doesn’t want anyone after that rabbit!

  7. sfasfsafsadfsd says:

    How do you do mission 4? I have found all the books, but there’s nowhere to go…

  8. flamin_pheonix says:

    Im confused. I got the flower but cant find anything to do with it. can anyone give me a hint. Great map btw 🙂

  9. YourBoi says:

    Would this work for 1.12

  10. YourBoi says:

    Would this work on 1.12?

  11. SpeedMason says:

    This is by far in one of my top 3 favourite adventure maps in MCPEDL. It was quite hard in some mission (like the Dragon Breath mission) but I’ve completed it and it’s awesome! Please make a sequel if you have the time on it!

    • Thanks for your kind review! I’ll admit that the map can be difficult, but I’m hoping that people will be able to find some satisfaction after accomplishing the different challenges. I may consider making a sequel now that you mention it. But we’ll just have to wait and see.

  12. jeffqwop says:

    whats the password im stuck

    • I’m assuming you’re on Mission 4. The farmer’s password is something he holds dearly, and if you read the various journals hidden around the exterior of the building, you should be able to work out exactly what this “something” is. Once you have done this, point the arrow tips in each item frame towards the corresponding letter on the signs. I wish you luck in the rest of your journey.

  13. Chilifoxx says:

    Hey I’m stuck in the first level ig um I went into #99 room and got the stuff but now I can’t go anywhere else can you please help me?

    • After completing the tutorial and getting your mission from Intern Steven, you’re supposed to follow the instructions in the book and leave the labs, the same way you came in. Going to the native village through the cave near where you spawned in from, you should be able to continue your journey and find another portal there. Hopefully this is helpful for you.

  14. JimmyMyBoi says:

    Lovely map! Easy to follow story! Thanks for your dedication and hard work! I just got stuck on mission 3 in the labyrinth with the purple block thing, so i looked at the gameplay to help lol.

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