Baby Mobs Mod

The Baby Mobs Mod adds baby spawn eggs for the mobs which exist as babies. The eggs can be obtained through the creative inventory and used similar to ordinary spawn eggs. The only difference is that they will only spawn babies (meaning, never adult mobs).

Creator: Dogfrosted

How does it work?

The spawn baby spawn eggs can be found in inventory in creative mode. If you are in survival mode you can use the X-Commands Mod to spawn the item IDs. A list of all IDs can be found further down on this page.

Here are some of the baby mobs which can be spawned.


Watch out little guy! A horde of baby zombies are coming!


Spawn Egg IDs

  • Baby Mule (1000)
  • Baby Horse (1001)
  • Baby Donkey (1002)
  • Baby Zombie Horse (1003)
  • Baby Squid (1004)
  • Skeleton Horse (1005)
  • Baby Sheep (1006)
  • Baby Brown Rabbit (1007)
  • Baby Mooshroom (1008)
  • Baby Chicken (1009)
  • Baby Zombie Pigman (1010)
  • Baby Pig (1011)
  • Baby Cow (1012)
  • Baby Zombie (1013)
  • Baby Villager (1014)
  • Baby Wolf (1015)
  • Baby Ocelot (1016)


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12 Responses

3 / 5 (1 vote)
  1. robert says:

    I don’t want to download the baby mobs addon

  2. Anonymous says:

    I thought it was good

  3. Arai Minecraft says:

    Plz it dont work on my MCPE
    Everytime i want to exprot that .js file its saya invalid JS file

  4. BerthaSulavan says:

    Lol have fun! I really don’t like this map

  5. Mohammad says:

    Will there be a baby enderman?

  6. Connor Wilkins says:

    Really need a baby wither add-on please

    • Evan C says:

      I hope it has Baby Mobs Mod on Minecraft PE on my iPad. I do.
      How do I download it on my iPad? Can anybody tell me how to download it?

  7. Marissa says:

    How to download ES file explorer? It gives me an error everytime I try to download it.

  8. Nbsqtr3 GT says:

    Umm it just brings me to a page where there are a whole load of stuff i dont understand

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