Baby Mode

This addon makes Minecraft much easier by making it almost impossible to die. This addon also automatically gives your items and your armor max level enchants when you hold them.

This addon includes:

  • Auto max enchanting items/armor
  • Resistance for the player
  • Automatically kills most nearby hostile mobs

Easy mode makes the game much easier to complete, it was intended for beginners or for quicker playthroughs. It takes away the need to cook food, enchant your items, and to defeat most enemies.


Supported Minecraft versions


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28 Responses

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  1. Guest-2658748986 says:

    This was a super amazing add-on! While it’s useless to me (I’m sixteen, and a fairly avid speed runner), my four-year-old sister was able to beat Minecraft for the first time thanks to this.


    -The Sign Painter

  2. Guest-6265878448 says:

    You should change the persistence into regeneration and it’ll make you unkillable like the Fundy’s one

  3. Guest-7426930862 says:

    Is this fundys one?!

  4. Guest-3941347696 says:


  5. Guest-8815210878 says:

    It says duplicate pack detected, even though I don’t have such a mod installed

  6. Sufs gaming says:

    This sucks

  7. Guest-8822436967 says:

    Can u update it so it has the other features of baby mode like all ores drop from stone, wood breaking when u ‘intimidate’ it and boss mobs dying from no u

  8. Guest-2239223312 says:

    You just ripped off ItsFundy. This doesn’t get even work.

  9. Wit says:

    can you make a pack that makes it so you have to figure out a way to die

  10. Guest-4992994062 says:

    I wish I could say no u and the dragon would die

  11. Guest-2449898681 says:

    The dam this doesent even work its CRAP

  12. maincra says:

    Can i kill the dragon by don’t doing nothing?

  13. This so hard mini baby mode plz

  14. Guest-8879436009 says:

    Pls update impossible mode i beat it
    Without dieing once

  15. Guest-9295940057 says:


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